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Campania International - Fountain Manufacturer

Campania International has been producing outdoor water fountains since 1983 -these outdoor fountains provide an easy way to add flair and beauty to your home or commercial property!

Great Ideas for Outdoor Garden Water Features with Decorative Charm

Add a touch of decorative charm to your garden with outdoor water features. Here are some great ideas for incorporating decorative water fountains into your outdoor space, from classic tiered fountains to large garden water features.

Outdoor Water Fountains for Smaller Entryways

Don't let a small entryway stop you from adding a beautiful water fountain to your outdoor space. In this article, we'll showcase outdoor water fountains that are perfect for smaller entryways!

Amazing Water Features for a Tropical-Themed Garden

Bring the beauty of the tropics to your own backyard with amazing tropical water features. Here are some water features that perfectly complement a tropical-themed garden and create tranquil oasis in your outdoor living space.

Multi-functioning Outdoor Water Features

Why settle for a water feature that only looks pretty when you can have one that serves multiple functions? Check out these outdoor water features that provide additional benefits, such as acting as a planter or bird bath.

Best Outdoor Fountains for Small Yards

Discover the best outdoor fountains for small yards. Explore space-saving designs, compact water features, and creative solutions to add beauty and tranquility to your limited outdoor space, making it feel larger and more inviting.