Giannini Garden Ornaments - Fountain Manufacturer

Garden fountains are home decor items that add so much to your property. You can even say that these products are ultimate wow factors for many different properties. You can add a lovely small fountain to your side yard gardens or set up a large fountain on your backyard lawn. Wherever you place your fountain, it’s sure to draw frequent glances and tons of compliments.

If you’re looking for a beautiful fountain to add to your outdoor space, Giannini Garden Ornaments is a fountain manufacturer that can help. This fountain company produces fountains of a wide array and you’re sure to find a fountain that fits your landscape perfectly!

About Giannini Garden Ornaments

Giannini Garden Ornaments is based in South San Francisco, California, and has been producing outdoor decor products since 1993. The company designs, manufactures, and sells a wide array of cast stone garden ornaments such as fountains, planters, statuary, benches, and pottery. From awe-inspiring tier fountains to classic cast stone planters, Giannini Garden Ornaments offers something for all to enjoy. 

Types of Fountains

If you’re searching for a new fountain, Giannini Garden Ornaments fountains are sure to please. Here are some of the main types of garden fountains Giannini Garden Ornaments offers:

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains provide an easy way to add some style to a less than exciting wall space. You can add a Giannini Garden Ornaments fountain to your back patio wall or place it on the wall next to your outdoor pool. The choice is yours!

Fountains with Pools

Some fountains are larger in size and have attached pools where water flows down from the top into the spacious pool below. Once in the pool, the water recirculates through the fountain and makes its way back to the top. These classic fountains are sure to impress all who see them. 

Multi-Spout Fountains

Some fountains have a single spout on top whereas others have multiple spouts for water to flow through. If you like the latter type of fountain, Giannini Garden Ornaments has you covered! You can choose from a wide array of multi-spout fountains and enjoy even more relaxing water sounds with your new fountain. 

Tier Fountains

There is something about tier fountains that adds true style to any property. These majestic fountains are ideal for circular driveways or large front lawns which need a focal point. You can choose a fountain with two tiers or opt for one that has more levels to it. 

Buddha Fountains

Bring the ultimate relaxing and peaceful vibe to your property and add a Buddha fountain. The Buddha fountains are special water features that will look perfect in your garden area. You can enjoy the peaceful vision and calming water sounds this type of fountain provides. 

Lion Fountains

Lion fountains are popular types of water structures. If you like lion fountains and want to add one to your property, Giannini Garden Ornaments makes these beautiful items. You can choose a classic lion fountain that’s a bit more basic in style or opt for a more ornate lion fountain. 

Sphere Fountains

Sphere fountains come in many different styles. You can choose a sphere fountain that is simply a sphere structure on top of a pedestal or one that has a sphere plus other eye-catching features to it. Sphere fountains offer a modern touch to any landscape. 

Modern Fountains

Giannini Garden Ornaments makes many different modern fountains. If you want to add some modern style to your older home, sometimes all it takes is a unique outdoor water feature to do so. Choose from a wide array of modern fountains and add one or two to your outdoor landscape. 

Find Your Best Fountain Today

Now that you know about some fountain options that are available to you from Giannini Garden Ornaments, it’s time to focus on the right one to add to your property. Not sure which one will look best? Here are some questions that may help you decide what type of fountain to buy:

  • What size fountain do you need?
  • What color finish do you want your fountain to have?
  • What style fountain most interests you?
  • How much money can you spend on a new fountain?
  • Do you want one fountain or multiple fountains for your outdoor space?

When you ask yourself these questions, you can start narrowing down the options to a fountain that suits your needs best. And don’t worry! Whatever fountain you choose for your outdoor space, it’s sure to be a welcome addition to your beautiful property.

  • Gerald Dumandan

Campania International - Fountain Manufacturer

Campania International - Fountain Manufacturer

Outdoor water fountains provide an easy way to add flair and beauty to your home or commercial property. From simple urn fountains to awe-inspiring multi-tier water features, you have quite a few options when it comes to the type of fountain to add. You can even choose from a variety of sizes, materials, and color finishes for the ideal water fountain. 

