Dubai Fountain

Perhaps one of Dubai's best sights is its very own fountain--draped around the 24 acres of the man-made Burj Lake is the Dubai Fountain. It is notable, not only for its superbly developed surroundings, but also for producing water jets that reach as high as 140 meters. The stunning length of reach can be comparable to a 45-storey building; that's an amazing feat that can only be achieved by working with the best fountain makers in the world. It's not surprising to know that this same fountain was created by the California-based company WET; they are the same geniuses behind the well-known Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Dubai Fountain


Many has alluded to the Dubai Fountain as the largest choreographed water feature in the world. It expands 275 meters long and is composed of five main circles of different sizes, and two main central arcs. Inside the dazzling water movement are over 6,000 super lights made by WET—a series of sparklers crafted from the most advanced form of incandescent lights specifically made for fountains. Beneath the glittering illuminations are 25 color projectors that portrays a wide rainbow of colors and more than a thousand abstract displays. The lights, along with the spectrum from the projectors, can be viewed from a 20-mile distance, letting you enjoy the bright glow of water jets from afar. In fact, the motion from Dubai Fountain is visible from space. At night, it becomes the brightest area in The Middle East. But more than its impressive displays, it also plays along a beautiful symphony of music, dancing along a lineup of well-known music. The repertoire includes songs from Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, Edith Piaf, Lou Reed and Michael Jackson. The wide range of tracks allows this sight to be enjoyed by anyone of any age, of any musical taste.

More than 22,000 gallons of water are sprayed into the air at random moments, orchestrated to match the beats of the song played along it. The precision of the movement was among its best aspects, thanks to the many high-pressure water jets, water robots and shooters, which forms an interesting liquid waltz. Noises from the shooters explode as the water is ejected into the air. Extreme movements were used the least, for it takes a lot of pressure and energy in order to shoot water and create higher columns.

Neighboring structures benefit from the visible dancing of the water, especially during on occasional performances. The lineup includes "Sama Dubai", often the first of its daily shows, which is a tribute to Dubai's king, Sheikh Mohammed. Songs from other tongues are also features, such as Andy Lau's "Shanghai Grand", the Turkish "Elif" and "Let it Go", from the popular Disney movie, Frozen.

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