Rubix Garden Modern Water Fountain

Sometimes it is the simple curves or the symmetry of objects that brings out the balance of an outdoor space. And often, as it has been said a thousand times over, modern pieces can artfully bring together natural elements of a garden or outdoor patio, and outdoor furniture.  The serenity of the outside is perfectly matched by clear cut lines, spheres, and sensuous curves symbolizing beauty of calmness we inherently recognize as a stillness we need against the busy, hurried life we often lead. Adding a contemporary outdoor water fountain is more than just aesthetics.

Most Stunning Modern Fountains

Elevate your outdoor space with artful designs and soothing ambiance. Embrace the allure of modern outdoor fountains and transform your surroundings into a serene oasis.

1Vortex With Ball Outdoor Water Fountain

Vortex With Ball Outdoor Water Fountain
Indulge in the serene beauty of the Vortex With Ball Garden Water Fountain and transform your outdoor space into a personal sanctuary. This captivating 65" tall fountain features a mesmerizing design, where a flawless sphere gracefully rests upon a twirling pedestal, while water gracefully cascades through intricate grooves and caverns. 


2. Deco Wall Fountain

Deco Wall Fountain
Enhance any outdoor environment with the versatile Deco Wall Fountain. With its sleek rectangular frame and captivating curved design at the center, this fountain offers a visually delightful experience. Its presence creates a serene and soothing ambiance, instantly transforming ordinary walls into stunning focal points within a garden space. 


3. Rubix Garden Water Fountain

Rubix Garden Water Fountain

Combining intriguing texture with the soothing sounds of water in motion the Rubix Garden Water Fountain is a striking addition to your garden.  The 48” sphere rests in the center of a wide, shallow bowl as water dances over the textured sides. The result is an enchanting, inviting atmosphere that will have you lingering around the garden every chance you get.


4. Santa Barbara Urn Garden Fountain

Santa Barbara Urn Garden Fountain

Elevate the allure of your garden with the Santa Barbara Urn Garden Fountain, a remarkable pondless water feature. With water gracefully bubbling out of the urn's top and cascading over its edges, it creates a mesmerizing sight and brings the soothing sounds of a babbling brook to your outdoor living space. 


5. Alaster With Ball Garden Water Fountain


Alaster With Ball Garden Water Fountain

This Alaster With Ball Garden Water Fountain is a true testament to durability, crafted from glass fiber-reinforced concrete to withstand the test of time. With a range of color options to choose from, this fountain becomes a captivating focal point that adds both beauty and tranquility to any outdoor space. 


6. Genesis II Garden Water Fountain

Genesis II Garden Water Fountain

With a contemporary and distinctive flair, the Genesis II Garden Water Fountain showcases water gracefully flowing from its angled top bowl into the rectangular basin beneath. Its exceptional design cleverly blends angles and ovals, mirroring the organic shapes found in nature. This captivating arrangement creates a dynamic display of cascading water that effortlessly captures everyone's gaze, making it the focal point of any setting.


7. I Garden Water Fountain

I Garden Water Fountain

Both a work of art and a sense-pleasing fountain, the I Garden Water Fountain features a beautiful curved pillar set in a square basin. Definitely eye-catching, it spans at 84” tall and 43” wide and will make a strong statement in any outdoor space.


8. Small Oblique With Ball Garden Water Fountain

Small Oblique With Ball Garden Water Fountain

Standing over three feet tall, the  Small Oblique With Ball Garden Water Fountain, an exquisite art piece that really stands out and draws the eye.  This modern outdoor fountain creates a stunning visual display as water sparkles and shimmers in the sunlight while the flowing water sounds it creates  are so relaxing you'll want to sit nearby for hours on end.


9. Vortex Outdoor Water Fountain

Vortex Outdoor Water Fountain

The Vortex Outdoor Water Fountain boasts a prominent pedestal centerpiece adorned with captivating twisting ridges that enchantingly guide the water's dance before it elegantly spills over into the deep square basin below. This fountain that stands 50" exudes an air of grandeur and stateliness, ensuring that it catches the attention of your guests, who won't be able to resist stealing a few second glances at its mesmerizing display. 


10. Del Rey Cast Stone Fountain

Del Rey Cast Stone Fountain
The Del Rey Cast Stone Fountain is a splendid addition that brings the captivating sight and sound of moving water to your outdoor area. With its wide and low tiers, adorned with four elegant copper spillers, this fountain creates a visually and audibly soothing experience. The gentle cascade of water over the tiers offers a tranquil ambiance that is truly enchanting, infusing any space with unparalleled beauty.

Embracing Minimalism in Modern Outdoor Fountains

Modern water fountains exude timeless elegance and tranquility. The clean lines and simple forms complement any landscape, providing a harmonious blend of nature and artistry. Their understated beauty effortlessly captures attention, drawing focus to the interplay of water and space. As we revel in the calming effect of minimalistic fountains, we also appreciate their easy maintenance and environmental efficiency. By incorporating these mesmerizing fountains into our outdoor spaces, we elevate the ambiance and create a serene sanctuary, inviting moments of reflection and rejuvenation amidst the chaos of modern life.
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