outdoor waterfall fountain
outdoor waterfall fountain


Indoor or outdoor, water fountains add something really special to the space they occupy. But an outdoor fountain with a waterfall feature is a major bonus! The tranquil, hypnotic pour of the water as it falls down over the sculpture can set anyone at ease and help them enjoy their backyard, patio, or balcony. There are tons of great models out there, but we’ve rounded up 5 really beautiful waterfall fountains for you to pick from.

1. Shimmering Stones Fountain

Shimmering Stones Fountain

The Shimmering Stones Fountain is an exquisite and modern masterpiece, characterized by a circular ground-level basin and an elegant column resembling an urn, embellished with sleek stones. Water gracefully emerges from the column's pinnacle, creating a gentle cascade that descends into a rippling pool within the basin. This enchanting flow delicately moistens the stones adorning the column's sides, causing them to shimmer and gleam when illuminated by light.

2. The Cottage Log Fountain

The Cottage Log Fountain

Although it is small in stature, this fountain was crafted and designed by skilled artisans to achieve unparalleled realism and a look that is even more gorgeous at night. It features a quiet and powerful adjustable-flow water pump that plugs into any regular electrical outlet, a low splash waterfall design, and a few energy efficient, waterproof LED lights. Perfect for any outdoor area.

3. The Falls Garden

The Falls Garden

The modernistic appeal of the Falls Garden Water Fountain makes it a great centerpiece for your courtyard or patio. Sheets of water begin at the top of the fountain, cascading down the smooth inner wall before spilling over a second tier and ending in the pocket basin below. This outdoor fountain is strikingly contemporary and absolutely gorgeous.

4. The Kimball Rock

The Kimball Rock

The Kimball Rock Fountain w/LED Lights is an individually handcrafted cast resin water fountain. It features a design so life-like that it’s hard not to believe it’s not real. It also features a stunning waterproof LED Lighting that enhances the fountain with a gorgeous night time glow. All of these features make the fountain a perfect addition to any outdoor setting.

5. Floating Sphere

Floating Sphere Pedestal Fountain

For those who prefer a more modern water fountain, give your garden a unique and lively centerpiece with the 29" Floating Sphere Pedestal Fountain W/ LED. Spruce up your garden, patio, or porch with this elegant Sphere water fountain. The dark stone finish gives the appearance of being chiseled out of solid stone. The soothing sound of running water is very calming. The water feature will make a great addition to your home, inside and out.


With their captivating cascades and mesmerizing beauty, these five waterfall fountains possess the power to transform any outdoor space into a captivating oasis of tranquility and wonder.


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