There are many companies that offer outdoor fountains. One company that is extremely popular with fountain aficionados is Campania International. Campania International is a fountain manufacturer that always seems to be adding new and intriguing products to the roster. Here’s some info on this fabulous fountain manufacturer that you should know about.

About Campania International

Campania International has been producing fine garden decor pieces since 1983. The Campania Cast Stone Collection is manufactured in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, while the Pacifica Collection is created exclusively for Campania in Asia and Europe. The company creates beautiful fountains, birdbaths, planters, statues, and so much more!

Types of Fountains

Campania International offers many different types of fountains. Since no two outdoor spaces are alike, it’s wonderful to have options as to which fountain fits your yard best. You can choose a wall fountain to dress up your pool patio area or opt for a tiered fountain to add style to your expansive front lawn. Here are some of the fountains Campania International offers:

Estate Fountain

Campania Parisienne Estate Fountain

Campania Parisienne Estate Fountain 

If you’re looking for a beautiful conversation piece in the way of fountains, the estate fountain is the way to go. Campania International offers an impressive estate fountain collection featuring tiered structures with large attached pools. If you want to add that wow factor to your outdoor space, the estate fountain fits this category perfectly.

Freestanding Fountain

Campania Bebel Fountain

Campania Bebel Fountain 

Another type of fountain this company offers is the freestanding fountain. Freestanding fountains come in all different shapes and sizes. From tall pebble fountains to yoga frog fountains, Campania offers a unique and creative freestanding fountain collection.

Tiered Fountain

Campania Savannah Fountain

Campania Savannah Fountain 

Tiered fountains are definite focal points of any yard and Campania International tiered fountains are no different. These lovely water fountains come in a variety of sizes and designs. No matter whether you need a smaller tiered fountain for your backyard gardens or a large fountain structure for the circular driveway of your business, Campania International has you covered.

Basin Fountain

Campania St. Remy Fountain

Campania St. Remy Fountain 

If you love the unique look of basin fountains, you’ll find plenty of options with Campania fountains. From tall fountains with multiple spouts to basin pedestal style fountains, you’ll enjoy perusing the options in this fountain category.

Glazed Fountain

Compania Daralis Fountain

Compania Daralis Fountain 

Glazed fountains are bright and cheery water features you can add to any property. Made of a glazed material, you can choose your favorite option from a list of eye-catching colors and ornately designed fountains. Campania even offers a metallic glazed fountain which is sure to impress all who see it.

Wall Fountain

Campania Sussex Fountain

Campania Sussex Fountain 

A wall fountain offers an excellent way to dress up boring wall space and add a relaxing vibe to your property. You can choose from single spout fountains or multiple water spout options with large basin pools. Campania’s copper fountains are especially unique and eye-catching water displays.

Tabletop Fountain

Campania M-Series Fountain

Campania M-Series Fountain 

If you want to add a fountain to your space but don’t have a lot of room, you can always choose a Campania International tabletop fountain. These water structures are easy to set up and move around. And Campania offers a variety of options, including bird fountains and zen fountains.

Birdbath Fountain

Campania Andra Fountain

Campania Andra Fountain

 Campania International also offers birdbath fountains. These multipurpose water features will keep your feathered friends cool and also provide you with a relaxing fountain to enjoy. You can choose a birdbath fountain with a single water spout and simple pedestal construction or select one that’s more ornate, such as a birdbath with bird carvings.

Find Your Ideal Campania International Fountain Today

Now that you’ve learned about the Campania International brand and some of the fountain options, you’re probably ready to purchase a new fountain for your yard. In order to choose the right one, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Where will I put the fountain?
  • Do I want a large or small fountain?
  • What material do I want the fountain to be made of?
  • What style of fountain do I like?
  • How much do I have to spend on a new outdoor water fountain? 

When you ask yourself these questions, you can narrow down the options to the fountain that will work best with your outdoor space!

  • Al Leyson

Must-Have Fountain Accessories for Your Water Fountain


Water fountains are lovely additions to any home or office. You can add this intriguing water feature to your backyard patio or place one in your front door entryway. A water fountain brings the calming sound of flowing water and lovely aesthetics to any space. 

