Multi-functioning Outdoor Water Features


The concept of decorating a yard has always been an appealing one to many people. It is certainly very exciting to take a blank slate and turn it into your dream oasis. A perfect backyard can be your sanctuary. It is the place where you can retreat to after you have had a long day. As well, it can double as your vacation getaway without having to spend any money going away! One thing in particular that is very interesting about backyards is that you can install features that have more than one function! These are great because you can have two outdoor features, for the price of one. As well, they will take up less room than if you had purchased the two of them separately. We will be going over some multi-functioning water features and their various uses.


Chambers Outdoor Water Fountain with Quatrefoil Basin

This is a beautiful water fountain that comes with a bonus – it is also a planter! You can grow flowers and other plants out the top of the fountain, while the water flows out the bottom into the awaiting basin. This is a great design, because it allows you to completely personalize your fountain. You can grow whatever you like out of your fountain, and not be restricted. This is also good for yards that are not very large. If you do not have enough room for a proper garden, this fountain allows you to have the option. Then you can still enjoy a fountain and flowers as well. This water fountain is quite large, as it is over 6 feet in height. It has four streams of water, and has beautiful detail etched into the fountain portion. Read more about this multi-functioning water feature here. We have many outdoor fountains with pools that can serve as planters as well. 


Bi Level Jug with Planter Garden Water Fountain

This feature is also a water fountain and planter combination. However, it has a very different look than the previous model. This fountain has two tiers and looks as though it is made of wood. The flowers are meant to grow out the top of the fountain, while the water flows down to the bottom. The flowers have the important purpose of adding a splash of colour to the entire feature. However, you do have the option of choosing different stains for this model. It is very durable, and it made from glass fiber reinforced concrete. This fountain weighs about 440 pounds, and it suggested that you use a lift gate to move it. Find out more information right here.


Rainbow Falls Outdoor Water Fountain with Bench

As the name suggests, this water fountain has a built-in bench included with it. The water fountain portion resembles a small waterfall, with the water rushing down. Right beside it is a bench, so you can sit next to the water and enjoy it. The feature is made of cast stone, so it is definitely made to last. You have the option of 31 different finishes of choosing from. If you place this fountain in your backyard, perhaps under a tree, you can spend many enjoyable hours outside. You could read a book and listen to the gentle sounds of water beside you. This product is extremely heavy, at 1592 pounds. It requires a forklift for moving and delivery. Check out this cool product here.


Acorn Garden Small Water Fountain

This cute fountain also has two purposes. It can be used as a water fountain, and as a bird bath. It has a traditional pedestal design, with a round basin at the top. The water in the basin shines when the sun hits it. This is a beckon to birds who wish to stop by for a bath. The sweet sound of birds singing and the rhythmic motion of moving water is enough to turn your backyard into a peaceful sanctuary. You will certainly enjoy spending time nearby, where you can watch the bird of the neighborhood splash and play. This fountain is constructed from cast stone concrete, which makes it very durable. You can leave it outdoors in all times of weather without fear of crumbling. This product weighs almost 100 pounds, and therefore should not be handled by only one person. Read more about it here.


Arcade Outdoor Solar Floor Fountain

This beautiful fountain was constructed in a very intricate way. It has curves and spirals which will impress even the toughest critic. It has multiple tiers, which are curved in the shape of flower petals. The interesting thing about this particular fountain is that it has solar panels built in. The fountain can stand outside, soaking in the sun’s rays. Then it will use that power to operate its recirculating pump. The water can continue its journey back and forth without any additional water being needed. You can place this fountain in the middle of your garden, or in the center of the yard. All you need to do is ensure that it has access to sunlight. This fountain could be a beautiful self-sufficient feature for your yard. If you have more questions about it, click here.


In this article, we have discussed five water fountains which contained four different options for being multi-functioning. First we went over the concept of water fountains having planters built into them. We looked at two different fountains that featured this. With those, you can allow your gardening talent to be put to good use. With the second option, we saw a fountain that has a bench built into it. This is very handy if you want a relaxing place to enjoy your beautiful backyard. The next fountain was a two-in-one bird bath. Birds would be attracted to your yard by the gently flowing water in the basin. The final option was a solar fountain. You could have a beautiful fountain that powered itself! These are just some of the many multi-functioning water fountains that exist. The key is finding the one that appeals perfectly to you!    

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  • Candace Osmond