Attracting Birds to Your Backyard


When our feathered friends stop to visit, they bring so much to our lives. Simply watching and listening to birds can be uplifting and lead to reduced stress levels. To help you repay the favor and encourage them to stop by more often, here are some tips for attracting birds to your garden by creating a welcoming oasis that suits their needs. You can get fountains with cast stone bird statues or any animal outdoor fountain to fully bring nature to your backyard. 

Passaros Birds Water Fountain

Passaros Birds Water Fountain


The second essential of life; water. If you had traveled for days on end, as birds often do, wouldn't you stop to chat when a stranger offered you a glass of water? Birds enjoy a good spa treatment as well, as stopping to bathe in a birdbath keeps their feathers in good health so they can do more traveling. When you provide access to fresh water, birds will naturally want to stop in for an extended visit.

Birds are attracted to water in motion, so installing and maintaining a flowing water feature is a great idea. If you live in a cold climate, check that the fountain’s basin is free of ice and flowing properly. Place a few rocks in the basin to provide easy access to the fountain’s enjoyment for birds of all species and sizes.

Try this bird-themed fountain which also serves as a welcoming birdbath:


Aya Bird Water Fountain

Aya Bird Water Fountain


The first basic necessity for all living things; food! Of course, every bird is different, but for most species some basic combination of seeds, nuts, and natural fats will make a delicious main course. Providing nutritious food for birds will give them the energy to raise their offspring in the spring and to make it through the difficult winter months. If you are just starting to open up your backyard to more birds, it may take them some time to consider your yard a safe and trusted food source, so make sure to keep your feeders full and well maintained.

The position of your feeder is the most important consideration, because the safety and comfort of the birds depends on it. Try to find the location in your yard that provides the most access and the most protection from their natural predators at the same time. Remember to clean your feeder regularly to avoid serving birds dangerous bacteria. By the same token, try to avoid the use of toxic pesticides in your garden.

Cauldron Outdoor Birdbath Fountain

Cauldron Outdoor Birdbath Fountain


Birds need homes too! If you would like to invite more avian residents to stay in your garden, simply buy or make a birdhouse or “nesting box”. Providing just the right home for birds can encourage them to stay long enough to mate and raise offspring there; in some cases, staying for generations.

Place your birdhouses in locations which provide protection from the rain and sun as well as natural predators, including other bird species which may be territorial. As any birdwatcher will be well aware of, their top predators to watch out for are squirrels and birds.

Check your boxes in the fall or spring and disinfect the abandoned boxes with boiling water to prevent the growth of bacteria or pests. Keep your birdhouse clean and dry by providing good ventilation holes. Consider leaving out some scraps of nest-padding materials for birds to use like feathers and fabric scraps close to the birdhouse to make it extra cozy and inviting.

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