Top 11 Lion Fountains

When it comes to outdoor water fountains, there are so many options. It easy to find just the style you're looking for.

If it's a lion fountain you want, we have a list of some favorites. From a tiered to a wall fountains, you will be able to find exactly what it is that you are looking for from our list.

The great thing about all of the options is that you are sure to find just the right one to fit exactly where you want it to go. If you are looking to make a statement, or if you want something more subtle, you will be sure to find the right option from our list.

Lion Fountains

Let's get right to our list. If you are in the market for a lion fountain, you are guaranteed to find one that is just the right style, for just the right location, from our list. Whether you want one for your deck, patio, pool area, or anywhere else.

Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain

  • 26.5" L x 16" W x 40.5" H
  • 287 lbs
Lion Wall Outdoor Water Fountain
This beautiful Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain is made of quality fiber reinforced cast stone concrete, so you know it's a sturdy one that will last. It is truly built to withstand the test of time.

The water recirculates, which means set up is easy with no plumbing needed. With almost 15 color options available, you will definitely be able to find just the right color for your outdoor garden or patio.

Lion Tiered Outdoor Fountain

  • 66"H x 55" W
  • 1,421 lbs.

If you are looking to make a real statement with your lion fountain, then the Lion Tiered Outdoor Fountain with a 55' basin is a perfect option for you. This is a one that will definitely be noticed.

Made of cast stone, water starts at the top and flows down to each tier. With 40 color options, and being made to order, you know you will get just the right color to fit your home.

Lion Wall Water Fountain

  • 60"H x 34"W x 18"D
  • 240 lbs.
Lion Tiered Outdoor Fountain With 55 Inch Basin


The Lion Wall Water Fountain features a carved lion head that pours water from it's mouth. It pools in the tier below and overflows into the basin. While it can be moved much easier than some of the others, you'd still want to take your time in finding just the right location.

This water feature can come with a few options available for its colors. It can come with no streak, or for a more artful look can come with a streak down the front face. For an additional fee, more streaks can be added. It also comes with a recirculating pump.

Lion Tiered Garden Fountain - Small

  • 38"H x 29.50"W x 11"
  • 206 lbs.

Lion Wall Water Fountain


If you are looking for something small but grand, the Lion Tiered Garden Fountain - Small is a perfect option.

Featuring four chiseled lion sculptures for the embellishment, and a tier and basin. You know you will get a beautiful sound as the water gushes out from the top and fills the tier, then streams through each lion's mouth into the pedestal basin.

If you are looking for a calming sound while you enjoy the outdoors in your garden or backyard, this is a perfect option. And with nearly 40 finishes available, you will be able to find the perfect quality finish to suite your look.

Classic Lion Cast Stone Outdoor Fountain

  • 48"H x 36"D
  • With riser 56" x 36"D.
  • 608 lbs.

Classic Lion Cast Stone Outdoor Fountain


This majestic garden centerpiece will surely be a lovely addition to any outdoor space. With a recirculating electric pump the Classic Lion Cast Stone Outdoor Fountain is a gorgeous option.

With water spewing out of their mouths, the intricately carved lion heads will make relaxing in your outdoor space even more enjoyable. Made of cast stone, you know you will have a sturdy centerpiece. Also available in 24 finishes, you will surely find an option that suits your home.

Avignon Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain

  • 60"H x 68"W x 31"D
  • 1,356 lbs.
Avignon Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain


The masterful Avignon Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain has a simple elegance, yet is there to make a statement. Given it's size, a forklift will be required for loading and unloading.

This one comes with hand-applied finishes nd is made of cast stone. It is available in 24 different made to order color finishes to ensure the perfect quality color.

Royal Wall Outdoor Fountain

  • 35"H x 16"W x 10"D
  • 25 lbs.
Royal Wall Outdoor Fountain


The Royal Wall Outdoor Fountain is great if you are looking for a wall outdoor fountain without the commitment that comes with some of the larger pieces, the weight of this one is an ideal solution. It's the most lightweight option on our list.

Featuring a majestic lion head, water streams out of its mouth into an LED-lit bowl, and is made of resin. It comes with a submersible pump that will keep the water circulating, producing a perfectly relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor space that will surely improve your yard.

Large Three Tier Leonesco Fountain

  • 80"H x 48"D
  • 987 lbs.
Large Three Tier Leonesco Fountain


If you are looking for a traditional design that makes for a beautifully ornate centerpiece, than the Large Three Tier Leonesco Fountain is a great option.

The embossed lion heads spew water into a large basin. It creates an absolutely beautiful flowing sound with its tiers. Available in 24 different finishes, and made of cast stone, you know that this piece will last a lifetime.

Classico Pot with Lion Heads Outdoor Fountain

  • 41"H x 55"W
  • 1051 lbs.
Classico Pot with Lion Heads Outdoor Fountain


This masterpiece is another perfect option if you are looking to make a statement without being too ornate. Made of cast stone, the Classico Pot with Lion Heads Outdoor Fountain features four lion heads with water flowing out of their mouths, as well as a gentle plume of water gushing out from the top center.

