Great Ideas for Outdoor Garden Water Features with Decorative Charm


As the summer draws closer and we start to get a greater glimmer of sunshine through the clouds of spring, we’re left to think about what we can do to improve our homes. Sure, winter is the time for keeping on top of DIY and gardening, but the true time to make great changes is when the sun is shining and you can see the fruits of your labour.

Rarely is there a better noise than the sound of running water coming from a waterfall, and rarely is there a better feeling at home than switching on the pump and seeing the water gushing through while sipping a delicious glass of wine from your garden.

If that dreamy situation sounds like your perfect evening, then go no further in looking at our list of top outdoor choices, from small outdoor water fountains to larger, more extravagant beasts.


Fantastically Four Tier

If you can’t imagine yourself sitting at the top end of your garden, looking out onto the green grass with this beauty to look on to then, surely, you’re doing summer wrong! This fantastic four tier fountain is a grand decorative piece the just screams sophistication and class and will no doubt look amazing wherever it goes. Not keen on the colour? No sweat, because this particular style comes in many different colours (27!) one of which will surely suit your home. A beautiful centerpiece for a beautiful garden, this has it all.


Two Tier Water Fountain

This two tier fountain is hardly as grand as the one previous, but it still packs a punch in the home as one of the quality small garden water fountains. With a beautiful pool underneath, the small size of the fountain is coupled with a well of water much bigger than the fountain itself. The lion’s heads around the side of the fountain look the part, especially if your love of animals is a theme around your home.


Outdoor Wall Fountain

Available in a massive array of colour styles, this part wall, part upright fountain has one water piece falling from the side of the ornament falling into a tray which filters it through separate ways. 


Sussex Wall Outdoor Water Fountain

The best part of this water fountain is, by far and away, the floral design that suits perfectly the flowers behind it, complimenting and playing off each other perfectly. Made from fiber-reinforced stone this small outdoor water fountain, this fountain easily plugs into any standard electricity system, meaning it’s very adaptable and easy to install.


Acanthus Two-Tiered Small Water Fountain

This two-tiered fountain is slightly smaller than some of the others, but that’s partly what makes this piece its own. Almost versatile enough to fit in any garden or plot of land, you can imagine this piece on a front or back lawn. Versatile is the keyword here, as you don’t even need plumbing, the water recirculates automatically from when you fill it up.


Portwenn Garden Water Fountain

The fountain here is square-based and has plenty of colour options to choose from. Another smaller piece that can be moved around super easily, it’s designed in the USA and made from fiber reinforced stone. Like the piece above, it requires zero plumbing as it recirculates the water - but just make sure the water is changed every so often so it doesn’t become stale and horrible! The style of this piece is made to look as though it has aged, but don’t worry, that’s merely a look. This brand new piece of furniture would look good in any garden, regardless of style.


Tuscan Vineyard Garden Fountain

A personal favourite fountain here, this Tuscan-style fountain is very suave, with a decorative bottle of wine as the main fountain piece, laying on top of a bunch of decorative stone grapes. Although this needs to be plumbed into the mains, I think in terms of style and decoration, this may be one of the nicest small fountains on the market. More like a side ornament than a fully-fledged fountain, this could sit on the side in your garden or even in your home - if you’re feeling experimental. Designed to last a lifetime and weather naturally to add to the look, this durable fountain would find a place in many classy homes.


What’s Best for You?

I think the size of your garden will certainly determine which piece of furniture you get and what you put where. You couldn’t have a larger piece in a small garden because it would look intimidating and out of place. At the same time, a smaller fountain in a huge garden would end up being drowned out - no pun intended - but the rest of the scenery. The final piece - the Tuscan Vineyard piece - would look great in a European-style garden. Small, plenty of vines and other stonework. That would work perfectly.


Whatever the Weather

All of these fountains, regardless of size, are build to last in all conditions. There’s no need to worry about moving them, bringing them indoors or weather wear-and-tear with these pieces. By way of caution, however, I would say it’s best to keep them clean and tidy, because of health and safety. Stagnant water is unsafe as it grows bad bacteria which can cause illness. Making sure you keep your fountain clean and tidy and free of mold will leave you will a beautiful and long-lasting piece of furniture.


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  • Candace Osmond