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Create an extension of your home that beckons tranquility and comfort with Outdoor Fountain Pros. Picture your backyard as a haven, an extension of your living space. Embrace the warmth of an outdoor fireplace, inviting intimacy and cozy gatherings. Or immerse yourself in the serenity of cascading water, adding a peaceful ambiance that drowns out the noise of everyday life.

Feel the stress melt away as you craft a space that mirrors the comfort and style of your home's interior. From the soothing sounds of water features to the crackling warmth of an outdoor fireplace, each element contributes to a tranquil retreat. Choose from our range of solar-powered garden accents or modern, eye-catching designs perfect for your patio. With our diverse selection, curate a space that resonates with your unique style and preferences.

At Outdoor Fountain Pros, we offer free shipping on all backyard fountains, including the grandest outdoor additions, building your haven has never been more accessible. Have questions or need guidance in creating your outdoor retreat? We're here to assist.

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Caterina Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin
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Outdoor Water Features

Many people find the sound of running water to be soothing. While a stream in your backyard would be perfect, few people are lucky enough to have a natural stream on their property. If you're not one of these people, don't fret! You've got options. An outdoor fountain can offer you the therapeutic sound of running water without having to buy a new home.

Types of Water Features

Bubbling Fountain

A bubbling fountain may look something like a large bird bath with a stream of water that bubbles up from the center of the bowl. These types of outdoor fountains make for a great centerpiece out in the yard. You can surround your water feature with all kinds of landscaping or gardening ideas. Campania Fountains have quite a few of these in their collection.

Raining Fountain

A raining fountain looks much like a beaded curtain that consists of falling water. This outdoor fountain makes quite the focal point and can add appeal to your garden. The frame for this type of fountain comes in an array of options. Fountains like these can be customized to your liking and to fit in your garden.

Pouring Fountain

Pouring fountains look like water from a top bowl to a lower bowl to an even lower bowl and so on until the water is recycled for reuse. This outdoor water feature can vary in size. These fountains could be small enough for a yard with limited space or large enough to be the highlight of a city. Many of our outdoor wall fountains fall within this category.

The bowls can be customized to create unique water features. For example, the water could look like it was coming out of a frog's mouth and splashing downwards, hitting metal lily pads on the way down. Alternatively, it could look like the water was coming out of a geyser and falling upon rocks.

Cascading Tiered Fountain

A cascading fountain involves water that trickles down into a reservoir. An example of a cascading fountain may have a very small bowl at the top, a large bowl under that and an even larger bowl under the preceding bowl. The first bowl overflows with water and the water cascades down to the bowl under it and so on. Many of our large outdoor fountains are within this collection.

Finding the Right Water Feature

As you can see, there are many different types of fountains. If you think that you want a fountain in your backyard, it is worth considering which type of fountain you would most enjoy. Consider where the fountain would be placed, how large you want the fountain to be and how you want the fountain to look. Because a fountain is a piece of art, there are no right or wrong answers when considering a new addition to your yard.

Once you determine what kind of fountain you want, you'll need to figure out how you will supply water to it. Especially if the fountain will be placed far away from your current water line. We offer autofill options with most of our fountains or a simple garden hose is an easy solution.