With its hefty weight, be sure to find a perfect spot for it before ordering.

This classic option will be a perfect focal point of any outdoor space. And with nearly 40 finishes available, you know that you will find the perfect color option for your home.

Europa Murabella Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain

  • 66"H x 34"W x 18"D
  • 487 lbs.
Europa Murabella Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain


If old world elegance is what you are looking for, than look no further than the Europa Murabella Lion Wall Outdoor Fountain.

If you are looking for something that perhaps doesn't take up as much space as some of the others, this one has a flat back and will fit perfectly any outdoor wall. The stream of water starts from the lion's mouth, then cascades into the basin.

There are 24 finishes available, so don't worry about finding the one that will improve the look of your home.

Lamura Lion Flat Wall Fountain

  • 72"H x 66"W x 28.5"D
  • 1,238 lbs.
Lamura Lion Flat Wall Fountain


Another gorgeous European inspired piece, the Lamura Lion Flat Wall Fountain comes with a recirculating pump. Because of it's size, a forklift is required for delivery.

This timeless fountain features a lion's head with water flowing from its mouth and is available in 24 different finishes. The style of this one is truly timeless.

What To Consider When Choosing a Beautiful Fountain on Your Patio

Before you make your final decision, there are questions you'll definitely want to consider before purchasing a lion fountain.

  • What is the best location?
  • What style best matches my outdoor space?
  • What size is best for the space that it will be used in?
  • What is the budget?

Conclusion: The Soothing Sound of a Lion Fountain

Now that you've gone through our list, it's easy to see that the right fountain for your floor is easy to find when there's so many options. You can even light it up with beautiful LED lighting to illuminate your fountain.

You'd see numerous ads on various fountains, but be sure to do your research and look for the right design, material, and size for your home.

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11 Best Tall Outdoor Water Fountains

There are many ways to spruce up your outdoor space and add a creative touch to your landscape. Tall outdoor water fountains provide an easy way to add style and a relaxing vibe to your property. You can choose floor fountains or another type of waterfall fountain.

These outdoor fountains even come in a wall fountain style. You can place this new water feature in between other raised objects, too.

Some people like their fountain indoors. But when you have an outdoor fountain, everyone can see it. Water features are just the thing to add style to circular driveways, backyard gardens, and pool patios.

You can add one tall water fountain to the landscape or buy a few to add water features throughout your property. The choice is yours!

Here are some ideas of where to put your new waterfall fountain:

  • Poolside deck
  • Backyard patio
  • Side gardens
  • Driveway area
  • Front yard
  • Back lawn area

From tall fountains with ornate designs to classic tall water fountains, there are many options to peruse to find your ideal fountain. You can select a tall outdoor water fountain that has geometric shapes or animal designs. There are many unique design types to choose from when shopping for the perfect outdoor fountain. 

In addition to looking nice, this type of water feature offers soothing sounds for your outdoor space. And this type of decor piece often offers easy installation. If you want your fountain to shine, look for one with LED lights and other lighting fixtures. It may even have a built in led light.

As you check out the options, consider weather resistant qualities. After all, you don't want winter damage, so make sure your fountain is suited for outdoor use.

This type of fountain often has a water pump design that circulates water through so no plumbing is necessary. Since you don't need plumbing to operate your fountain, you can add this feature to a lot of different areas around your outdoor living space. Most fountains use a standard outlet, so they’re easy to plug in.

In addition to design style, you can also choose from a wide array of color finishes, shapes, and materials. Tall outdoor fountains also come with many different price tags, so you can add a tall fountain to your landscape and do so on your own budget. Basically, whatever you’re looking for in tall water features, you’re likely to find it with ease. 

11 Tall Water Fountains

Are you ready to start the search for that perfect tall fountain and crave some inspiration? Here’s a list of 11 sensational tall water fountains to explore and find your ideal outdoor water feature:

Charleston Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin

Charleston Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin


Bring elegance and classic style to your home’s exterior with the Charleston Outdoor Water Fountain. This exquisite tall water fountain has a multi-tier fountain style with a large pool base. The pineapple-shaped finial offers an extra special touch to the top of the fountain. You can choose your favorite color finish for this 104"L x 104"W x 86"H fountain. 

This tiered fountain will look lovely no matter where you set it up. You can place it in the middle of a circular driveway or on an expansive front lawn. You can even add it to your porch or deck. Wherever you choose to set up the fountain, make sure you like the location as it weighs 3,429 lbs. so it will likely stay in the initial place where you set it. 

Four Seasons Fountain with Fiore Pond

Four Seasons Fountain with Fiore Pond


The Four Seasons Fountain with Fiore Pond is one of the best tall outdoor water fountains. If you want a fountain that’s a true focal point, look no further than the Four Seasons Fountain with Fiore Pond. This water feature is 100"H x 99½"W and weighs 2,280 lbs. Choose from a wide array of finishes to select the right option for your property. 