If you’re thinking about buying a water fountain as your next purchase, or are already enjoying one on your poolside deck or by your pond, you should make sure you have the right water fountain accessories to accompany your waterfall feature. 

Fountain accessories are items that help you maintain and add to your water fountain in a variety of ways. Some accessory examples include fountain cleaners, fountain covers, and lighting. 

Why You Need Accessories for Your Fountain

There are a few reasons why you may need fountain accessory products. First, many accessories for your water features are used to clean and maintain the fountain basin and operating parts. These tools help to ensure your fountain works in the best possible way for many years to come. 

Also, some fountain accessory items are useful for highlighting the overall beauty of your fountain. For example, fountain lights help you to enjoy the vision of your water feature during the nighttime as well as the day. 

Although you don’t need too many extra components to help your fountain work well. There are items that will aid in having your fountain shine and stay in the best possible shape.

Types of Fountain Accessories 

There are many fountain products you can buy as accessories for this home decor item. Here are some top fountain accessory products you should have on your radar when you shop:

Fountec Fountain Cleaner

Fountec Fountain Cleaner

It’s important to keep your outdoor fountain clean, especially since it can gather debris quite quickly. Fortunately, Fountec Fountain Cleaner helps to keep the water clear and clean. This product is easy to use and will help the fountain life be as long as possible. This effective product is non-hazardous and won’t stain the fountain basin. After you use the fountain cleaner, you’re sure to marvel at the results. 

Water Fountain Cover

Water Fountain Cover


Chances are likely that you won’t be using your fountain year-round. This is where this Water Fountain Cover comes in handy. You can choose the necessary size of cover for your fountains, from small to double extra large, and easily cover your water structure. The fountain cover will fit over the top of the fountain and basin. You won’t need to cover the base. The cover is waterproof and weather-resistant so it will protect your fountain and stay in good shape doing so.

Fountain Cover Medium

Fountain Cover Medium

This Fountain Cover Medium is another water fountain cover to consider in order to protect your water feature when you’re not using it. You can cover the fountain with this Tyvek material cover and keep the waterfall feature safe and in good condition until it’s warm enough to use it again. This cover is also available in small, large, and extra large sizes. 

Submersible Light Kits

If you want to add a beautiful glow to your fountain, consider buying the Submersible Light Kits. These submersible lights have waterproof housing and adjustable stands. You can easily plug in the light accessories with the included 16-foot power cords. You’ll be amazed at how different your water fountain looks when you add this extraordinary lighting option to it. And you can usually get a good price on fountain lights.

Purchase Your Best Fountain Accessory Products Today

Your outdoor fountain is sure to be beautiful on its own. However, when you buy certain fountain accessory pieces, you are helping your fountain to last longer, look better, and shine more brightly. Take a look at your fountain and see which accessories could provide an extra added feature to your lovely water structure. 

When you take good care of your fountain, you’ll be amazed at how long this home decor feature remains a focal point in your yard. And you can create an extra ambience simply by adding lights to your fountain. Accessories for fountains will help you achieve many goals.

Start shopping for the best fountain accessory products and add to your fountain decor today!

  • Gerald Dumandan

The 9 Best Outdoor Tabletop Fountains

tabletop water fountain

If you’re tired of looking at an outdoor space that’s lacking in eye-catching decor pieces, now’s the time to do something about it! Add an outdoor tabletop fountain to your back deck or poolside table and introduce the wow factor you’ve been looking for all along.

Many people may think that you can only buy an indoor fountain for a calming feature. But, that's not the case at all! There are many outdoor tabletop water fountains for sale that you'll be eager to add to your back patio or poolside seating area.

Outdoor tabletop fountains are enticing for many reasons. First, these items provide lovely aesthetics for your outdoor space. People will enjoy simply gazing at this water feature and indulging in the overall beauty of it. Also, a tabletop fountain is relaxing thanks to the calming sound of trickling water this decor piece provides. In addition, tabletop water fountains are small enough to move around to different locations but sturdy enough to stay put where you place them. 

Tabletop fountains are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials. No matter what type of tabletop water fountain you’re looking for, you’ll likely find the perfect option for your outdoor decor needs. You can also find fountains of this type with different price tags attached, so there’s likely to be a table fountain that works well with your budget. Plus, you might find some top deals when it comes to tabletop water fountains.

