The Cheeky Tap Fountain in Menorca, Spain

If you have traveled in the romantic districts of Menorca, Spain, you may have probably seen a strange, amusing spectacle. Right in the heart of Santa Galdana, perhaps the most photographed resort in Spain, lies a cheeky fountain in the shape of a faucet, suspended on the air and is pouring a large dose of water upon the limestone rocks. This view, among the prominent features of the beach, is only one among the many similar designs spread among Europe. Who would not stop and ponder at how the water comes rushing through the faucet, while the steel accessory is mysteriously attached to no wall, no plumbing, no tank?

The secret lies at the water flowing out of the tap, not where the faucet is attached. It makes the installment appear as if it is floating in the midair without any support, as if it was magically squeezing water out of the environment, or maybe even the blue skies. Such magical view can only be made by an expert fountain designer, who magnificently imbibes the beauty of modern outdoor features, along with the many highlights of this most-visited resort.


The Cheeky Tap Fountain in Menorca, Spain


Inside Santa Galdana are many other man-made features, such as a large waterslide for children and an aquatic park. Everything is perched atop the white sand beach, surrounded by large pine trees. Wooden bridges are installed around the area, making it appear idyllic and sentimental, providing tourist some photographic moments as they walk along the coast.

The island of Menorca, easily translated as the "smaller island", is among the many of Balearic isles hovering above the Mediterranean.

History shares that the island has once been filled with large stone monuments, left as traces of prehistoric human existence. Among the first civilizations who lived here were the Minoans of Crete, whose traditions have influenced its early demography. At the time the Romans have occupied the Hispanic islands, pirates have taken advantage of the location to plunder Roman barter.

In the middle ages, the Vandals were said to be the ones who reigned on the island, only for Menorca to be recovered in the 500s by the Byzantine Empire. It became the vassal state of the Crown of Aragon until it has been unified into the Spanish crown. Since then, the British and Spanish fleets have been fighting for the island to gain ruling. The island remained loyal to the Republican Spanish government during the civil war in the country.

Other than its rich history is a verdant treasure of natural resources. The island was designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1993. It has also been approved as a member of the International Island Games Association.

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