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Experienced fountain owners will tell you that there are some accessories you should consider once you have found the perfect fountain for your home. Water fountains can require maintenance and homeowners have been pressuring manufacturer's to come up with new and innovative ways to cut the workload required to maintain your beautiful water features.

This has led to some interesting developments in the water fountain industry as manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to meet their client’s requests. Fountain accessories have advanced considerably over the last five years and the industry is now at the point where it has never been easier to own, operate, and maintain a luxurious water feature in your home.  

Ball And Wok Outdoor Water Fountain

Ball And Wok Outdoor Water Fountain


Below are some of the most popular water fountain accessories for 2023. While some have been around for years, others are new to the industry. These accessories are guaranteed to make your fountain ownership more pleasant by providing you with less maintenance and more control over your new water feature.

Automatic Refill Device

An automatic refill device is an excellent addition to consider. This is especially true if you live in a drier climate such as the deserts of the southwest. Your fountain is constantly losing water through a combination of evaporation and splashing. Every fountain encounters these problems and until recently, this required a fountain owner to monitor their water levels closely.

It is critically important that you ensure that your water pump is always submerged. If your water level falls too low, you can burn your water pump motor out.  Water pumps are designed to operate for long periods of time in the water but they cannot maintain their functionality if they are not properly submerged. Your water pump is important to protect and thanks to some innovative minds, it is now easier than ever.

Most automatic refill devices work by monitoring your fountains water level through the use of a float device. Once this device goes below a certain predetermined level, water will be applied to your fountain automatically until the desired water level has been reestablished. This is one of the best accessories you can get for your water fountain and it is another way to help protect your investment.

Monolith Outdoor Solar Fountain

Monolith Outdoor Solar Fountain

Go Wireless

Adding a wireless remote to your fountain can be one of the best ways to control your new water feature. Simply install the remote feature to your existing pump and you can gain wireless control over your favorite water feature. This is a great feature to add to your water fountain and your guest will be in amazement when your fountain instantly turns into life with just the press of a button.

Fountain Covers

A fountain cover is an essential piece of fountain maintenance during the winter months. Cast stone fountains can be heavy and therefore permanent in their location. During the winter months, there is fountain maintenance that must be done to prepare your water feature for the freezing weather ahead.  

A fountain cover can be the perfect way to keep unwanted moisture from making its way into your cast stone and causing cracks. If a small bit of water will expand when it freezes and this expansion is powerful enough to crack stone as well as tubing, pipes, and other fountain pieces.

Lighting Systems

The addition of a lighting system can be an excellent way to get nighttime enjoyment out of your new investment. Focus yard spotlights towards a large cast stone fountain to create the perfect nighttime ambiance. You may also choose to go a step further by adding a full LED lighting system to your fountain. These units can give you the ability to add color to your water fountain and some come with apps to give you the maximum programmability with your product.

Go Green

Going green is another exciting option to consider when purchasing your water fountain. A small solar panel is enough to run most water features and you will save on electricity costs big time over the life of your water fountain. Solar power can also give you more flexibility in where to place your new water fountain as you will no longer need access to an electrical outlet.

Matching Potters

You can bring your entire yard décor together nicely through the use of matching planters. This will give your yard space a seamless and well-connected appeal that may not be obvious at first but undoubtedly will be picked up by those with more attention to your subtle décor. These small details are what can help to separate your yard from the average suburbanite and by keeping your motif; you are creating a more desirable atmosphere for your guests.

Double Oblique With Ball Outdoor Water Fountain

Double Oblique With Ball Outdoor Water Fountain


Foggers are becoming more popular as the combination of a fogger with an LED lighting system can create a truly stunning yard space to be enjoyed by you and those you care about. Foggers work through the process of ultrasonic transduction.  

An ultrasonic transducer vibrates rapidly causing water molecules to break apart into vapor. This vapor then settles as a thick cool fog. The proper placement of a fogger can have a dramatic effect on your décor and due to their inexpensive nature; this is one fountain accessory that has seen considerable adoption over the last year.


A filtration system can be a great way to increase the life expectancy of your fountain. There are a variety of different types of water fountain filtration systems available to choose from. Bio balls are among the most popular as they use biomechanics to keep your water clean. You simply place the balls in the basin of your fountain and they will work to keep sludge and algae from forming and damaging your water pump.

Elevate Your Fountain Experience Today

To elevate your fountain experience, consider investing in these must-have accessories that can improve the ambiance, water quality, and maintenance of your fountain. Now that you know what fountain accessories are hot, you are ready to put together the relaxation zone of your dreams. The best part is you will have everything you need to keep your fountain running smooth and at top efficiency. Remember to stick to the tips in this guide and you are guaranteed to enjoy countless memories conversing with loved ones around your new water feature.


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