When the time comes to pick an outdoor fountain that works well on your patio table or other outdoor space location, consider the following questions:

  • Where am I going to place the fountain?
  • What size fountain do I need?
  • What color finish do I want?
  • Is there a certain fountain material that will go best with my outdoor decor?
  • Do I want a basic style or ornate style fountain?
  • How many water spouts should my fountain have?
  • Do I want a single-level fountain or multi-tier water feature?
  • Should my fountain have an LED light so I can enjoy the fountain views at night?
  • How much do I want to spend on the fountain?

By answering these questions, you’ll be less likely to be overwhelmed by all the outdoor tabletop fountains available to you. You can narrow down the choices to the types of fountains that pique your interest! When you add a tabletop water feature to your outdoor space you can decorate the area with a feature that's lovely and also helps to reduce stress.

9 Best Outdoor Tabletop Fountains

Ready to start the search for the perfect outdoor tabletop fountain? Here are the nine best outdoor tabletop fountains that may be perfect for you:

Four Tiered Step Tabletop Fountain

tiered tabletop water fountain

The Four Tiered Step Tabletop Fountain is sure to draw many appreciative glances. This lovely 6"L x 4"W x 8"H small fountain is only 1.2 lbs. so it will be light enough to place on your favorite outdoor patio coffee table. You’re sure to enjoy the relaxing sound of the water as it calmly flows down the multiple levels and cycles back to the top. This fountain is easy to set up and even easier to use.


Buddha in Lotus Flower Tabletop Fountain with LED Light

Buddha tabletop fountain

If you’re ready to embrace the calm and peace within yourself, add this Buddha in Lotus Flower Tabletop Fountain with LED Light to your outdoor space. The fiberglass fountain is 13"L x 13"W x 19"H and weighs 6 lbs. The included light will help your fountain shine even more which leads to enjoyment any time of the day. The relaxing sounds of this fountain will bring you plentiful amounts of calmness and joy. This sturdy fountain will look perfect in a wide array of locations in your backyard or on your front door alcove table.


Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain with Three Candles

tabletop fountain with candles

For a fountain that combines light and water, look no further than the Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain with Three Candles. You can enjoy the lovely sounds of flowing water this fountain provides and light the candles for extra ambience while you’re outside. The fountain is made of a cast stone resin with dimensions of 9"L x 9"W x 11"H and a weight of 2 lbs. The uniqueness factor of this fountain and candle combination is sure to put it on your best fountains list.


Two Pots Cascading on Tree Branch Tabletop Fountain

tree branch tabletop fountain

Sometimes table fountains go above and beyond in the uniqueness department and the Two Pots Cascading on Tree Branch Tabletop Fountain easily fits in this category! This lovely fiberglass fountain is 11"L X 7"W X 14"H and weighs 7 lbs. In addition to the artistic design featuring two pots pouring gentle flowing water into a pool below, this fountain also features an LED light so you can enjoy the views at night, too. This falling water fountain will look great outdoors no matter where you place it!


St. Helena Tabletop Fountain

cast stone tabletop fountain

Simple, classic, and lovely are just a few adjectives to describe the St. Helena Tabletop Fountain. Made of a fiber reinforced cast stone concrete, this tabletop water fountain will weather the elements well. Plus, it will look great doing so! The fountain is 12.25"W x 7.5"H and 17 lbs. so a sturdier table will likely hold this water feature best. If you're looking to create a calming environment, you can do so by adding this fountain to your backyard. The classic look of this fountain enables you to put this water fountain practically anywhere!


Spillway Tabletop Fountain

spillway tabletop fountain

For a larger table fountain option that’s sure to be a conversation piece, consider the Spillway Tabletop Fountain. The unique fountain features a natural slate and natural copper finish which is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The fountain weighs 21.5 lbs. and has dimensions of 19"H x 10"W x 6"D. Place the fountain on a sturdy corner table and get ready to impress guests with its beauty and soothing sounds.


