The Top Fountain Accessories for 2018

Experienced fountain owners will tell you that there are some accessories you should consider once you have found the perfect fountain for your home. Water fountains can require maintenance and homeowners have been pressuring manufacturer's to come up with new and innovative ways to cut the workload required to maintain your beautiful water features.

This has led to some interesting developments in the water fountain industry as manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to meet their client’s requests. Fountain accessories have advanced considerably over the last five years and the industry is now at the point where it has never been easier to own, operate, and maintain a luxurious water feature in your home.  

Ball And Wok Outdoor Water Fountain

Ball And Wok Outdoor Water Fountain


Below are some of the most popular water fountain accessories for 2017. While some have been around for years, others are new to the industry. These accessories are guaranteed to make your fountain ownership more pleasant by providing you with less maintenance and more control over your new water feature.

Automatic Refill Device

An automatic refill device is an excellent addition to consider. This is especially true if you live in a drier climate such as the deserts of the southwest. Your fountain is constantly losing water through a combination of evaporation and splashing. Every fountain encounters these problems and until recently, this required a fountain owner to monitor their water levels closely.

It is critically important that you ensure that your water pump is always submerged. If your water level falls too low, you can burn your water pump motor out.  Water pumps are designed to operate for long periods of time in the water but they cannot maintain their functionality if they are not properly submerged. Your water pump is important to protect and thanks to some innovative minds, it is now easier than ever.

Most automatic refill devices work by monitoring your fountains water level through the use of a float device. Once this device goes below a certain predetermined level, water will be applied to your fountain automatically until the desired water level has been reestablished. This is one of the best accessories you can get for your water fountain and it is another way to help protect your investment.

Monolith Outdoor Solar Fountain

Monolith Outdoor Solar Fountain

Go Wireless

Adding a wireless remote to your fountain can be one of the best ways to control your new water feature. Simply install the remote feature to your existing pump and you can gain wireless control over your favorite water feature. This is a great feature to add to your water fountain and your guest will be in amazement when your fountain instantly turns into life with just the press of a button.

Fountain Covers

A fountain cover is an essential piece of fountain maintenance during the winter months. Cast stone fountains can be heavy and therefore permanent in their location. During the winter months, there is fountain maintenance that must be done to prepare your water feature for the freezing weather ahead.  

A fountain cover can be the perfect way to keep unwanted moisture from making its way into your cast stone and causing cracks. If a small bit of water will expand when it freezes and this expansion is powerful enough to crack stone as well as tubing, pipes, and other fountain pieces.

Lighting Systems

The addition of a lighting system can be an excellent way to get nighttime enjoyment out of your new investment. Focus yard spotlights towards a large cast stone fountain to create the perfect nighttime ambiance. You may also choose to go a step further by adding a full LED lighting system to your fountain. These units can give you the ability to add color to your water fountain and some come with apps to give you the maximum programmability with your product.

Go Green

Going green is another exciting option to consider when purchasing your water fountain. A small solar panel is enough to run most water features and you will save on electricity costs big time over the life of your water fountain. Solar power can also give you more flexibility in where to place your new water fountain as you will no longer need access to an electrical outlet.

Matching Potters

You can bring your entire yard décor together nicely through the use of matching planters. This will give your yard space a seamless and well-connected appeal that may not be obvious at first but undoubtedly will be picked up by those with more attention to your subtle décor. These small details are what can help to separate your yard from the average suburbanite and by keeping your motif; you are creating a more desirable atmosphere for your guests.

Double Oblique With Ball Outdoor Water Fountain

Double Oblique With Ball Outdoor Water Fountain


Foggers are becoming more popular as the combination of a fogger with an LED lighting system can create a truly stunning yard space to be enjoyed by you and those you care about. Foggers work through the process of ultrasonic transduction.  

An ultrasonic transducer vibrates rapidly causing water molecules to break apart into vapor. This vapor then settles as a thick cool fog. The proper placement of a fogger can have a dramatic effect on your décor and due to their inexpensive nature; this is one fountain accessory that has seen considerable adoption over the last year.


A filtration system can be a great way to increase the life expectancy of your fountain. There are a variety of different types of water fountain filtration systems available to choose from. Bio balls are among the most popular as they use biomechanics to keep your water clean. You simply place the balls in the basin of your fountain and they will work to keep sludge and algae from forming and damaging your water pump.

