How to Create Your Own Backyard Oasis



We all need that one place we can run away to. The one relaxing spot that’s close by, that you don’t have to hop on a place to get to. Just a taste of serenity each day can vastly improve your quality of life. And one of the best ways to achieve this is by having your own oasis. The easiest way to create such a place is right in your own backyard. Design a space that’s relaxing, fresh, quiet, and all yours.

1) Plants

Number one on a list such as this should definitely be plants. Creating an outdoor oasis heavily depends on the environment and you can achieve this with lots and lots of plants. Trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, etc. Head to your local nursery and stock up on some great greens to fill your space.

2) A Fountain

Peace, tranquility, and serenity are three terms always associated with a nice outdoor water fountain so why not add one to your backyard haven? They’re gorgeous, easy to install, and can be enjoyed for years to come.

3) Music

One way to create a relaxing atmosphere while also incorporating your personal tastes is with music. Set the tone and enjoy your oasis with sweet melodies. You could go all out and install an outdoor sound system, or you could keep it simple and get yourself a portable wireless speaker.

4) Seating

Seating is key. You can’t stand around and relax, you must sit. But sitting in style is where it’s at. Invest in some plush outdoor patio furniture or comfy bean bag chairs to enjoy those warm days and cool evenings.

5) A Pond

This one can be a project on its own. But having a small pond in your backyard oasis will attract birds and other cool animals. Just imagine sitting around after a long day at work, lounging back in your chair with your favorite band playing in the background, and watching the birds have a bath.

6) Drinks

Especially during the warmer months, drinks are a must have when enjoying a backyard haven such as this. To make it easier, you could even invest in a small patio sized bar unit complete with a cooler for ice and storing your beverages.

7) Shade

Don’t forget to have some sort of protection from the sun. We’d all love to sit out and bake in the rays, but it’s nice to have a break. If you don’t want to leave your oasis to do that, then consider getting a large patio umbrella.

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  • Candace Osmond