Hydros Tabletop Fountain

copper tabletop fountain

The Hydros Tabletop Fountain offers a unique style you won’t often see in many outdoor spaces. The lovely copper and black resin construction give it appealing aesthetics that are sure to draw a second glance from visitors. The flowing water cascades gently from level to level and ends up in the black resin basin where it recirculates and the process begins once again. This contemporary decor piece is fountain and art all rolled into one lovely moving water feature. With this fountain, you have a beautiful conversation piece complete with a calming vibe.


Flora Tabletop Fountain

ceramic tabletop fountain

The lovely Flora Tabletop Fountain is made of an exquisite and durable ceramic material. The fountain features a bird and flower with water that flows into the floral pot below. In addition to the beauty of this water decor piece, you’ll likely appreciate the included LED light that illuminates the water from below. This must-have tabletop decor item is 10.2"H x 10.8"W x 10"D and weighs 6.6 lbs. One of the best things about this fountain is that it will look great no matter where you place it!


Calistoga Fountain

cast stone tabletop fountain

The rustic chic Calistoga Fountain will look superb on a sturdy wooden table in your backyard surrounded by flower pots and foliage. The center spout water fountain is made of a fiber reinforced cast stone concrete construction so it’s likely to stand the test of time as it weathers the outdoor elements. The fountain is 12.25"W x 7.5"H and weighs 17 lbs. You can choose your favorite finish color for the water fountain option that fits well with your current outdoor furnishings. 

  • Gerald Dumandan

13 Best Bird Water Fountains

Outdoor water fountains provide an excellent way to add some style and flair to your property. You can enjoy the aesthetics these water features provide as well as the soothing sounds of the moving water flow. One type of popular outdoor water feature is a bird water fountain. Bird water fountains are beautiful to look at and have a nature theme. Plus, you'll find plenty of styles to choose from when shopping for a bird bath fountain, including different bird species.

Top 13 Bird Water Fountains

Ready to shop for a bird fountain for your garden or backyard? Here are 13 bird water fountains to consider in your search for the ideal water feature:

Aya Bird Water Fountain

Aya Bird Water Fountain


The charming Aya Bird Water Fountain will brighten up any outdoor space. The combination bird bath and water fountain has a two-tiered design which will stand out perfectly wherever you place it. The fountain is constructed of a fiber reinforced cast stone concrete so it weathers the elements nicely. 

Square Bird Element Water Fountain

Square Bird Element Water Fountain


For a water feature with clean lines and natural features, consider the Square Bird Element Water Fountain. Two birds perch upon the top of this exquisite water fountain as the water flows easily into the basin below. If you're looking at bird bath fountains where no plumbing is needed, this is one to consider. The water continually circulates through the fountain for ease of use. 

M-Series Bird Small Water Fountain

M-Series Bird Small Water Fountain


The M-Series Bird Small Water Fountain is the perfect water structure for smaller spaces. With dimensions of 10"W x 8.5"H and a weight of 18 lbs., this bird water fountain fits in a wide array of spaces. You can choose your favorite color finish and spruce up your outdoor space with this beautiful fountain. 

Passaros Birds Water Fountain

Passaros Birds Water Fountain


If you like bird bath fountains with more birds, the Passaros Birds Water Fountain features five feathered friends perched on a round water fountain. You can add this fountain to your favorite outdoor seating area or place it in your backyard gardens. You can also pick from a variety of color options for a fountain that looks best with your current decor. 

Passaros II Birds Water Fountain

Passaros II Birds Water Fountain


If you like the look of a pedestal bird water fountain, the Passaros II Birds Water Fountain may be exactly what you need for your yard. The fountain features five winged visitors on the top of the disc fountain which sits on a tall pedestal for all to see. This is a lovely option when considering bird baths for your property.

Avondale Birds Garden Fountain

Avondale Birds Garden Fountain


The Avondale Birds Garden Fountain is an outdoor water feature that will look fabulous in your yard. Pick a spot in your backyard or garden and add this lovely rectangular fountain to your outdoor space. The playful birds sitting on top of the flowing water fountain are sure to draw the attention of all who pass by. 