The Top Fountain Accessories for 2017

Now that you know what fountain accessories are hot, you are ready to put together the relaxation zone of your dreams. The best part is you will have everything you need to keep your fountain running smooth and at top efficiency. Remember to stick to the tips in this guide and you are guaranteed to enjoy countless memories conversing with loved ones around your new water feature.

  • Catherine Sibi

The Best Way to Winterize Your Favorite Garden Décor

Learning the best way to winterize your favorite garden décor can help to keep your yard looking great for years to come.  Winter is upon us and besides your pets, there are a few other items you should consider bringing in.  

Winterizing your outdoor décor is the best way to protect your investment and preparing your outdoor items for freezing temperatures is a part of being a responsible homeowner. Freezing temperatures can cause permanent damage to your garden décor and cast stone statues and fountains can be destroyed if not properly winterized for the season.

Tiered Leaf Tabletop Fountain With White LED Lights

Cascadia Outdoor Fountain in Dimensions Pool

Disassemble Small Items and Bring Them Inside

You should always consider bringing your yard décor in.  Smaller fiberglass fountains or outdoor bio-ethanol fireplaces should not be left unprotected and if possible you should disassemble the units and clean them prior to their winter storage.  

Bringing your outdoor décor inside for the winter is a great way to help get over the wintery inside blues.  Seeing your favorite outdoor lawn décor can do wonders for your mood and items such as a small waterfall can be easily introduced to transform your living space into a newly established relaxation zone.

Small Fountains

Disassembling your yard décor and cleaning each winter can be a great way to prolong your decors life.  This is most evident when dealing with small water fountains.  These units have less powerful pumps than their large cast stone counterparts and in most instances, they need a good cleaning every season.  Be sure to completely disassemble the pump and clean the filter as well.

M-Series Medallion Garden Water Fountain

M-Series Medallion Garden Water Fountain

If your fountain is permanently installed and therefore unable to be moved inside for the cold months, you will need to at least remove the pump and bring this inside.  It is very important that your fountain is drained as any water will cause cracking when it freezes and expands.


Most statues are ok to leave outside during the winter months but they can be damaged if left on the ground during freezing weather.  Your garden statues must be lifted from the ground and placed on a slightly raised item such as a board or wood shims.  This will help to reduce the moisture your statues are subjected to during the winter months.

If you can't bring your statues inside for the winter then try moving them to place where they are easily seen from indoors. You will get a little reminder of the summer months every time you catch a glimpse of your favorite gnome.

Cascadia Outdoor Fountain in Dimensions Pool

Cascadia Outdoor Fountain in Dimensions Pool

Large Cast Stone Fountains

Large cast stone fountains can turn any yard into the ultimate gathering.  These elegant centerpieces command the attention of your guest as well as the attention of your careful maintenance.  Unlike smaller fountains, a large cast stone fountain cannot bee moved so the winterization process is a bit more intense.

Start by draining all of the water from your fountain.  This is essential as any water in the lines will expand when it freezes causing lines to crack and leaks to form.  If your fountain is multi-tiered be sure to dry each area and place a towel in the tier basins to capture any additional moisture that may make its way inside of your fountain cover.

Next, remove the pump from your unit and all of the electrical components.  The pumps found in large cast stone fountains are powerful and expensive to replace.  The best way to avoid having to spend on a new pump is to clean it and bring it in every winter.  A well-maintained pump can last years.

Fountain Covers

Fountain covers are essential to any serious water feature owner.  Large cast stone fountains will require this item to be protected from the moisture and weather.  Most manufacturers offer a fountain cover as an add-on with your purchase and if this is an option, you should definitely take it.  

If you do not have a fountain cover, you can order one from any of your favorite online retailers.  People often think they can get away with just covering their fountain with a tarp. This actually does more damage than good as the tarp traps additional moisture and can result in premature cracking.

The Best Way to Winterize Your Favorite Garden Décor

Now that you are fully informed on how to winterize your favorite garden décor you are all set to enjoy your décor for a lifetime.  Remember to follow the tips in this guide and you are guaranteed to have the lawn décor that will make the neighbors swoon.

