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Are you considering a new waterfall fountain? Many people have gardens and outdoor settings that promote well-being. The sound of water induces contemplation and is terrific for anxiety. Additionally, fountains and waterfalls are therapeutic for those experiencing loss or depression and act as a break from the constant rush of everyday life. 

Waterfall fountains also provide a much-needed respite for birds and small animals needing a quick drink of water or a splash to cool off. 

Placement of a Waterfall Fountain

Many homes have an outdoor living area that is the center of renovation projects. A paver patio area that needs extra flare or a flower garden with no focal point is the perfect place to install an outdoor waterfall fountain. Consider a waterfall fountain with a bench for those shaded areas to promote a private relaxation oasis. 

garden waterfall

An outdoor fountain can be the centerpiece for collections if you cultivate plants such as orchids or lilies. A beautiful compliment to the gardens, a waterfall fountain can also serve as a way to supply water to nourish flora and fauna. 

A waterfall fountain adds beauty and value to landscaped settings. Installation is relatively easy. 

Can you imagine anything more serene than watching beautiful birds sipping from a fountain pool as you enjoy your morning coffee? Closing your eyes after a stressful day and sitting and listening to the gentle sound of cascading water emanating from the fountain is an experience like no other. 

Winterizing and Maintenance 

Depending on the climate where you live, outdoor waterfall fountains can be left outside all year round with proper care and maintenance. From rock waterfall fountains to feng shui waterfalls fountains, there are many options to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space while promoting relaxation. 

Depending on regional climate, the water supply to the fountain can be hidden via buried lines or by placing the fountain near a spigot. If the fountain is installed in a region with a frost line, permanently installing pipes at a depth of three feet under the ground surface prevents damage. 

The use of Fountec fountain cleaner maintains crystal clear water and for mineral deposits and stains, Protec fountain cleaner. Both, when used according to directions, are safe for pets, animals, and plants, and for use around children. 

Rock Formation Fountains

Escape to serenity and peace like no other! Rock formation fountains are a captivating way to transform your backyard or garden. These beautiful cascades of rock, water, and foliage give any space an instant look of elegance and luxury. The sound of trickling water is the perfect accompaniment to relaxation. From stunning multi-tiered designs to simple single-drop styles, rock formation fountains are sure to add an eye-catching visual element youll love for years to come. 

rock waterfall fountain


This gorgeous natural rock formation outdoor fountain stands 38 inches high and is 83 inches wide, weighing 2,205 pounds before filling with water. Constructed to resemble natural rocks, water cascades over the structure on three sides, with areas reserved for plants to enhance the beauty. 

Made to order in the USA, this glorious fountain is available in 39 shades. Not sure what will match your decor? Color samples can be requested to ensure your fountain will blend with current or planned themes. 

Inuksuk Guide Fountain

Available in 24 different finishes, this fountain design is inspired by Inuit structures, created with rock pilings and a canal for the soothing sound of cascading water. This fountain is perfect for nestling in a flower bed or outdoor reading cove.

With a smaller footprint, this fountain is 27H x 33W, weighing only 314 pounds. Made to order in the USA from cast stone, the fountain will arrive at your doorstep within three to four weeks and comes with a one-year warranty. 

Large Rockfall Fountain

A large upright fountain, the Large Rockfall Fountain stands 58”H x 46” W and makes an exceptional focal piece by providing ambiance and sound. Do you have a rock garden? This fountain would be a beautiful centerpiece surrounded by flowers or desert succulents. 

oasis waterfall fountain

The fountain operates with a recirculating electric pump in 24 finishes to match any decor. Installation is uncomplicated, and the manufacturer offers a complete one-year warranty. 

Corner Rock Tiered Fountain

This statue is worth more than a precursory glance if you are looking for an impressive waterfall fountain. Standing five feet tall, the full measurements are 62” H x 58” W x 51” D, and weighs 1,394 pounds. 

Imagine this gorgeous piece in your outdoor living area surrounded by flowers and even a hammock for you to relax as the sound of falling water soothes you. With free shipping, the fountain arrives in two to three weeks. 

Rainbow Falls Outdoor Fountain with Bench

A slightly more expansive version of the Rainbow Falls Outdoor Fountain, this lovely work includes a seating area to relax with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening to unwind from the day. Shade trees provide an excellent setting for this waterfall fountain. 

With 37” H x 107” W x 37” D measurements, this gorgeous fountain is made to order with cast stone in 39 finishes. Weighing 1,592 pounds, the fountain ships at no additional cost, and the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty. 

waterfall with bench

Final Thoughts

Waterfall fountains bring the beauty of nature right to your outdoor space! With cascading streams of water and lush greenery, these breathtaking features take tranquility and relaxation to the next level. Whether placed in a garden, near a patio or even indoors, waterfall fountains invigorate and enliven any area with their mesmerizing sights and sounds. Want to create an instant peaceful escape? Add a waterfall fountain today!

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