Kenzo Garden Fountain


If you want to add peace and tranquility to your exterior space, then the best way to do so is with the addition of a great outdoor fountain. They’re gorgeous, intriguing, and create a serene atmosphere wherever you place them. But a lot of outdoor fountains can be pricey. Not to worry. We’ve compiled the best outdoor water fountains for under $250!

1) Kenzo Garden Fountain


Kenzo Garden Fountain


A sleek and gorgeous garden feature, the Kenzo Garden Water Fountain by Campania International shows two shapely prisms, one of top of the other, that forms a stunning tiered design. Hidden by the plate that holds up the smaller trapezoid tier is the small but powerful pump that moves and recirculates the water. Place this one-of-a-kind water feature on any table, shelf or flat surface to infuse your yard, deck or patio with the soft, relaxing sounds of flowing water. This is a great way to attract birds to your yard.


2) The Cypress Log

The Cypress Log Outdoor Water Feature


A stunning and realistic water feature, the 22” Cypress Log Outdoor Water Fountain with LED Lights is perfect for sprucing up your garden or your outdoor living space. The fountain features a look that looks surprisingly like real wood that’ll fit in anywhere it is placed. With 4 levels of cascading water, the fountain creates a dynamic display of the sight and sound of gently flowing water.


3) Morris Lion Head


Morris Lion Head Fountain


Pack a big style punch with this guy! A piece that is both modern and classic, simple yet grandiose at the same time, the Morris Small Lion Wall Plaque Water Feature is a sight to behold with the gently flowing water that comes out from the King of the Jungle's mouth. Made with fiber reinforced cast stone concrete, this outdoor wall fountain is set to stand the test of time ensuring that you will enjoy its soothing and uplifting benefits for years to come.


4) Pebble Garden Pot


Pebble Garden Pot Fountain


Appearing so simple and elegant, this cute and compact water feature looks so perfectly at home in a variety of outdoor settings. It combines the beauty of weathered stone and natural river rocks or you can use your own creation with sea shells, combine it with the soothing sounds of trickling water and it would feel like bringing the beach to your home.


5) Ridge Garden


Ridge Garden Water Feature


The Ridge Garden Terrace Fountain features textured and recessed sides, giving off a structural look that is really appealing to any eye. Shown in Alpine Stone, this garden fountain is available in 12 finishes and ages gracefully as time passes. It’s more of a modern look, but can easily fit into just about any style or setting.


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