  • Catherine Sibi

How to Protect Your Water Fountain in Autumn

As autumn is quickly approaching, it is the perfect time to do some preventative maintenance on your water fountain.  As the summery green slowly fades into a mirage of brilliant reds, starry yellows, and dusty oranges it is important to remember that your water fountain is in need of some TLC after working the long summer month’s uninterrupted. 

While fall weather is known to be cool and comfortable, it can also get chilly in the latter months depending on where you call home with temperatures dropping dramatically as fall proceeds.  This is why it is important to complete your maintenance before winter arrives.  Freezing temperatures can result in irreparable damage to your water fountain.  Frozen lines can crack and leave you unaware until next season. 

Water left in a basin has potential to crack your fountain.  Even the largest cast stone fountains face this threat of freezing water.  At the very least you could see significant wear on your ornaments.

Girona Water Fountain

Girona Water Fountain

Autumn is Here - Protect Your Water Fountain

Protecting your water feature comes down to one word - preparation.  There is a myriad of techniques to use to accomplish this protection and depending on the type and size of fountain you have, you may find one more suitable to your needs than another.  Here are some steps to consider:

Drain Your Fountain

OK, so this one isn't rocket science but you would be surprised by how many times freezing weather has caught an unsuspecting fountain owner off guard.  Draining your fountain is the first step to preventing freezing water from damaging your fountains components and it is by far the most important step of the entire process. 

Remove Your Pump

Removing your water pump is the next step in the autumn preparation process.  This will require some simple tools and shouldn't take longer than 10 - 20 minutes to complete.  Store your pump in a warm dry place away from moisture. 

While you have your pump out be sure to inspect it for any damage.  Change any filters that may be dirty and fully drain the pump.  Wipe your water pump down and allow it to dry completely before placing it in safe storage.  Remember, your water pump is one of the most expensive parts of a water feature, so be delicate while handling it and never place it anywhere it has potential to be knocked to the ground.  One hard fall is all it takes to do your water pump in permanently.

Move Your Fountain Indoors

If your fountain is movable, you should consider bringing it inside.  A shed or garage can make the perfect storage spot for a water fountain seeking refuge from the freezing weather.  Be sure to consult your fountains owner manual before moving it to be sure that you are aware of all the pieces and how they are connected before moving the unit.  You don’t want to move your fountain to have a piece fall and result in damage.

Water Fountain Cover

Water Fountain Covers

At a certain size, a fountain can be considered permanent.  These unmovable fountains require some form of protection to prevent them from filling with debris and rains. Fountain covers are a great option as they allow you to protect your investment when moving it is not a reasonable option. 

Fountain covers come in a variety of sizes and styles.  Be sure to measure your water fountain before you choose your cover.  You don’t want to order a cover that is too small or too large for your water feature. 

Wrap Your Fountain

You may find that it is more cost effective to wrap your water fountain.  This can be accomplished through different strategies but the most popular are to place blankets or other absorbent materials in the basin of your fountains and then cover the entire fountain with a tarp.  This isn't as customized as other options but it can get the job done in non-severe situations.

Longwood Arabesque Garden Water Fountain

Longwood Arabesque Garden Water Fountain

Lift the Basin

Lastly, you should consider lifting the base of your fountain from the ground.   The cool fall months can turn to freezing weather quickly and a basin sitting in a pool of water while this occurs is sure to receive some damage.

Autumn Water Fountain Prepping - Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better understanding of the responsibilities that fountain ownership entails, you can set a schedule to keep your investment safe by following the tips in this guide.  Owning a water fountain is a privilege and you will benefit greatly from keeping your water feature in pristine condition.

  • Catherine Sibi

Attracting Birds to Your Backyard

When our feathered friends stop to visit, they bring so much to our lives. Simply watching and listening to birds can be uplifting and lead to reduced stress levels. To help you repay the favor and encourage them to stop by more often, here are some tips for attracting birds to your garden by creating a welcoming oasis that suits their needs. You can get fountains with cast stone bird statues or any animal outdoor fountain to fully bring nature to your backyard. 

Passaros Birds Water Fountain

Passaros Birds Water Fountain


The second essential of life; water. If you had traveled for days on end, as birds often do, wouldn't you stop to chat when a stranger offered you a glass of water? Birds enjoy a good spa treatment as well, as stopping to bathe in a birdbath keeps their feathers in good health so they can do more traveling. When you provide access to fresh water, birds will naturally want to stop in for an extended visit.