The beautiful multi-tiered design is tall enough to be seen from a distance away. The water flows softly from the different layers into a large pond base. The grooved tiers enable the water to flow seamlessly into the level below. If you want an elegant tall water feature to add to your property, this Four Seasons Fountain with Fiore Pond may be the perfect addition. 

Fonthill Water Fountain

Fonthill Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain


The luxurious Fonthill Water Fountain is an eye-catching tall water fountain that will fit well in many different areas of your property. The 47"L x 47"W x 74.75"H multi-tiered fountain has a square pedestal base that gives it extra height, perfect for placing amongst tall hedges or in the center of your lawn. The fiber-reinforced cast stone construction makes this fountain a sturdy addition to your landscape that will easily weather the elements. Plus, the 1,303 lb. fountain is of a heavier weight so it will stay put where you place it. 

And with this water feature, you can choose from a wide array of different color finishes. Select the color that looks best with your home’s exterior and find the right matching fountain for your property. 

Four Tier Renaissance Fountain in Toscana Pool

Four Tier Renaissance Fountain in Toscana Pool


The Four Tier Renaissance Fountain in Toscana Pool is an impressive fountain that’s sure to make any landscape shine. With its lovely multi-tier design and large pool, you can add this fountain to any area of land where you need to decorate open space. The outdoor water fountain is 99"H x 103"D and weighs 2,502 lbs. 

This majestic tall outdoor water feature will add class and sophistication to any space. Plus, you can choose your favorite color finish so your fountain will fit with the decor already in place. If you have the space to fit a large water feature, the Four Tier Renaissance Fountain in Toscana Pool is an excellent choice. 

Monaco 4-Tier Fountain with Fiore Pond Gray

Monaco 4-Tier Fountain with Fiore Pond


The Monaco 4-Tier Fountain with Fiore Pond Gray is sure to catch the eye of all who pass it by. With its tall design and the gentle sound of flowing water, this fountain is beautiful to look at and relaxing to listen to all in one. This large water feature will look great in an open space in your yard. And with dimensions of 120"H x 99½"W and a weight of 2,300 lbs., you’re going to want to keep it in the initial spot you place it due to its sturdy construction. You can choose your favorite color finish from a long list of options and pick the fountain that goes best with your backyard or home’s exterior. 

Newport Outdoor Water Fountain

Newport Outdoor Water Fountain


The impressive Newport Outdoor Water Fountain is a sensational addition to any yard or pool patio. With its three-tier cascading waterfalls and lovely base pool, this fountain provides visual enjoyment as well as relaxing sounds all day long. You can add this 104"L x 104"W x 78"H fountain to your favorite spot in the yard. This sturdy fountain has a cast stone concrete construction and a weight of 3,449 lbs. If you like to have color options for your outdoor decor pieces, you’ll love the fact you can choose from an expansive list of finish choices. 

You don’t have to worry about plumbing to operate this fountain. The water circulates through time and time again as the fountain runs throughout the day. This makes putting your new water feature into motion easy as can be!

3-Tier Four Seasons Outdoor Water Fountain with Bracci Basin

3-Tier Four Seasons Outdoor Water Fountain with Bracci Basin


The elegant 3-Tier Four Seasons Outdoor Water Fountain with Bracci Basin will light up your outdoor space year-round. The large fountain is 144"H x 144"D and weighs an impressive 6,184 lbs. With this in mind, you’ll want to choose your desired fountain spot carefully as this water feature is one you won’t want to move around. Constructed of a durable cast stone material, this decor piece is sturdy and lovely all rolled into one tall water fountain. You can select your favorite color and add this beautiful outdoor feature to your landscape. 

3-Tier Cavalli Outdoor Water Fountain with 12-Foot Bracci Basin

3-Tier Cavalli Outdoor Water Fountain with 12-Foot Bracci Basin


If a majestic water fountain is what your property needs, look no further than the 3-Tier Cavalli Outdoor Water Fountain with 12-Foot Bracci Basin. You can add this 129.50"H x 144"W water display to any area on your property that calls for a beautiful vision such as this one. The outdoor decor piece is a sturdy cast stone structure weighing 7,537 lbs. so you can rest easy knowing it will stay put wherever you place it. Whether you have a large driveaway area where a fountain of this type would fit perfectly or an expansive garden in the backyard, rest assured this decor piece will look great.

Estate Longvue Outdoor Water Fountain with Pool

Estate Longvue Outdoor Water Fountain with Pool


The formal Estate Longvue Outdoor Water Fountain with Pool will take the overall sophistication of your landscape to a whole new level. With the multi-tier design and cascading water visuals, you’re sure to appreciate this beautiful outdoor structure. The large fountain is 104"L x 104"W x 80.5"H and weighs 3,744 lbs. You can add this lovely water feature to your backyard gardens or front lawn area. Wherever you choose to set up this exquisite fountain, it’s sure to catch the eye of houseguests and passersby. Choose your favorite finish color and make this fountain a permanent addition to your home. 

