buddha head water fountain

Buddha fountains are simply water fountains with Buddha’s head or body in the design. The head and body are typically the main design element and take up most of the fountain, with water flowing beneath it or around it.

They can be small or massive and are a brilliant fountain for any homeowner who wants a sense of Zen. Keep reading to learn about Buddha fountain styles, uses, benefits, and more!


Types and Styles of Buddha Fountains

Buddha fountains come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Below are a few of the best types of Buddha fountains to incorporate into your home, whether indoors or outdoors.

How to Utilize Buddha Fountains

If you love the idea of a Buddha fountain but aren’t sure how you would incorporate it on your property, there are some ideas below to inspire you!

Garden Serenity

If you have a beautiful garden you want to elevate, a Buddha statue can be a cheerful and calming companion for your beloved plants. A Buddha water fountain will look natural and lovely nestled between your thriving plants or surrounded by blossoming flowers. It can beautifully blend into your landscape and plants without looking out of place or awkward.

buddha fountain

A Welcoming Lawn

While some people may put pineapple in front of their houses to invite guests in, a Buddha fountain is another way to make your front lawn welcoming and attractive. Buddhas have a friendly and kind aura, immediately making visitors feel at home and happy. It’s also a great way to add curb appeal and make your home stand out in your neighborhood.

Backyard Meditation

For people who use their backyard to center themselves and meditate, an outdoor Buddha fountain is idyllic. You can position yourself beside, in front of, or just near the Buddha water fountain to remind yourself to be patient with your mind and go at your own pace. Meditating takes practice, and a stunning Buddha fountain can be your new meditation motivation!

buddha head fountain

Zen Centerpiece

If you need a focal point in your garden, greenhouse, patio, or lawn, a massive Buddha head fountain is the perfect centerpiece. A centerpiece like this makes it easy to design the rest of the space, using the Buddha fountain as your muse for the project.

These fountains are grand enough to be the center of any space, but still a peaceful and elegant addition. It’s the perfect option for someone who wants to avoid common fountain designs with angels and babies.

buddha head garden fountain

Benefits of a Buddha Fountain

Buddha fountains have several benefits that you may not think of. Below are a few ways a quality Buddha fountain can enhance your home’s appearance and energy.

  • Calming Aura: Even just looking at a Buddha fountain early in the morning or the middle of a bad day can help you center yourself and find some peace, even if momentarily.
  • Artistic Appearance: A Buddha head fountain or full-body statue adds a gorgeous aspect to your property. Quality Buddha fountains are detailed and elegant with a poetic aura, making your outdoor property more exquisite and stylish.
  • Worldly Element: A Buddha water fountain can enhance your home’s worldliness, tying in cultural elements to your home decor and landscaping to curate a more inclusive and diverse space.
  • Soothing Water: The trickling and flowing sound of water can calm your senses and help move stagnant chi to open your mind and help you relax and embrace positivity.
  • Zen Design: When you add a Buddha head fountain to your property, it automatically curates a Zen design that is peaceful and pleasant. With a Buddha fountain it’s easy to create a calming zen vibe in your home.

Why You Should Get a Buddha Fountain

An outdoor Buddha fountain is more than just a stunning, artistic addition to your property. Buddha fountains and statues can bring good luck, peace, prosperity, and health to your home and anyone who visits.

They have a calming and blissful aura, making you feel safe and joyful every time you look at them. The peacefulness of the closed eyes, the gently folded legs, the relaxed arms, everything about a Buddha fountain or statue is restful and untroubled.

You should add a Buddha fountain to your property to bring a harmonious feeling to the space and foster a welcoming energy. The silent presence of a Buddha fountain can elevate your home to make it more artistic and relaxing.

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