Birds are attracted to water in motion, so installing and maintaining a flowing water feature is a great idea. If you live in a cold climate, check that the fountain’s basin is free of ice and flowing properly. Place a few rocks in the basin to provide easy access to the fountain’s enjoyment for birds of all species and sizes.

Try this bird-themed fountain which also serves as a welcoming birdbath:


Aya Bird Water Fountain

Aya Bird Water Fountain


The first basic necessity for all living things; food! Of course, every bird is different, but for most species some basic combination of seeds, nuts, and natural fats will make a delicious main course. Providing nutritious food for birds will give them the energy to raise their offspring in the spring and to make it through the difficult winter months. If you are just starting to open up your backyard to more birds, it may take them some time to consider your yard a safe and trusted food source, so make sure to keep your feeders full and well maintained.

The position of your feeder is the most important consideration, because the safety and comfort of the birds depends on it. Try to find the location in your yard that provides the most access and the most protection from their natural predators at the same time. Remember to clean your feeder regularly to avoid serving birds dangerous bacteria. By the same token, try to avoid the use of toxic pesticides in your garden.

Cauldron Outdoor Birdbath Fountain

Cauldron Outdoor Birdbath Fountain


Birds need homes too! If you would like to invite more avian residents to stay in your garden, simply buy or make a birdhouse or “nesting box”. Providing just the right home for birds can encourage them to stay long enough to mate and raise offspring there; in some cases, staying for generations.

Place your birdhouses in locations which provide protection from the rain and sun as well as natural predators, including other bird species which may be territorial. As any birdwatcher will be well aware of, their top predators to watch out for are squirrels and birds.

Check your boxes in the fall or spring and disinfect the abandoned boxes with boiling water to prevent the growth of bacteria or pests. Keep your birdhouse clean and dry by providing good ventilation holes. Consider leaving out some scraps of nest-padding materials for birds to use like feathers and fabric scraps close to the birdhouse to make it extra cozy and inviting.

Be Bold and Creative with These Beautiful Outdoor Sphere Water Features

Self-contained fountains are simple, effective ways to liven up a quiet, somber backyard, patio, or garden and give them new vitality in the form of sound and presence. You might be surprised how effective putting a few simple shapes together in the right way can be. Water fountains are made to be seen, heard, and even touched, so why not entertain the idea of adding one to your home? The sound of water is one of the most highly sought-after naturally relaxing soundtracks people want to integrate into their lives, and you can do that so easily and be bold about it!


Spheres are one of those shapes that we rarely see integrated into outdoor art, but they work extremely well as fountains with spheres. The smooth surface works perfectly for cascading fountains. The water sparkles and glimmers over the generous surface area, catching the sunlight and sending it dancing around your relaxing space. The sound is subtle, so rather than the obvious splashing you might find in a spouting, plume-like fountain, you’re getting a soothing burble and flow. Touch comes back into style when you have the chance to reach out your hand and let the water simply spill over your skin with its gentle course. The shape itself is simple but striking, solid without being overbearing. Let’s take a look at a few of the most beautiful spherical outdoor water fountains and see if we can tickle your creative fancy.


Ball and Bowl Outdoor Water Fountain


Normally I like to save my favorite for last, but we’re switching things up today. The Ball And Bowl Outdoor Water Fountain consists of two of the most simple, basic shapes in existence and manages to look positively stunning while doing it. This is a larger, impressive piece (with dimensions of 59"H x 72"W x 72"D) that can be the most powerful focal point in your outdoor space, and it’s bold enough to do it without resorting to extra frills and intricate detail. This is a custom piece and the finish is expertly applied to your specifications, so if you have a pre-existing theme or have one in mind that you definitely want to dedicate to, you’re looking at a piece that will weather and age gracefully. The glass fiber reinforced concrete will outlast more traditional, cast stone construction, so your investment will grow into a timeless feature. Be warned, it’s also weighs a pretty hefty 1310 lbs., so you might want to talk to a contractor to make sure you place it on a surface that will be able to display it for the long run.


