commercial outdoor area with fountains


outdoor water fountain in a commercial space


As you open doors for your new business, you want your commercial space to be as inviting to your potential customers and investors. You've got it all planned out; a tastefully decorated office in a busy, flourishing hub. Here, you can proudly invite your clients, have them take a seat at one of those comfortable couches, and entertain them as you talk about your goals. But even if you have designer interiors, nothing welcomes them better than an impressive outdoors. In fact, it's important that you pay attention to this part of your building, because it's the first part your customers see.

How can you beautify your outdoor space? Take a look at some of our suggestions:

Get your garden landscaped.

If you have a wide, empty space outdoors, you might want to consider landscaping. Show of your commitment to the environment by creating a posh imagery of healthy trees, flowering plants, and potted shrubs. Arrange it uniformly for a structured look, or break off from the symmetry with a modern twist. Imagine this: perfectly manicured plants against a gorgeous backdrop of flowers—what could be more impressive? A well maintained landscaped garden helps create a good impression for you and your company. Now, we’re off to a good start!

Install an outdoor fountain.

If your space isn’t wide enough to showcase a landscape, how about adding a water feature? Many industrial and commercial buildings make use of this installation to beautify their empty corners. Place your outdoor fountain in the foyer, the reception, the lawn or the passageway. Modern outdoor fountains add a contemporary twist that will suit urban buildings. Waterfall fountains with light illuminations amuse your guests with a cascade of liquid glow.  A fountain will not only be pleasant to look at but will help with masking unwanted noises.

Adorn it with a sculpture.

Want to leave a mark with your commercial spot? Make it more memorable by adding an interesting sculpture within the exterior. Invite an artist to take part in constructing a noteworthy installation outside your office. It could be a modern twist to a nostalgic theme. It could be a human sculpture, personifying your business goals. Or it could be a contemporary gem, assembled in practical and intelligent materials, that will create a buzz for your company.

Brand it.

Make a banner and place it outside for all to see. Have your business name carved out in large blocks for people to take photos with. Construct a vibrant corner filled with information about your vision and mission. Or create a giant logo that will easily let people know about your company. Make it big, and make it creative. This way, you can leave a big impression on every passerby.

Get your business noticed by choosing the right décor for your exterior. These four are among the many options you have in order to increase exposure and to gain clients. Instead of just focusing on your office’s interiors, give time and detail to your outdoor part of your building. You’ll never know who might pass by and give you a chance at the investment of your life.


Elevate Your Space with Stunning Outdoor Decor

Embracing the potential of commercial outdoor areas can transform your business into a captivating destination for customers and clients. By incorporating creative and thoughtful decor, you create an inviting ambiance that leaves a lasting impression. From stylish furniture and vibrant planters to engaging signage and lighting, every element plays a vital role in enhancing the overall experience. Remember to align the outdoor decor with your brand identity and maintain it regularly to ensure its allure endures. With these valuable insights and design ideas, you are now equipped to elevate your commercial outdoor spaces, captivating visitors and cultivating a thriving business environment.


Ways to decorate commercial outdoor areas