Grande Barrington Fountain in Toscana Pool

Grande Barrington Fountain in Toscana Pool


Add a sophisticated touch to your property with the addition of the Grande Barrington Fountain in Toscana Pool. This lovely tall outdoor water fountain will fit nicely in a wide array of spaces on your property. You can add the large water feature to your back patio or place it near your front door if you have the space to do so. This fountain is 88"H x 103"D and weighs 3,500 lbs., so you’ll want to find the perfect spot to accommodate this large structure. When you select this fountain, you can choose from an impressive list of color finish options. Therefore, you’ll have a fountain that matches perfectly with the exterior of your home and other decor features already in place. 

Three-Tier Leonesco in Toscana Pool Fountain

Three-Tier Leonesco in Toscana Pool Fountain


The lovely Three-Tier Leonesco in Toscana Pool Fountain is a majestic water feature to make your gardens shine. With the eye-catching lions on the fountain, you have a water feature that’s relaxing to listen to and also a conversation piece that household visitors will want to talk about when they see it. You can pick your favorite finish for the cast stone material and ensure the fountain looks perfect with your home’s landscape. The fountain is 92"H x 103"D and weighs an impressive 2,388 lbs. When you add this exquisite waterfall display to your home’s exterior you have a decor piece you’ll enjoy looking at and listening to every single day. 

Find the Ideal Tall Outdoor Water Fountains for Your Home

Now that you’ve seen the list of the 11 best tall outdoor water fountains, which outdoor water features are best for your home. Do you want a three-tier fountain or one with four levels? Do you want a heavy tall fountain or one that’s a bit lighter? These are all questions you may consider. But, the good news is that there are many options available to you. 

To help you choose the best tall outdoor fountain, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Where will I display my outdoor fountain?
  • What color finish do I want my fountain to be?
  • Do I want an ornate design or a classic style?
  • How large should the fountain be?
  • Do I want one fountain or multiple fountains?
  • How much money can I spend on tall outdoor fountains? 

When you consider these questions above, you can target the right type of tall outdoor water fountain to add to your property. With these aspects in mind, you’re ready to start the search and review the available tall fountains. 

Start the search today and find the best tall outdoor water fountain for your home. The only difficult part will be choosing only one fountain!

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The Best 24 Small Space Fountains

Do you often feel stressed and tired? Perhaps, that's a sign that you might need to create a more tranquil space for you to relax in. There are many tools to relaxation - and one of them are small fountains.

Of course, there are many ways to improve the overall look of your landscape. You can add shrubs and trees, lamps, plant flowers, or install garden items that are eye-catching and useful at the same time. You might have specific ideas in mind or want to show your creativity by using a little bit of everything. 

If you want to dress up the exterior of your home or office, you can do so by adding outdoor water fountains. You can check out a shop, and you would find that water fountains come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, and they can ship wherever you are

You need to take into account your home décor and preferences when choosing your small fountain. The right choice can change your environment instantly.

If you have a small amount of space on your property yet still crave the addition of a water feature, add a small fountain. Small outdoor water fountains will attract the eye of those who pass by without taking up a lot of space.

Top Deals for 24 Small Fountains

You may need some help narrowing down the options. To help you do so, we’ve created a list of the 24 superior small space fountains. Here is our list of the 24 best fountains: 

M-Series Escala Garden Terrace Fountain

The M-Series Escala Garden Terrace Fountain offers stylish features and clean lines. The four-stream fountain pushes water out of the four sides, creating a gentle and eye-catching flow of water. You can choose from a variety of lovely color tone finishes and pick the type of small garden fountain that suits your property’s exterior best. 

This garden terrace fountain weighs 38 lbs. and has dimensions of 12.25"L x 12.25"W x 6.25"H. Its small size makes it ideal for small garden areas and other spots where space is limited. Best of all, no plumbing is necessary and the water circulates throughout the fountain. Just plug it in and it’s good to go! 

Boden Glazed Garden Fountain

With the Boden Glazed Garden Fountain, you don’t need tons of space to fit this beautiful water feature into the landscape. With dimensions of 18″ x 14.25″ and a weight of 70 lbs., this fountain is small but mighty. The glazed terra cotta material gives off a rustic chic vibe you’re sure to love. 

You can choose your favorite finish tone with the Boden Glazed Garden Fountain and have this focal piece suit your garden area perfectly. The single stream fountain produces a calming sound and is sure to be a conversation piece with all your home and office visitors. 

Mini Element Zen Frog Garden Terrace Fountain

Embrace your inner peace with the Mini Element Zen Frog Garden Terrace Fountain. This contemporary meditative water feature has a relaxed looking frog perched on top of a beautiful waterfall. With dimensions of 6"W x 11.5"L x 15"H and a weight of 28 lbs., this terrace fountain is easy to set up and move around. 

