Top 5 Places to Install a Large Outdoor Fountain


There are many ways to improve the visual aesthetics of your property. You can plant ornate gardens filled with flowers and trees. In addition, you can add outdoor fixtures, such as statues and even a large outdoor water fountain. 

For those people who want to really impress others, adding a big water fountain to the property is an easy way to do so. When you add a large outdoor water fountain to your home or add fountains with pools to the landscape, you are taking your property goals to a whole new level. 

Large outdoor water features look great on residential properties but they’re also excellent additions to commercial land and public areas, such as parks and community center grounds. 

If you’re interested in adding one or more large outdoor water features to your property, here’s a list of the top 5 places to install a large outdoor water fountain:

1. Circular Driveway

The addition of a large outdoor fountain to your circular driveway will impress all who visit your home. When you place this large outdoor water fountain in the center of your driveway it becomes a welcome focal point. Choose from a stately looking fountain complete with lions and unique curves or opt for a more delicate vision of a fountain with carved stone flowers on it.

2. Backyard Gardens

If you’re looking to add some eye-catching fixtures to your floral gardens, a large outdoor water fountain will do the trick. Gardens are beautiful but sometimes they need a little something extra to really wow the crowd. Fountains with pools make an ideal addition to your backyard gardens. Consider how much space you have to work with and choose the large outdoor garden fountain that fits best.

3. Public Parks

People who visit public parks are usually in awe of any and all large outdoor water fountains that grace the landscape. When you add large outdoor water features to local parks, you can attract more visitors and make the park a place for all to enjoy. Park guests will love walking around the fountain or sitting on the grass beside it to enjoy the sounds of gentle flowing water and the lovely view of it. And kids of all ages are sure to delight in the beautiful sight of an outdoor water fountain. 

4. Front Yard of a Commercial Property

If you own a business and have a big front yard space, you can make your lawn a focal point by adding a large outdoor water fountain to it. You may even find that by adding this outdoor water feature you draw in new customers who are attracted to the outdoor aesthetics of your business. Plus, your employees are sure to enjoy the sights and sounds the outdoor water fountain offers them as well. Choose from a single or multi-tier fountain to highlight your business property and draw people in.

5. Memorial Gardens

Memorial gardens are places where people go to reflect and pay respect to others. This calming location is one where a large outdoor water fountain is a positive inclusion. As visitors walk through the memorial gardens they can enjoy the sights and sounds of the flowing water. In addition, this type of location is often vast in size, so there are plenty of spots to place the water fountain throughout the property. You may even want to add a few big outdoor water fountains to your memorial gardens if the space is large enough to do so. 

When you choose the outdoor water feature to add to the memorial gardens, keep the overall theme of peace and tranquility in mind. In other words, choose a fountain that’s tasteful and elegant in style.

Add a Large Outdoor Fountain to Your Property

Now that you know the top five places to install a large outdoor fountain, it’s time to find the right one. Keep the following tips in mind when choosing a new large outdoor water fountain for your property: 

  • Know the size of the space where you’ll put your fountain
  • Decide if you want a classic style or more ornate fountain
  • Pick a finish or color tone for your fountain
  • Have a budget in mind
  • Check out your options before settling on a large outdoor fountain to buy 

When you shop with these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to pick the right large fountain for your outdoor space. 

Wherever your new outdoor water fountain will go, it’s sure to add a lovely aesthetic feature to your residential, commercial, or public property.

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  • Gerald Dumandan