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Learning the best way to winterize your favorite garden décor can help to keep your yard looking great for years to come.  Winter is upon us and besides your pets, there are a few other items you should consider bringing in.  

Winterizing your outdoor décor is the best way to protect your investment and preparing your outdoor items for freezing temperatures is a part of being a responsible homeowner. Freezing temperatures can cause permanent damage to your garden décor and cast stone statues and fountains can be destroyed if not properly winterized for the season.

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How to Take Care of Your Lawn and Garden Decor During Winter?

Disassemble Small Items and Bring Them Inside

You should always consider bringing your yard décor in.  Smaller fiberglass fountains or outdoor bio-ethanol fireplaces should not be left unprotected and if possible you should disassemble the units and clean them prior to their winter storage.  

Bringing your outdoor décor inside for the winter is a great way to help get over the wintery inside blues.  Seeing your favorite outdoor lawn décor can do wonders for your mood and items such as a small waterfall can be easily introduced to transform your living space into a newly established relaxation zone.

Small Fountains

Disassembling your yard décor and cleaning each winter can be a great way to prolong your decors life.  This is most evident when dealing with small water fountains.  These units have less powerful pumps than their large cast stone counterparts and in most instances, they need a good cleaning every season.  Be sure to completely disassemble the pump and clean the filter as well.

M-Series Medallion Garden Water Fountain

M-Series Medallion Garden Water Fountain

If your fountain is permanently installed and therefore unable to be moved inside for the cold months, you will need to at least remove the pump and bring this inside.  It is very important that your fountain is drained as any water will cause cracking when it freezes and expands.


Most statues are ok to leave outside during the winter months but they can be damaged if left on the ground during freezing weather.  Your garden statues must be lifted from the ground and placed on a slightly raised item such as a board or wood shims.  This will help to reduce the moisture your statues are subjected to during the winter months.

If you can't bring your statues inside for the winter then try moving them to place where they are easily seen from indoors. You will get a little reminder of the summer months every time you catch a glimpse of your favorite gnome.

Cascadia Outdoor Fountain in Dimensions Pool

Cascadia Outdoor Fountain in Dimensions Pool

Large Cast Stone Fountains

Large cast stone fountains can turn any yard into the ultimate gathering.  These elegant centerpieces command the attention of your guest as well as the attention of your careful maintenance.  Unlike smaller fountains, a large cast stone fountain cannot bee moved so the winterization process is a bit more intense.

Start by draining all of the water from your fountain.  This is essential as any water in the lines will expand when it freezes causing lines to crack and leaks to form.  If your fountain is multi-tiered be sure to dry each area and place a towel in the tier basins to capture any additional moisture that may make its way inside of your fountain cover.

Next, remove the pump from your unit and all of the electrical components.  The pumps found in large cast stone fountains are powerful and expensive to replace.  The best way to avoid having to spend on a new pump is to clean it and bring it in every winter.  A well-maintained pump can last years.

Fountain Covers

Fountain covers are essential to any serious water feature owner.  Large cast stone fountains will require this item to be protected from the moisture and weather.  Most manufacturers offer a fountain cover as an add-on with your purchase and if this is an option, you should definitely take it.  

If you do not have a fountain cover, you can order one from any of your favorite online retailers.  People often think they can get away with just covering their fountain with a tarp. This actually does more damage than good as the tarp traps additional moisture and can result in premature cracking.

Preparing Your Beloved Lawn and Garden Décor for Winter

Now that you are fully informed on how to winterize your favorite garden décor you are all set to enjoy your décor for a lifetime.  Remember to follow the tips in this guide and you are guaranteed to have the lawn décor that will make the neighbors swoon. Enjoy the approaching winter months with confidence, knowing that your meticulously managed and maintained lawn and garden décor will continue to create a lasting impact. Let your outdoor area become a magical retreat that will have everyone around you swooning with awe.

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