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One of the harshest truths in life is that all things will come to an end, even out beloved fountains. But take heart; you don't have to give up your outdoor water feature right away! While electronics wear and surfaces tear, there are many smart ways for you to preserve your installation and prolong its life for many generations to come. With proper handling, you'd be surprised to see your fountain living out more than it should be, and perhaps even extend to many generations to come in your family.

If you're planning to purchase an outdoor fountain, read these 5 simple tips. These hacks will lead you to enjoying more of your investment, and will reduce the anxieties, frustrations and damages concerning your fountain for many years.

Pick an appropriate spot

Location, location, location—who knew that this helps in prolonging the life of your outdoor fountain? While you have the freedom to place it anywhere you like, there are some factors you'd want to keep in mind if you want your fountain to stay strong for long. One, keep it away from high traffic, especially the spots where your kids and pets are most likely to run around. A tumble over the installation may easily scratch on the surface, or worse, break the basin. At best, find a spot where it can be displayed without obstruction. Keep it weather protected too. Secure the area and make sure that the outdoor fountain is firmly in place.

Pull out the debris as soon as possible

One factor that easily affects your fountain's longevity is the contaminants that gets absorbed in the water over time. What you need to do: take it off once you notice it. The formation of these contaminants blocks the water flow and scratches the surface. Algae build-up causes discoloration on your installation. You may want to use cleaners to prevent accumulation on your fountain, but make sure it is the compatible type to your fountain material.

Cracks should be repaired at once

Ignoring little blemishes, like a crack on the facade, can actually cost you your fountain. Little particles can get into those gaps and may widen the areas, worsening the problem. Regular inspection of your outdoor fountain will help. At the first sign of damage, repair them immediately by using the appropriate sealants. This saves you from future headaches and heartbreaks.

Schedule to clean your pump

The fountain pump is perhaps the most important piece in your installation. It keeps the water flowing from within to without, and because of that, it becomes the catch basin for all the dirt and deposits that goes inside your fountain. Cleaning the pump regularly helps solve future issues such as clogging and unwanted noise. To do that, disassemble your pump and clean it with a soft brush to reach the tiniest corners.

By following these practical tips, you’ll have a beautiful outdoor fountain that everyone in your home can enjoy for a longer run. With regular maintenance and proper care, your fountain will look and feel as good as new. Continue to check our blog for more fountain maintenance tips and benefit from the knowledge of the pros!

Celebrate Lasting Beauty of Outdoor Water Features

In the realm of outdoor aesthetics, fountains stand as timeless symbols of elegance and tranquility. The enduring allure of these water features lies not only in their captivating designs but also in their ability to infuse spaces with an aura of serenity. As the water dances and reflects the sunlight, a sense of calm washes over, reminding us to embrace the beauty in simple moments. By implementing the strategies outlined, the splendor of outdoor water fountains can be preserved for generations to come. Let's continue to celebrate and cherish the lasting allure these water features bring to our surroundings, enriching our lives with their timeless beauty.

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