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Spring is just around the corner! With temperatures rising, now is a great time to spruce up your fountains and ensure they are in great working condition. So, grab those buckets and brushes and get started! Here are some tips on how to effectively spring-clean your outdoor fountain:

Step 1: Empty & Disassemble

Remove the fountain cover, dust it off, and fold it neatly for next winter. Be sure to empty the Outdoor Water Fountain before beginning any cleaning process, first empty out all the water from the fountain if this isn't already done, then take off all parts (including pumps and filters) before moving on to actual cleaning. This will help ensure that no debris or grime will end up getting stuck between intricate pieces.

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Step 2: Rinse Well with Soapy Water

Next, use a mild soap solution (such as dish soap) mixed with warm water to give everything a thorough rinse-down. Never use bleach or abrasive chemicals as this can damage the fountain. Make sure you get into every nook and cranny, so nothing is left untouched during this process! If there are particularly dirty spots, then let them soak for a few minutes before rinsing them off.

Step 3: Scrub Every Surface

Now it's time to put some elbow grease into it - use an old toothbrush or another soft bristled brush for hard-to-reach places like drains or focused areas of stubborn grime buildup. Be diligent in scrubbing all parts of your fountain thoroughly until they're free from dirt and other debris. Then start rinsing one more time with plain water! This should remove any excess soap residue as well as any missed bits of gunk. Once finished, take a look at every piece one last time just in case anything has been overlooked - better safe than sorry!

Step 4: Prime Your Pump

Before turning on your pump, fill its basin with fresh water so that no air is trapped; this helps prevent overheating of motor parts which can lead to premature failure. Once primed, turn on the pump and ensure it’s working properly before continuing with setup procedures.

Step 5: Reinstall & Refill

Reinstall all components back onto the fountain while making sure they fit snugly together without leaving any gaps or openings where dirt could enter again down the road - using Loctite may be necessary depending on what type of parts you have. When everything looks good go ahead and refill the basin with fresh water before turning everything back on again – voilà!

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Don’t Forget!

Using concentrated outdoor fountain cleaner is an easy and efficient way to keep your outdoor fountains clean. It can quickly dissolve scale, rust, dirt, and other mineral buildups that are commonly found in outdoor fountains. With some basic instructions, a few simple tools, and the concentrated cleaner product you can have your fountain looking as good as new in no time. The powerful properties of the concentrated cleaner will make short work of any stubborn buildup while being safe on fountain pumps or filters. Regular use of the product can help you maintain your fountain’s appearance throughout the seasons by preventing buildup or discoloration from developing.

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 After following these five steps you should now have an impressively sparkling outdoor fountain that's battle ready for whatever summer throws its way!




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