You can choose your favorite color tone for the fountain and place it in the perfect spot in your yard. All you need to get the water flowing is a place to plug in the product. No plumbing is required! If you’ve been searching for a way to relax, the Mini Element Zen Frog Garden Terrace Fountain will get you well on your way to that goal. 

Ripple Fountain - Large

The Ripple Fountain - Large is a sturdy landscape feature to add your property. The 17.25"W x 6.25"H fountain is made of a fiber-reinforced cast stone concrete and comes in various color tones. The round small water fountain is 28 lbs. with a sturdy base and a single eye-catching water spout. Best of all, no plumbing is necessary with this water feature. Just plug it in and it’s ready to go! 

Daralis Fountain

The colorful and welcoming Daralis Fountain is sure to be a focal point in your landscape. Friends and visitors are sure to marvel over the unique features of this 14.5″W x 18″H fountain. With a weight of 41 lbs. the Daralis Fountain is easy to set up yet sturdy enough to stay put. The glazed pottery fountain has an easy-to-use plug-in function so you can turn it on and off whenever you like. 

M-Series Rosette Garden Terrace Fountain

The M-Series Rosette Garden Terrace Fountain brings style and class to any yard. Enjoy the calming vibe this outdoor garden terrace fountain offers and turn your lawn into a showpiece. The fountain is 10.25"L x 10.25"W x 7.5"H and weighs 25 lbs. so it fits in a variety of locations and it’s light enough to move around to different spots if you choose to do so. The single spout produces a calming flow of water right in the center of the fountain’s flower feature. 

Sussex Wall Outdoor Water Fountain

With the Sussex Wall Outdoor Water Fountain added to your home’s exterior wall, you can bring elegance to any setting. The concrete fountain is sturdy yet beautiful with its lovely flower and vine motif. Choose your favorite finish color and add this 18"L x 9"W x 28"H outdoor wall fountain to your home. 

Bjorn Garden Water Fountain

The Bjorn Garden Water Fountain is the perfect centerpiece for your backyard garden or front walkway area. You can choose the color option that works best with your home’s style and get this fountain up and running with ease. This pristine water fountain is 18"L x 18" W x 25" H and will be the focal point of your outdoor garden area or landscaped walkways. 

Sonora Stone Ledge Garden Fountain

Another option for small outdoor water features is the Sonora Stone Ledge Garden Fountain. This charming water feature is small enough to be a subtle addition to your lawn or garden area but large enough to produce a calming water sound and aesthetically pleasing vision. The fiber cement construction is sturdy yet still beautiful overall. The fountain weighs 44 lbs. with 15.75" x 12.5" dimensions. 

M-Series Rustic Spa Garden Terrace Fountain with Planter

The M-Series Rustic Spa Garden Terrace Fountain with Planter combines soothing water sounds with a beautiful visual presentation. Water flows from the copper spout of this lovely 18"L x 18"W X 14"H fountain and into the lower basin where you can even add plants for that extra special touch. The 70 lb. cast stone concrete fountain is available in a variety of color tones. 

M-Series Camellia Garden Water Fountain

Another option for small garden fountains is the M-Series Camellia Garden Water Fountain. This lovely garden fountain features a jar-shaped base and single spot water feature that flows continuously for a soothing sound. The fountain is 10.5"L x 10.5"W x 11.75"H and weighs 45 lbs. so you’re able to move it around your garden if you want to try the product in different locations to see where it fits best. Choose your favorite color tone and add this exquisite garden fountain to your landscape.

M-Series Kenzo Garden Water Fountain

The M-Series Kenzo Garden Water Fountain is the perfect addition to any size garden. Since the 11.75"L x 11.75"W x 9.75"H is on the smaller size, you can fit this lovely water feature in small garden areas as well as larger spaces. The 30 lb. multi-level fountain has a single water spout and comes in a tempting array of colors. You can choose the color tone of your new Kenzo fountain that looks best on your property. 

Short Malmo Glazed Garden Fountain

With the Short Malmo Glazed Garden Fountain added to your home or office landscape, it’s sure to catch the eye of all who pass by. The 13.50"W x 17.75"H glazed terra cotta fountain is an eye-catching Mediterranean blue color which will be a certain focal point in your garden. With a weight of 37 lbs., you can easily move the fountain around if you find you like it better in another spot in your garden or on your lawn. 

Square Bird Element Water Fountain

The elegant Square Bird Element Water Fountain is a must-have addition to any garden. The fiber reinforced cast stone concrete fountain features carved birds on top of a 18"L x 10"W x 30.75"H single spout water feature. The 141 lb. fountain has clean lines and absolute curb appeal. You can add this fountain to any spot in your garden and it’s likely to be the perfect style addition. 