Mini Element with Birds Garden Terrace Fountain

Mini Element With Birds Garden Terrace Fountain


The Mini Element with Birds Garden Terrace Fountain is an ideal water feature for those who need a smaller size fountain. With dimensions of 6"L x 11.5"W x 10.25"H and a weight of 23 lbs., you can place this lovely nature-themed fountain in many small areas. 

Paradiso Garden Water Fountain

Paradiso Garden Water Fountain


The Paradiso Garden Water Fountain will spruce up any outdoor space. You can add this fiber reinforced cast stone concrete fountain to your back patio or place it near your front door entryway for all to see. Choose your favorite color finish and ensure your new fountain’s color scheme works well with your current decor. 

Paloma Cascada in Valencia Fountain

Paloma Cascada in Valencia Fountain


With the Paloma Cascada in Valencia Fountain added to your home’s exterior, you can create a relaxing vibe for your outdoor space. Two birds perch on top of this multi-level fountain where water gently streams down into the basin below. The cast stone concrete fountain is available in various finishes so you can pick a color tone that works best with your outdoor furnishings. 

Newport Dove Garden Water Fountain

Newport Dove Garden Water Fountain


The exquisite Newport Dove Garden Water Fountain is sure to catch the eye of all who see it. The product features six lovely doves encircling the top of the single water stream fountain. Made of a fiber reinforced cast stone concrete construction, this bird water fountain will weather the outdoor elements nicely. 

Birdhouse Into Watercan Floor Fountain

BIrdhouse Into Watercan Floor Fountain

If you want a bird water fountain that’s unique overall, look no further than the Birdhouse Into Watercan Floor Fountain. This creative fountain features a welcome multi-level construction. Made of iron, this 100% metal fountain is a bit different from other water structures that are often made of cast stone which gives it a unique vibe. 

Quartet Wall Outdoor Fountain

Quartet Wall Outdoor Fountain


If you’re seeking out the ideal bird water fountain to add a stylish vibe to your yard, consider the Quartet Wall Outdoor Fountain. The intriguing fountain features four birds sitting on the top portion of the fountain as the water flows below them. The fountain is constructed of a fiber reinforced cast stone material and comes in a variety of colors. 

Juliet Garden Fountain

Juliet Garden Fountain


The pedestal-style Juliet Garden Fountain will look perfect surrounded by your favorite flowers and foliage. Two adorable birds perch together on the top of the round fountain as the water softly flows from the center of the basin. The fiber reinforced cast stone concrete construction means your new fountain will likely stand the test of time and weather the elements well, even in the wintertime. No plumbing is needed. Just plug in this beautiful water fountain and it’s all ready to go!

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Top 17 Ball Water Fountains 

Creating a welcoming and eye-catching outdoor space is a common goal amongst homeowners. One way to do so is to add water fountains to the outside of your home, such as a ball water fountain. Ball water fountains combine creative sphere structures with a water fountain setup for the perfect outdoor décor piece.

Best 17 Ball Water Fountains

Here’s a list of the best 17 ball water fountains:

Vortex with Ball Outdoor Water Fountain

Vortex With Ball Outdoor Water Fountain


The stylish Vortex with Ball Outdoor Water Fountain will be the focal point of any outdoor space. The 65"H x 42"W x 42"D ball water fountain weighs 557 lbs. so it’s the ideal sturdy structure to add anywhere in your yard. Choose your favorite color finish for this glass fiber reinforced concrete fountain.

Large Sphere Garden Fountain

Large Sphere Garden Fountain


The Large Sphere Garden Fountain is the perfect conversation piece to add to your garden or backyard space. You can place this 31.5″W x 31.5"L x 44.25″H fountain in your favorite spot. With a weight of 205 lbs., this sturdy structure is sure to stay put. This fountain is a crowd pleaser when it comes to sphere outdoor fountains.

Small Oblique with Ball Garden Water Fountain

Small Oblique With Ball Garden Water Fountain


Add a relaxing vibe to your outdoor space with the Small Oblique with Ball Garden Water Fountain. This lovely water fountain will add a unique touch to your property. You can choose your favorite color finish and even add a unique streak to the fountain.

Ball and Ring Base Garden Water Fountain

Ball And Ring Base Garden Water Fountain


The contemporary Ball and Ring Base Garden Water Fountain is an excellent option when you want to add a large ball water fountain to your property. Choose your favorite color tone and add this recirculating water fountain to your space. 