Vortex with Ball Outdoor Water Fountain


All right, the Ball and Bowl is a little bit too much for the majority of water fountain seekers out there. The longevity of glass fiber reinforced concrete is impressive and, while every fountain on this list utilizes it in some incarnation, the Vortex with Ball Outdoor Water Fountain showcases just how versatile the material can be with sweeping lines and attractive geometric angles. Whether you’re looking to juxtapose geometry into the organic flourish of a garden or embellish your patio and/or outdoor space with the elegance of mathematical beauty, the Vortex with Ball water fountain is a self-contained, taller feature that can work as a central focal point or a more subtle accent. Its dimensions sit at a lithe 65"H x 42"W x 42"D and weighs about 557 lbs., making it heavier and very solid without tipping the scales that the Ball and Bowl does. Unlike the Ball and Bowl, it can also be ordered with the auto refill system that can be hooked up to a simple garden hose so you can be sure it’ll never, ever run dry.


Double Obtuse with Ball Garden Water Fountain


Simplicity doesn’t mean boring, and the Double Obtuse With Ball Garden Water Fountain is an excellent example of how geometric shapes and stonelike texture can come together in a fruitful marriage. While the Vortex with Ball fountain starts to let a little bit of that fluidity in stone sneak into the design, the Double Obtuse with Ball takes it back to what makes minimalism so attractive to so many people. Its solid, beautiful simplicity makes it an excellent fountain feature, featuring enough angles and planes to showcase what water and stone can pull off without frills. You’re still getting the longevity of glass fiber reinforced concrete and the convenience of a recirculating pump. One might call the Double Obtuse demure in comparison with the earlier two fountains, but that by no means diminishes its visual impact at 32"W x 32"D x 58"H and 310 lbs. Like the Vortex with Ball, this outdoor water feature can also be outfitted with the auto refill system for even more convenience.


Small Oblique with Ball Garden Water Fountain


Last but not least, the Small Oblique With Ball Garden Water Fountain is an accent piece with a great deal of attitude. This outdoor water feature is perfectly balanced and easy on the eyes, making it a perfect addition to a seating area where it can fill the space with the gentle, soothing sound of running water. You’re getting all the most essential shapes: the sphere tops an upside down pyramid, giving the water a free path to cascade and course down into a squared off basin. Of course, you don’t have to tell anyone what to see in it. Just place it in your outdoor entertainment space and watch how your visitors relax. Self-contained, made of the same long-lasting glass fiber reinforced concrete, and compatible with the auto refill system? I can’t see a reason to say no, especially when you consider that the inverted pyramid shape allows the water to both cascade and splash gently. At a pretty 42"H x 32"W x 32"D and 382 lbs., the Small Oblique with Ball Garden Water Fountain will always have a timeless place in your outdoor arrangements.

From Modern to Classic – The Top Outdoor Wall Water Fountains

When shaped into stone, beauty can be timeless, rather than fleeting as the flower. Instead of falling victim to the transient whims of fashion, the right outdoor wall fountain can bring a sophisticated charm to your home, with or without a degree of modernity. No matter how limited your available space might be, even if all you have is wall space, just one choice feature can pull a simple backyard together into a full-fledged oasis of relaxation and entertainment for you and your guests. From the classical to the height of modern influences, one of these fountains will no doubt be the one thing that knits your space together or adds a new dimension to your existing landscaping and outdoor decor.


Classic Lion Outdoor Wall Fountain


Long have lions been protecting places of great importance, from the tapestries of ancient kings to our very own majestic Patience and Fortitude, who have been guarding the streets of Manhattan for over a hundred years. They are the Kings of the Beasts, powerful images of strength, courage, and fearless determination throughout the world. Considering all this, where better would a lionshead be found than outside your home in a subtle position of silent guardianship? Ornately carved and expertly crafted, the Classic Lion Outdoor Wall Fountain makes no secret of its historical inspiration. The lion’s mouth fountain spout builds a gentle tranquility, and you can relax to the natural tempo of flowing water as it splashes into the basin. Available in forty-seven different finishes (yes, that’s 47), you are guaranteed to find exactly the color and texture that you need to fit your pre-existing features and design, or to start that theme you’ve always wanted. While imposing at 70"H x 32"W x 19"D and a hefty 501 lbs., the Classic Lion Outdoor Wall Fountain is intricate enough to build an air of classy sophistication and solid enough to last the years and weather gracefully while embellishing your home.