St. Helena Tabletop Fountain

The bubbling St. Helena Tabletop Fountain adds a lovely vibe to your backyard. You can place this 12.25"W x 7.5"H fountain on a back porch table or along a garden path. The 17 lb. small garden fountain is easy to transport so you can enjoy this water feature in a wide array of locations. Choose your favorite color tone and add this concrete fountain to your property today. 

Borghese Garden Water Fountain

The classic Borghese Garden Water Fountain will take any ordinary garden from drab to fabulous in no time at all. The 25.5"L x 20"W x 27.25"H is one of the sturdier small outdoor water features weighing 143 lbs. You can pick your color option of choice and add this beautiful product to your yard in no time at all. 

Bebel Pebble Fountain

The tasteful Bebel Pebble Fountain is the perfect choice if you’re looking for small garden fountains that offer a little something extra. This 61-lb. fiber-reinforced cast stone concrete fountain is small enough to fit in a variety of spots but sturdy enough to stay put. You can add the 12.25W x 16"H water feature wherever you’d like to add a calming vibe. Best of all, this item comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that suits your landscape best. 

Cirrus Birdbath Water Fountain

If you want a classic bird bath feature, look no further than the Cirrus Birdbath Water Fountain. The stylish pedestal construction is lovely enough to draw attention yet subtle enough to blend into your garden area perfectly. The small outdoor garden fountain weighs 132 lbs. and has dimensions of 20.5"L x 20.5"W x 30.25"H. You can choose from an impressive list of color options and select the concrete fountain that you like best. 

Eero Fountain

When perusing the list of small outdoor fountains, the Eero Fountain may pique your interest. The glazed pottery fountain comes in two classic color tones. With dimensions of 12″W x 15.75″H and a weight of 40 lbs., you can easily place this water feature in your favorite outdoor location. 


Katsura Fountain

The Katsura Fountain is ideal if you want to give your property a modern look with the help of a soothing outdoor water feature. This small outdoor garden fountain is 30.5″L x 16.5″W x 9.25″H and features a stylish multi-tier construction. Choose your favorite color finish and add this fountain to your backyard or garden area. 

Jensen Oval Garden Water Fountain

The multi-tier Jensen Oval Garden Water Fountain is sure to draw many glances from all who pass it by. This aesthetically pleasing water fountain is 25.75"L x 18.25"W x 18"H and comes in many different color tones. Dress up your garden with the addition of the Jensen Oval Garden Water Fountain. 

Songbird Fountain 

The round Songbird Fountain appeals to the senses with the visual of beautiful birds and the sound of a soothing water flow. This small outdoor garden fountain is 14.25"W x 6.5"H and weighs 19 lbs. so it fits in a wide array of places and is easy to transport. 

Stone Ledge Garden Fountain

The Stone Ledge Garden Fountain will add a beautiful water feature to your backyard space. The 19.75"W x 17.75"H fountain is smaller in dimensions so it will fit in many different places but also sturdy at 84 lbs. 

Manzanita Fountain

The tall Manzanita Fountain is ideal for those spaces where you need a water feature that’s tall enough to see yet narrow enough to fit. The 18.5"W x 33"H will look perfect in between garden hedges or as a focal point in a flower bed. Wherever you place your new fountain, you’re sure to enjoy the gentle sounds of water this classic style fountain provides. 

Explore this list of fountains in greater detail and find the perfect outdoor garden water fountain to add to your property! 

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Top 5 Places to Install a Large Outdoor Fountain

There are many ways to improve the visual aesthetics of your property. You can plant ornate gardens filled with flowers and trees. In addition, you can add outdoor fixtures, such as statues and even a large outdoor water fountain. 

For those people who want to really impress others, adding a big water fountain to the property is an easy way to do so. When you add a large outdoor water fountain to your home or add fountains with pools to the landscape, you are taking your property goals to a whole new level. 

Large outdoor water features look great on residential properties but they’re also excellent additions to commercial land and public areas, such as parks and community center grounds. 

If you’re interested in adding one or more large outdoor water features to your property, here’s a list of the top 5 places to install a large outdoor water fountain:

1. Circular Driveway

The addition of a large outdoor fountain to your circular driveway will impress all who visit your home. When you place this large outdoor water fountain in the center of your driveway it becomes a welcome focal point. Choose from a stately looking fountain complete with lions and unique curves or opt for a more delicate vision of a fountain with carved stone flowers on it.

2. Backyard Gardens

If you’re looking to add some eye-catching fixtures to your floral gardens, a large outdoor water fountain will do the trick. Gardens are beautiful but sometimes they need a little something extra to really wow the crowd. Fountains with pools make an ideal addition to your backyard gardens. Consider how much space you have to work with and choose the large outdoor garden fountain that fits best.

3. Public Parks

People who visit public parks are usually in awe of any and all large outdoor water fountains that grace the landscape. When you add large outdoor water features to local parks, you can attract more visitors and make the park a place for all to enjoy. Park guests will love walking around the fountain or sitting on the grass beside it to enjoy the sounds of gentle flowing water and the lovely view of it. And kids of all ages are sure to delight in the beautiful sight of an outdoor water fountain. 

