The Friendship of Nations Fountain in Russia

When you think about where the most famous outdoor fountains are located, it is likely that Russia will not jump into your mind right away. However, Russia is actually home to many beautiful and famous outdoor fountains. If you have never seen any of these, it may be worth your while to plan a trip to Russia someday. The fountains that we will be discussing today are known as the ‘Friendship of Nations Fountain,’ the ‘Barmaley Fountain,’ the ‘Stone Flower Fountain,’ and the ‘Grand Cascade.’ All of these fountains have a fascinating history that we will be delving into.

The Friendship of Nations Fountain

The Friendship of Nations Fountain in Russia

This ornate fountain can be found in Moscow, Russia. Specifically, it is located near the Russia Exhibition Centre, in a plaza. The fountain showcases 16 statues which are standing in a circle. The statues are meant to represent the members of the former Soviet Union. The fountain was constructed with the purpose of paying homage to the members.


Barmaley Fountain

Barmaley Fountain in Russia

If you happen to journey through Volgograd, Russia, you may stumble across a fountain known as the Barmaley Fountain. Within the fountain, there are six figures of children, who can be seen dancing around a crocodile. The original fountain was created in the 1930’s, and is actually no longer there. It was restored after nearly being destroyed in the Second World War. After that, it was removed in the 1950s. It was replaced with two replicas a few years back.


The Stone Flower Fountain

The Stone Flower Fountain in Russia

 The Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow, Russia is home to something known as the Stone Flower Fountain. Its name and look was based off a flower from a fairy tale ‘The Stone Flower.’ The year that this fountain was constructed was 1954. It had many figures such as birds and fruit. This fountain has musical and lights, and was the first one to do so in the USSR.  


The Grand Cascade

The Grand Cascade in Russia

The Grand Cascade is not a singular fountain, but instead is a large group of fountains. There are 64 fountains within the Grand Cascade, including the Samson Fountain. None of the fountains in this ensemble need pumps to operate. They use natural spring water that is collected in reservoirs.

The next time that you are planning a trip, consider going to Russia. Although Russia does not get a lot of recognition for their fountains, it is still worth your while to check it out. The historic fountains that exist there are magnificent to behold. They were all created with a purpose, or to represent something that was happening at the time. Just seeing these pieces can make you feel as though you were part of the history.  

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