MC3 Wall Outdoor Fountain - Corten Steel

If you're looking to enhance your garden's curb appeal and create a beautiful outdoor sanctuary, consider adding a fountain! Fountains are a timeless and elegant addition to any garden, and can provide a calming and relaxing atmosphere while also adding visual interest and charm. From classic tiered fountains to modern and sculptural designs, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to incorporating a fountain into your garden.

Your garden is a place of peace and tranquility, and it’s a place to witness nature in its purest form- growing under the sunshine. Many people have ponds or little human-made rivers in their garden, but it’s much easier and more cost-effective to install a fountain. The contrast between a lush garden and a striking modern water fountain is a match made in decor heaven. 

Top 5 Striking Modern Fountains for a Stylish Garden Makeover

Can you already feel the mist from a fountain from a breeze on a scorching hot summer day? If so, check out our top 5 modern water fountain picks for gardens below.

1. Sleek All Over Black

Black will always be modern and will never go out of style. In fact, more and more people are embracing their inner darkness and expressing themselves through all black modern decor both inside and outside of the home. A water fountain for your garden is no exception, and there are thousands of all black stone fountain designs to choose from. It adds balance to your garden, which is a lush and colorful area. A black fountain adds sharp contrast and inserts a modern and classy look to a zen garden area. It also adds a sense of wonder and mystery...what will you see by the ominous black fountain? It’ll draw people in and never will go out of style.

MC3 Wall Outdoor Fountain - Corten Steel


2. Twisted Copper Fountain

The striking copper standing tall and twisted into a spiral almost resembles an hourglass, but pouring water instead of sand. Something with this design is basically as modern as it gets, with water flowing from the top into a round or square basin filled with stones. This type of fountain is gorgeous, but make sure you spend a little bit extra money on high-quality copper, it will visually make much more of a difference. A twisted copper fountain looks great everywhere, not just the garden. If you get bored with the placement you can always find it a new home - it looks great even freestanding on its own with nothing else surrounding it.

3. Vortex Fountains

Vortex fountains are the future and they definitely are the face of modern. And what’s not to love about this interesting and unique design? Maybe you're wondering how to build a vortex fountain.

Vortex fountains, also known as ‘pet-tornadoes’ look exactly how they sound. They are a whirlpool designed water feature that ranges in size from small to large and are absolutely ideal for indoors, outdoors, and gardens. The water spirals in an encased see-through and topless basin and drips out from the top into another basin that can be designed however you want, most popularly made of stone. The vortex fountain is one of the most visually appealing fountain designs for your garden, a fountain in which the water does all the work.


Vortex Modern Fountain

4. Turquoise Moroccan Tile

In the past few years, the traditional colorful Moroccan design has completely taken over and it’s easy to know why - this style completely transforms a garden area. Though it is a traditional style, it is a very modern look for, well, people who don’t live in Morocco. It’s a look that’s completely original to the nation and has been a part of their fabulous decor for centuries. Fortunately, you can now bring the look into your own backyard and enjoy the stunning colors and bright pastels of Moroccan tile. Turquoise is probably the most popular look, but multi-colored mosaics are just as fascinating. These are a bit more on the expensive side ranging anywhere from $1500-$7000, but they are well worth it.

5. Crystal Ball Buddha Modern Fountain

Statues will always be a great look for water fountains. It's almost like they bring a feeling of the ancient world history to life, as if you were walking through a garden a thousand years ago. Most popularly you will see Greek Gods, fairies, and Buddha. A Buddha statue that pours water into a pond creates the ultimate zen space - a place for peace, tranquility, and meditation. With the loudness and disruption that the city brings, it’s clear as to why Buddha is making a continuous statement in gardens and ponds. If you don’t have the room for a large Buddha water feature you can easily get a miniature desk-sized one. As popular as they are, of course, they come in all shapes and sizes. However, this look works the absolute best in a tranquil garden.

Buddha Head Fountain - Small

Incorporating Modern Fountains into Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Modern fountains come in a variety of styles, from sleek and minimalist to bold and sculptural. This means you can choose a fountain that complements your existing outdoor decor or use it as a statement piece to create a focal point in your garden. Whichever style you decide on, rest assured that you have selected a timeless garden fountain that will continue to be popular for years to come.

The curb appeal modern fountains will add to your home is surprisingly very high, and you are creating a beautiful space to celebrate around with loved ones or by yourself. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, modern fountains can also provide a calming and relaxing atmosphere. The sound of running water can help drown out noise pollution and create a peaceful ambiance, making your outdoor space the perfect place to unwind and de-stress. Modern fountains are also more efficient in water usage because of the integration of advanced water recycling systems. 

Go ahead and add a touch of elegance and tranquility to your outdoor sanctuary with one of these modern fountains.


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