4. Front Yard of a Commercial Property

If you own a business and have a big front yard space, you can make your lawn a focal point by adding a large outdoor water fountain to it. You may even find that by adding this outdoor water feature you draw in new customers who are attracted to the outdoor aesthetics of your business. Plus, your employees are sure to enjoy the sights and sounds the outdoor water fountain offers them as well. Choose from a single or multi-tier fountain to highlight your business property and draw people in.

5. Memorial Gardens

Memorial gardens are places where people go to reflect and pay respect to others. This calming location is one where a large outdoor water fountain is a positive inclusion. As visitors walk through the memorial gardens they can enjoy the sights and sounds of the flowing water. In addition, this type of location is often vast in size, so there are plenty of spots to place the water fountain throughout the property. You may even want to add a few big outdoor water fountains to your memorial gardens if the space is large enough to do so. 

When you choose the outdoor water feature to add to the memorial gardens, keep the overall theme of peace and tranquility in mind. In other words, choose a fountain that’s tasteful and elegant in style.

Add a Large Outdoor Fountain to Your Property

Now that you know the top five places to install a large outdoor fountain, it’s time to find the right one. Keep the following tips in mind when choosing a new large outdoor water fountain for your property: 

  • Know the size of the space where you’ll put your fountain
  • Decide if you want a classic style or more ornate fountain
  • Pick a finish or color tone for your fountain
  • Have a budget in mind
  • Check out your options before settling on a large outdoor fountain to buy 

When you shop with these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to pick the right large fountain for your outdoor space. 

Wherever your new outdoor water fountain will go, it’s sure to add a lovely aesthetic feature to your residential, commercial, or public property.

  • Gerald Dumandan

How to Clean Bird Bath Fountains

clean bird bath fountains

Bird baths are a lovely addition to any backyard or side garden. These outdoor water features provide a cool spot for birds to bathe and play. Bird bath fountains also offer an excellent way for the homeowner, family members, and houseguests to enjoy the nature around them.

If you have a birdbath fountain or want to buy one to add to your home’s exterior, you must make sure to keep the garden fountain clean. Bird bath fountains should be cleaned every 30 days. You might have to clean your bird bath fountain a bit sooner if you notice excessive buildup.

Fortunately, it’s easy to clean bird bath fountains. So easy that any bird bath fountain owner can do so, even if you’re new to the process. If you’re wondering how to clean bird bath fountains, we have the answers for you!

Here are some easy steps to clean your bird bath fountain and maintain a healthy, hygienic spot for your feathered friends to enjoy:

Step 1: Turn Off Fountain and Remove Water Pump

The first step is to turn off your bird bath fountain. Once your birdbath fountain is off, you can remove the water pump. Follow the water pump manufacturer instructions as to how to clean this important piece of equipment. 

Step 2: Completely Empty Bird Bath

The next step is to empty the water out of the bird bath basin. Once the bird bath fountain is completely empty of water, you’re ready to head on to the cleaning steps of the process.

Step 3: Use Hose to Spray Out Dirt and Debris

Once the bird bath fountain is emptied, use a hose to spray the basin and get rid of any surface dirt and grime. Some of the debris in the basin will come off with the water pressure from the hose.

Step 4: Scrub Basin

The next step involves using a scrub brush to tackle any areas of dirt that have yet to be removed. Fill a bucket with water and a few drops of dish cleaning soap to use when you scrub the basin.

Step 5: Add Cleaning Ingredients

If the hose and scrub brush technique doesn’t remove all the dirt and grime, you can use some cleaning ingredients. Combine one part chlorine bleach with four parts water in the fountain basin to work as a cleaning solution. If you’d like a more natural option, substitute the chlorine bleach with vinegar.

Step 6: Cover Bird Bath and Let Cleaning Solution Soak

Once you have your chosen cleaning solution in the fountain basin, cover the bird bath fountain basin with a large trash bag so no birds or other animals can get into it while the solution is soaking. Let the solution soak for 10-15 minutes.

Step 7: Empty Basin and Rinse

After the 10-15 minutes is up, empty the basin and rinse it out. Use gloves for protection and empty the basin in a safe location of your yard where the solution won’t be touched. Make sure to thoroughly clean the basin and get all the solution out of the bird bath fountain.

Step 8: Let the Basin Air Dry

Once your bird bath fountain is clean and rinsed, give the fountain basin time to air dry prior to refilling it with water.

Step 9: Reassemble Pump and Fill Fountain with Water

After your birdbath fountain has dried in the air and sunlight, it’s time to get it back into working order. Reassemble your fountain pump after it’s been cleaned properly according to manufacturer instructions. Then, reattach the pump in the fountain so it’s ready to go. 

Once the pump is back in the fountain, fill the outdoor garden fixture with water and start enjoying the lovely sights and sounds of your bird bath fountain once again.

