long beach wall outdoor fountain

Pinning to have an outdoor fountain installed in your property, but confused where to put it? You're not alone. A lot of homeowners, in their desire to beautify their home, have purchased fountains only to place them in less-attractive parts of the house. Avoid this mistake; learn how to find the right spot for your outdoor fountain, right from the pros!

When it comes to water features, location is key. It's not about how beautifully landscaped your house is. An outdoor fountain can immediately transform a plain backdrop into a beautiful, relaxing space. Now, before you begin shopping for your water feature, it is best to know which place you're going to put it, and if it suits your needs.

  1. Pick up a ruler and measure the area. You may want a large outdoor fountain, but the space isn't enough to accommodate the installation. This is a big no-no. What you want is a water feature that simply complements the size of your outdoors. Once this is discerned, let's move on to the next step.
  2. Choose the spot where it is most cohesive with the setting. It could be in the middle of your garden. It could be at the side, or you may have a wall fountain. It could be near the patio. One way to discern the best spot is where you can actually enjoy viewing your garden and enjoy its tranquil sound. You might also want to consider the best spot to attract a diverse array of wildlife.
  3. Understand that your outdoor fountain is meant to be seen. For bigger yards, make it a focal point. For smaller gardens, incorporate it into your lush plants and create a nostalgic, flowery backdrop. At best, it should be a place where you and your favorite people are more likely to hang around. Installing your outdoor fountain where it is less seen makes it useless.
  4. A small glance at the window can help. Imagine this: the peaceful sight of your outdoor fountain, greeting you as you open your windows. You want your installation to be enjoyed from the inside too.
  5. Other than the aesthetics, your outdoor fountain also requires one thing: electricity. With that, you want to install your water feature nearby an outlet where you can easily plug the installation in. You don’t want it to be far away from the source, as cords and wires can be a hassle to hide. Or you can go green and choose a solar-powered water fountain!  
  6. Avoid noisy areas. One reason why you bought your outdoor fountain is the serene splashing of water it produce. However, if you place it in a corner where there are too many sounds, you won’t be able to enjoy it as much. Place your fountain away from the busy honking of the vehicles, heavily crowded spaces and loud audio.
  7. Keep the safety of your children, and pets, in check. Tuck the cords of your outdoor fountain so that they won’t trip on it. Install your water feature in corners where they can still enjoy the external section of your home, without feeling limited.

By following these tips, you can discover the perfect section for your outdoor fountain in no time! Now, shop around, and enjoy your relaxing water installation in your beautiful garden.

Best spot for your outdoor fountain