Provincial Cast Stone Wall Outdoor Fountain


“Stately” and “elegant” are the two words heard often when the Provincial Cast Stone Wall Outdoor Fountain joins the scene. The marriage of organic, floral sculpture and smooth stone evokes a sense of grandeur that has long roots into history. While the Classic Lion design was deeply intricate and stands out as a pedestal, the Provincial Cast Stone flows out of the wall, emerging with an elegant grace. Thanks to its included recirculating pump, the water flows from the spigot into the chalice-style pedestal, splashing merrily before flowing over the edge into the basin below. This two-level design provides a variety of relaxing water sounds, a more enjoyable environmental white noise that helps filter out the chaos and hectic energy of the outside world. While a large piece, the Provincial is surprisingly versatile, functioning well as a powerful centerpiece for more intimate spaces, flanking entryway guardians for the grandest of villas, and everywhere in between. At 783 lbs. And 53.5"H x 48"W x 30"D for dimensions, you know you’re looking at a piece that is built to last, and in a variety of finishes, you can be guaranteed that it’ll continue to match and look great for years to come.


Estancia Water Fountain


Drawing in on the intricacies of classical design in favor of a smoother, simpler approach, the Estancia Water Fountain is practically made to be surrounded by beautiful flora in the richest of gardens. While its overall impression might seem boring or simple, in reality, the Estancia is a team player the way few other fountains are. Whether you’re wreathing it deep in vivacious plant life or accenting it with a single, smartly potted fern, this wall fountain feeds off its surroundings and boasts a versatile design that is both impressive and solid. The smooth curves mirror the elegant flow of water over a triple level descent of pedestals and basin, giving out a wonderful, area-filling sound. It’s up to you and the wide variety of finishes to decide how best you’re going to add this wall fountain to your outdoor ambiance. It just might be the one thing that finishes out your look. The Estancia is no slouch at a solid 898 lbs. and fills out a broad 46" L x 26.25" W x 58.25" H, requiring only water and a standard 3-prong 110 V electrical outlet for full functionality. As always, the finish you choose will weather and age with a natural, timeless grace, growing only more beautiful as the years and seasons pass.


Andalusia Outdoor Wall Water Fountain


Take a moment and do an image search for Andalusia. Don’t worry, we’ll be here when you get done browsing the breathtaking hillsides, sweeping vistas, and sunset-soaked villages of bright white and rich terracotta. When you’re back, let’s talk about what we just shared. This region of southern Spain is rich and beautiful in the most tangible sense imaginable, and the Andalusia Outdoor Wall Water Fountain embodies that simple but iconic strength and elegance in a way that dismisses filigree and tiny chisels. The clean angles and smooth curves play nicely with modern aesthetic by eschewing the many details found on other classic inspirations, without losing the bold design that makes it so iconic. Because of its inspirational origin, this is a solid, beautiful wall fountain that will do better when surrounded by succulents, crushed gravel, texture, but most importantly: the play between light and shadow. Not a small feature by any means, the Andalusia sits at about 56.25" L x 30" W x 55.5" H and weighs a feathery 1050 lbs.


X3 Outdoor Wall Water Fountain


For the modern art lover in all of us, even those that only have a little sliver here and there, the X3 Outdoor Wall Water Fountain has got an excellent balance of bold, solid art with a touch of classical stone texture and finish that will find a place in your heart, even if the others on this list could not. The X3 has a bold structure and striking lines that set it aside and apart, but it is not without its own soft touches. The three spigots spill into a low basin, while the back plate rises up to a comfortable shelf, housing included bird statues, giving the squared-off design a natural touch. Aesthetically, this fountain is already set apart from the others. Functionally, the system is fully compatible with an auto refill system which allows you to hook the fountain up to a simple garden hose and it will automatically maintain a proper water level, so you don’t have to worry about the fountain running dry. Don’t worry, we didn’t jump up another category, the X3 Outdoor Wall Water Fountain is firmly in the lightweight division for fountains at a practically svelte 504 lbs. and 36" L x 16.5" W x 32" H dimensions.

  • Catherine Sibi