Keep Your Bird Bath Fountain Fresh and Clean

With outdoor water features such as bird bath fountains in your backyard or garden, you can improve the visual aesthetics of your property and offer a fun place for birds to keep cool.

If you’re worried about constantly cleaning your birdbath fountain, don’t stress. This task is only completed periodically and doesn’t take much time out of your day to do so. The end result is a clean outdoor bird bath fountain that attracts unique and beautiful birds to your yard. You’ll also enjoy the calming sound of the water feature as you sit outside and enjoy nature. 

If you buy a new bird bath fountain for your landscape, keep it fresh and clean with these periodic cleanings. 

  • Gerald Dumandan

How To Prepare For An Outdoor Water Fountain

Preparation for your outdoor water fountain is key to making sure it stands out, looks great, and functions properly. Outdoor water fountains do take occasional maintenance, cleaning, and knowing everything ahead of time will save you from installation issues and/or future troubles. Regardless of your fountain’s size, you should always prepare for the installation, placement, and how it will be maintained for years to come. If you have the expertise in projects like this you might not have much trouble at all doing this yourself, but if not you might need to hire a professional. Regardless, check out the most important ways to prepare for an outdoor water fountain installation as well as what to expect.

Finding Your Power Source And Further Preparation

This is the first thing you want to do. Some fountains have solar panels that will keep it running, but most need electricity. If you decide to make this a DIY project, here is a list of tools and appliances you’ll need to install it yourself:

  1. Fork Lift or Pallet Jack (depending on the weight of the fountain upon delivery)
  2. Hand Tools
  3. Level Surface with pea gravel so it doesn’t sink or become uneven
  4. Concrete Pad depending on the weight of the fountain
  5. Electrical Outlet for power supply 110- Volt
  6. Waterline for an auto refill (needed if you do not want to have to continually add water)
  7. A few extra hands to help move the pieces depending on the weight or size
  8. Fountain cleaner to keep the Algae away

Again, these are all of the tools you will need if you plan to DIY an outdoor water fountain. If you are unsure of this then you need to schedule a time for a professional to install your outdoor water fountain. This will ensure the proper functioning of your fountain.

Where Do You Want It?

This is your original vision and how you have pictured your fountain before all the technicalities. The placement of your outdoor water fountain will depend on where exactly you want to see it on a daily basis. Seems realistic, right? Well, it’s something most people forget after installation and regret at a later time. So, it’s time to picture where you want it. Do you have a small garden or pond that would be expanded by a fountain? Do you want a fountain right in your front yard or driveway? It all depends on your personal characteristics and how you envision the placement.

Your Personal Style

Okay, I already mentioned that where you want a fountain and a power source is the most important part of preparing for your outdoor water fountain. Though it is a vital process, you need to have a vision first. Why go through this whole process and end up with something you don’t like? There are tons of styles you can go with that will make your garden or yard look fantastic but it all depends on how you see it.

There are many different outdoor fountain styles for you to consider such as statues, 2-3 tier designs, pots, sculptures throughout the centuries, Old World, modern, and so much more. With these designs come extra expenses, so make sure you are shopping in your budget space but never put your decor desires in the back of your mind. Don’t end up with something you don’t like to look at.

The Surrounding Area

It’s not common to think of the area that will surround your fountain, especially when the fountain is the main attraction. However, you’d be surprised how much a backdrop can do to enhance the beauty of your fountain. Before even thinking of installing a water fountain you need to make sure the surrounding area is clean and any hazardous material is removed. You might want to have a landscaper come check the area to ensure it will work correctly when installed.  You will want to make sure you have a power source so you can plug into and start the pump.  You also will need a water line to connect to if you are installing an auto refill device. (which is added to keep the water consistently filling, so you do not need to fill it with water weekly). Think about the surrounding area a lot- is it a floral garden area that needs some upkeep or will it be placed on cement? Every small detail is an adding factor to the ambiance of your outdoor fountain after it is installed. 

Final Thoughts

Install fountains on a level surface. You will need a properly grounded 110-volt (AC only) GFCI protected receptacle near the fountain for your pump. All pumps are submersible and must be completely underwater to function properly. Test all pumps and adjust to full output prior to assembly. It is not recommended that fountains be placed directly on grass or dirt. Position the channel opening at the base of each fountain toward the electrical outlet to be used since the pump cord will be threaded through this opening. 
Are you both physically and mentally prepared for your new fountain? It might seem silly that one object will take so much planning and work, and by no means am I trying to stress you out more. But before making any large purchase that will alter curb appeal and home value, it’s important to take necessary steps to achieve a flawless finish. There may be some hiccups along the way such as learning about seasonal maintenance and how to keep your outdoor fountain looking great and clean, but those are minor compared to installing a fountain on faulty land. Follow these steps to improve the visual appearance and safety of your new outdoor water fountain.


  • Catherine Sibi