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You have just purchased a wonderful outdoor fountain, but the challenge just begins. Troubleshooting in assembly and in maintenance is important to keep your water fountain running smoothly at all times. Now, just like solving a difficult math problem, you will need to take a look at the different aspects concerning your installation. There might be a chance where you'll be faced with a problem, but don't worry; the Outdoor Fountain Pros are here to guide you, every step of the way.

Water Fountain Not Working: What to Do?

We understand that issues with your water fountain can be unique, as it depends on how your installation was assembled, as well as how it is connected with the plumbing system. Troubleshooting is important; in this way, you take on the system by parts, testing and observing each element until you have discovered where the problem is. It's the practical process of elimination, and from here, you can discover the right answers to your questions.


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Connecting the Installation to the Main Circuit

Your area may have a specific regulation when it comes to electrical work. A simple installation of an outdoor fountain is often a breeze, you may need to check your nearest circuit breaker and power supply and purchase the right materials if not in the kit. You may need a Ground Fault Interrupter, which automatically turns off if power lowers down. Most GFIs have a reset and test button which you can use whenever you turn on your fountain on trial mode.

If you are still having problems after consulting the outdoor fountain's manual, you may require the help of an electrician. Be safe all the time and choose the option that will ensure that the fountain is powered appropriately.

Fountain Pump Not Working

Perhaps this problem is associated with electricity. Check the GFI. The source may not give the fountain enough power.

If the pump requires a higher voltage and you think that it is too big for your fountain, you can replace your pump. If this is the case, make sure you measure the fountain's dimensions; if you change the pump, you might not produce the same amount of jet you desire.

To check the electricity, use an amp meter on a 120v. Red rest to hot, and black test to white, which is commonly directed to a ground wire.

The Pumps Make a Noise but Don't Work

If you find your fountain pump buzzing without any reason, it may have internal motor problems. Check whether a small object, like a pebble, has been stuck on the impeller. At best, clean your pump before putting it back. If your pump is only new and produces a whirring sound, call the manufacturer.  There might be technical problems with the pump and if it is covered by warranty, you can get it replaced.

Above are some of the few problems you may encounter in assembling your water fountain. Each of our kits come with a manual, and an online knowledgebase for the correct placement of your water feature. While we make sure that all DIY-enthusiasts get all the fun in installing their fountains, there are unwanted instances where homeowners get confused in the process. Proper troubleshooting will help you get back on track, and you’ll enjoy a working outdoor fountain with your patience, and our knowledge, in no time.
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