cast stone outdoor water fountain
cast stone outdoor water fountain


The peace and tranquility a fountain can bring to an outdoor space is unlike anything else. The calming purr of the running water and the elegant flow in which it pours over its display creates a mood, a serene and beautiful environment to sit and enjoy your patio or backyard. And to assume that your yard is simply too small to accommodate an outdoor fountain is a big misconception. Any space can have a fountain; everything from a small apartment balcony to a lush and vast backyard. You just have to know where to look.

Best fountain designs that would be perfect for any small yard


1) Cascading Pools Fountain

Cascading Pools Fountain

The Cascading Pools Fountain stands 40" and impresses as a contemporary masterpiece, boasting four large pools of water that harmonize into a captivating and unified work of art. These fountains encompass exceptional structure, captivating sound, and captivating water movements, offering a complete package of aesthetic and sensory delight.


2) Carrera Tiered Garden Water Fountain

Carrera Tiered Garden Water Fountain

Elevate the allure of your outdoor area with the Carrera Tiered Garden Water Fountain, standing at 25.25", featuring expansive and gracefully low tiers adorned with four copper spillers. The serene sound and captivating sight of water gracefully cascading over the tiers provide a deeply soothing experience. Crafted from durable cast stone, the Carrera Tiered Garden Water Fountain is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.


3) Bird Water Fountain

Bird Water Fountain


A tiny balcony, a small patio table, or a modest ledge, this water fountain is just right. Bring a little bit of nature into a city setting with the sweet, life-sized bird sculptures that are built in to the water fountain. It literally only occupies 10” of space so this sweet little water fountain could go just about anywhere, even a window ledge if need be.

4) The Kenzo Fountain

The Kenzo Fountain


Hoping for something a little more modern? The Kenzo model is the ideal water fountain for modern as well as small spaces. Any outdoor area with less than 10” to spare can fit this contemporary fountain. No plumbing required, as most small fountains don’t, the water simply recycles through with an interior pump.

5) Zen Too Water Fountain

Zen Too Water Fountain

If you’ve got a quirky side, then the Zen Too fountain is perfect for your backyard. It’s long, but narrow, so it’s still idea for small spaces. It measures 33” long but only 19” long, so it would be perfect for a ledge, a stoop, or nestled away in a tiny garden.


When it comes to small yards, the right outdoor fountain can make a big impact. Transform your small yard into an oasis of relaxation and visual delight with these remarkable outdoor fountains.

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