outdoor splash fountain
outdoor splash fountain


If, like many parents, you look forward to and dread the long summer holidays in equal measure, you’re probably looking for some new ideas to fill the days.

Having your children at home for six weeks gives you some much needed family time and the chance to enjoy your little ones.

But school holidays can also be a very expensive time. With trips to the zoo, theme parks and indoor play centers easily running into hundreds of pounds for a family of four you can end up spending thousands just over one summer.

If you’ve got more than one child, you can also struggle to find new days out. And trying to avoid hearing “Mom, I’m bored!” every five minutes can be a frustrating reminder that you need to think of some new experiences.

But one brilliant way to keep the kids entertained is to take them to an outdoor splash fountain. There are hundreds of these free attractions dotted all over the place and are certain to keep your youngsters happy.

The walk-through fountains work by squirting jets of water into the air from outlets embedded under a pavement or square. The added excitement for children is many of the fountains work to a sequence – turning the water off and on again – so little ones can try to run through the jets without getting wet!

Some of the jets spurt up to 11 feet in the air which is an amazing sight for children. And the unpredictable nature of the jets, bubbling slowly one minute and gushing the next, is sure to keep your little ones enthralled. Some of the splash play areas have as many as 1,000 water spouts covering a huge area.

Just put your youngsters in some swimming clothes, or an old set of clothes you don’t mind getting wet, and let them run and play in the fountain’s to their hearts content. And after it all you can just dry them off with a towel and dress them in a spare set of dry clothes.

Not only will the fountains give you a few hours of free entertainment, but the cold water will help you cool off on a hot summer’s day. You could go to a park or play a ball game for a little while then head to the fountain to cool down.

The fountains are usually near a town center or main shopping area so there will be a nearby place to stop for dinner or even an ice cream.

And the fun doesn’t stop at night time either. Most of the splash fountains are lit up with color changing LED lights which run to a set pattern. These computer controlled displays create an amazing spectacle.

There’s no need to worry about harmful bugs in the water either. These fountains are specifically designed to be played with and have filtered, chlorinated water – just like at a public swimming pool.

So next time you’re stuck for ideas or your budget is getting tight, pack some spare clothes and cool off at a fountain! And if you want to enjoy the luxury of a water feature from the comfort of your backyard, then check out these awesome outdoor fountains.

Elevate Your Summer Experience with an Outdoor Splash Fountain

As the summer sun beckons, why settle for ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary? Introducing an outdoor splash fountain to your leisure space or visiting one can transform your summer days into a symphony of joy and refreshment. By embracing the playful dance of water, the laughter it elicits, and the cooling respite it offers, you're inviting a unique and dynamic element that adds an enchanting twist to your outdoor escapades. So, this summer, dive into the world of outdoor splash fountains and create unforgettable memories that glisten with laughter and sparkle with the sheer delight of something refreshingly different.

Outdoor splash fountains