outdoor water fountain with pond

Have you bought a property situated near the roadside? While it's nice to have your home easily accessible, you might suffer from the many noises from the freeway. Cars honking, trucks whirring, motorcycles racing, and perhaps even neighbors adding to the muddle. It is always one's dream to come home to a place where there's calm and quiet, especially after a stressful day at work. But what if your home doesn't give you just that?

We'll give you one solution. Drown out the sounds? No problem! Just install a beautiful outdoor fountain in your garden or patio. Other than it being a sculptural spectacle in the middle of your empty space, you can also use this to mask the unwanted noise your community brings. The beautiful dripping of the water, the magnificent sprays of liquid, all these are more than just pleasant things in the eye, but in the ears as well. How do you like to rest outdoors, sit in your terrace, read a newspaper and sip on a cup of coffee without being bothered by the disruptive sounds outside your fence? It is replaced by the calming, relaxing trickles of the fountain, which is good for your health.


outdoor water feature with pond

Outdoor water fountains for noise reduction

Covering up noise with an outdoor fountain is no secret. In fact, many have practically used this method and have enjoyed the freedom from audio chaos with the sound of water. This is perfect for those living in urban areas, where spaces near busy roads, airports and even train tracks could be a hindrance to a quiet day. It is also a great addition to commercial establishments, who require a great decorative aesthetic to make their offices stand out, and still keep their place serene and tranquil as possible.

An outdoor fountain is a good choice to mask unwelcome sounds when they come invading your property. Traffic outside your home? Whirring, buzzing AC systems? Loud conversations over the next door? Completely drown them away with smart and decorative units that serve many purposes other than its looks. Of course, when using this strategy, you need to remember a few things.

  • Know your fountain. Different fountain types produce different trickles. You can base this largely on the type of pump you will use. The larger the pump, the louder the splashes produced. You also need to consider the height of your fountain, and if the water falls into layers of basins, or just jet into one base.
  • The location is key. Maybe you have decided to place your outdoor fountain in the corner of the wall where it will look wonderfully set with the stones and ferns in your garden. Or perhaps you have chosen to install it in the middle of your oriental garden where you can relax and be at peace during lounge days. The masking effect of the fountain sounds depend on how close you are to it.

With these points considered, you can shop for the right kind of outdoor fountain that will help you ease out from the unwanted sounds produced by many external factors. You can get your much-needed R&R by relaxing near your fountain, admiring its view while the noise drowns out around you.

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