The Grand Fountain of Nations at Disney’s Epcot

Everyone who has grown up watching Disney films can understand the thrill of stepping into a Disney World Resort. Nothing beats the excitement of seeing your well-loved, fairytale characters coming to life, all blushing and glowing in their gowns, all draped in their best costumes, all smiling and waving into the crowd. More than that, there's also the opportunity to see lifelike monuments and architectures, all drizzled with the same Disney magic, rising above the manicured gardens like the ones you see from the books. There are castles and pirate boats and train stations and futuristic rockets, all of which are a step away from each other. And the best part? You get to experience them all, right in one place, where everything feels whimsical and happy.

But more than the scenery is the fact that Disney brings together people of all ages and culture. It is a place dedicated to humans and their achievement in science as well as in society. And with this inspiration, the company built the EPCOT, a theme park found inside the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.


The Grand Fountain of Nations at Disney’s Epcot


Spanning about 300 acres, the EPCOT is the second of the four theme parks nestled inside Disney World and is often pointed as a World Fair, permanently installed inside a colorful district. Two prominent sections make up the park. One is the Future World, and the second, the World Showcase.

The name EPCOT is actually an acronym for one of Disney's dreams, the "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow". Here, the company envisions that technologies will emerge into a city of tomorrow, where everyone—people of every nation, will gather together and live as one. The original vision here was to invite thousands of residents as a trial demography for city planning. However, that vision did not come to pass.

In order not to put Walt Disney's vision to waste, the company's production pushed through a radical vision of urbanism where it will always tie up and unify nations and innovations in one place. On 1982, the EPCOT was opened, following with the dedication of the Fountain of Nations in the International Ceremony of the Waters. Here, cultural representatives, handpicked by their own countries, gather in the place, carrying a container of water from their own nation and poured it into the fountain at the time of opening. About 25 bodies of water which represents 29 nations flowed inside the fountain, including the liquid from the Senegambia River and the Mississippi River.

To date, the Fountain of Nations hold about 149,000 gallons of water. It comes with 200 pneumatic shooters that create dancing forms that matches various music selections from your favorite Disney Soundtrack. The grand round ball, representing a great globe, is perched atop tiers of flat basins down to a pond. There are about 30,000 gallons cascading over its layered side per minute.

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