Double Obtuse with Ball Garden Water Fountain

Double Obtuse With Ball Garden Water Fountain


The Double Obtuse with Ball Garden Water Fountain is a beautiful multi-level fountain to set up in your outdoor area. You can choose your favorite color option and put this fountain in your side yard garden or on your pool patio.

Low Zen Sphere Garden Water Fountain

Low Zen Sphere Garden Water Fountain


The Low Zen Sphere Garden Water Fountain is ideal for adding a subtle water feature touch to your backyard or gardens. The 39.5"L x 39.5"W x 21"H fountain is low enough that it won’t obstruct views of your beautiful garden blooms.

Mini I with Ball Garden Water Fountain

Mini I With Ball Garden Water Fountain


The Mini I with Ball Garden Water Fountain will look fabulous in your backyard gardens. Add this lovely water feature to your space to bring out the relaxing vibe of your property. You can pick your favorite color finish for this beautiful glass fiber reinforced concrete fountain.

2-Tier Zen Garden Water Fountain Tall

2-Tier Zen Ball Garden Water Fountain


Bring an art deco touch to your property with the 2-Tier Zen Garden Water Fountain Tall. You can choose your favorite finish color from a long list of options and set this cast stone fountain in an ideal spot on your property. 

9' Tall Large I with Ball Water Fountain

9' Tall I With Ball Garden Water Fountain


The 9' Tall Large I with Ball Water Fountain is a welcome addition to any outdoor space where a large sculpture is ideal. You can place this beautiful 108"H x 43"W x 43"D ball water fountain in the corner of your property or in the center of your large outdoor gardens. 

Mini Rubix Garden Water Fountain

Mini Rubix Garden Water Fountain


The Mini Rubix Garden Water Fountain will add a creative touch to your property. When you place this ball water fountain in your desired location, you’re adding a conversation piece that’s lovely to look at and will produce a calming water sound for the ultimate relaxation item. 

Old World Curtain Rain Outdoor Water Fountain Tall with Sphere

Old World Curtain Rain Outdoor Water Fountain, Tall with Sphere


For an outdoor water fountain that’s sure to make people stop and stare, consider the Old World Curtain Rain Outdoor Water Fountain Tall with Sphere. You can place this awe-inspiring water feature in your backyard gardens or in the front of your home. 

35" Floating Sphere Waterslide Garden Fountain

35" Floating Sphere Waterslide Garden Fountain


The 35" Floating Sphere Waterslide Garden Fountain adds an intriguing vision to your property. Place this resin fountain in your garden area or outdoor seating section for all to enjoy. The weather-resistant structure will be the perfect addition to your yard. 

Orb Floor Fountain

Orb Floor Fountain


The Orb Floor Fountain will give your outdoor space a modern look. In addition to the lovely aesthetics this fountain provides with its resin, slate, and copper material combination, it’s also soothing to listen to as the water recirculates throughout the structure. 

Floating Sphere Garden Fountain

Floating Sphere Garden Fountain


The contemporary Floating Sphere Garden Fountain is art decor and fountain in one. Place this beautiful ball water fountain wherever you’d like to add a soothing and aesthetically pleasing touch to your property. 

Ball on Stand Fountain with LED Lights

Ball On Stand Fountain With LED Lights


Give your property a modern touch with the Ball on Stand Fountain with LED Lights. You can place this eye-catching fountain in your front door entryway or situate it out back on your pool patio where all can admire it. 

Tall Stone Vessels Fountain on Pedestal

Tall Stone Vessels Fountain on Pedestal


Enjoy the look of the Tall Stone Vessels Fountain on Pedestal. You can add this creative multi-tiered cast stone fountain to your favorite outdoor area. The visions and sounds this fountain produces are sure to be enjoyed by all. 

Zen Tiered Garden Fountain Short

Zen Tiered Garden Fountain


If you like the look of a tiered fountain but don’t want it to be too tall, consider the Zen Tiered Garden Fountain Short. You get the best of both worlds: a tiered style fountain with a shorter height option!