10 Ideas to Get Your Yard Summer Ready


Summer is here, but are you ready? Better yet, is your yard ready? We’re all eager to get outside and start enjoying that long awaited sunshine and fresh Summer air. But if you’re backyard looks like the leftovers of Winter then you’ve got some work to do. Here are some great ideas to get your yard Summer ready so you can start enjoying those afternoons in the sun.

1) Clean Up
Winter can wreak havoc on our front and backyards. Once that snow is gone, get out there with garbage bags and bins and start cleaning up. Litter, dead leaves, fallen branches, clear it all and start with a fresh pallet. It doesn’t hurt to give your patio a nice spraying down, either. Cleaning your patio gets rid of the gunk left behind by Winter and lets the wood breath.

2) Trim & Mow
Grab your mower and those shears. It’s time to give your yard a nice trim. Cut back any deadfall, smooth out the hedges, and mow the grass. Your grass has been through the wringer over the Winter and desperately begs to be cut. This gives your yard a nice refresh and opens it up for your friends and family to enjoy.

3) Furniture
Bust the patio furniture out of storage or head to the store to find some nice, colorful chairs to brighten up the yard. Having ample seating as well as a few side tables creates the perfect environment to enjoy the afternoon sun or an evening BBQ. Make your backyard a place to be.

4) Install a Fountain
If your yard is missing something and you just can’t figure out what it is, then you may just need a water fountain. A gorgeous water display not only looks good but it attracts birds, butterflies, and other Summertime creatures.

5) Plant Flowers
Planting flowers brightens up your yard and adds some much needed color. It also attracts butterflies and pretty things reminiscent of Summer.

6) Pool or Sprinkler
You can’t have Summer without some water to play in. If your yard allows it, invest in a pool or clean out the one you may already have. If your yard is cozy, then opt for a great sprinkler.

7) Bird House
Bird houses add character to any yard and attracts beautiful birds to your backyard. Birds also equal less bugs, so think about that when you’re trying to enjoy your backyard during those mosquitos riddled months.

8) Music
No backyard event is complete without some good music. Invest in a waterproof, wireless speaker and take the music anywhere outside.

9) Storage Bins
Storage bins help keep your nice Summer yard neat and clean. Toss any toys, gear, or equipment in the bins when you’re done and voila!

10) Fire Pit
We can all benefit from the use of a good fire pit. It’s a Summer must-have. If you can’t have a pit in your yard, then opt for a chimnea or ethanol burner.

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  • Candace Osmond