outdoor garden water fountain
outdoor garden water fountain


Through this blog, we have mentioned ways of cleaning your outdoor fountain. One of the most intimidating parts of owning an outdoor water feature is cleaning it; in fact, many homeowners shy away from enjoying a water fountain just because they suppose cleaning it would be hassle. Upkeep with regards to fountains, however, is something which can be done easily, as long as you do it properly in regular intervals. It doesn't cost much of your time and effort too; cleaning out your basin and pump is a good start. You don't have to purchase cleaners when looking for a homemade alternative; enjoy detergents which can be easily found in your pantry.

Some residues and buildups can be easily washed away through scrubbing, soaping and rinsing, but there are others which needs further attention. When the debris has decidedly attached itself on the surface, you will need a different solution other than your regular soap and scrubs to peel it off away. That's when proper pressure washing is beneficial.

Pressure washing, usually done in bigger spaces like decks and patios, may just be a perfect solution to large outdoor water fountains with a covered with surface gunk. Just be careful; you won't require a large pressure washer as you don't want to break the surface of your fountain. What you need is a smaller nozzle with a fan tip to help you strip those unwanted mold, mildew and hard water buildups on the fountain. Surface pressure jets are easily available in the market, and can be used to forcefully peel dirt and gunk away from other areas of your home.

A smaller fan tip keeps the water pressure on a concentrated spot, giving you power over the smaller details of the surface. This is helpful. Alternatively, you can also find other types of nozzles which can help you into clearing away those blemishes. Make sure that the water pressure is balanced; strong enough to lift the unsightly debris from the surface.

However, you do not need to use pressure washing on your entire fountain. Before you get to the lowdown, make sure you remove the pump and other parts. Clean these items separately from the surface. What you can do is to give these parts a good dip inside a bucket of warm water. Cleanse them with soap and rinse to dry.

When the basin surface is thoroughly clear from any spots, you can give it a light scrub or quickly refill it with water. Keep the fountain full: you would know this by ensuring that the pump is fully covered. If your water feature is situated in an area where there are algae and mold deposits, you can add a solution to the water to keep these elements from growing. That way, you can maintain the cleanness of the water and prevent unwanted blemishes from floating over the surface.

Using these tips and tricks, you can prolong the life of your fountain. Who benefits? You and your family. Enjoy the serene feeling while listening to the trickling sound of the water. Other than that, your home looks more inviting than ever, thanks to a beautiful outdoor fountain that highlights your garden.
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