Seaham Hall’s Charybdis Fountain in England

Lodged inside the center of England's Seaham Hall is an eye-catching outdoor fountain called the Charybdis. Named after a mythical whirlpool in the Strait of Messina that dragged seafarers undersea, artist William Pye took this inspiration to craft a water feature unique in its own. The hazards of the strong, circular vortex became a visual allure, with the movement locked inside a transparent acrylic cylinder. The spiral movement of water tickles one's curio as the blue-water showcase the thunderous movement as told in the Grecian fable. Working on this fountain was no small feat, however. The air core vortex made use of acrylic polymer for the clear water container: a material translucent enough for anyone to enjoy the sight while keeping them safe from the dramatic revolution.

The real wonder of this water feature is when it is seen above, from the balcony of the glamorous Seaham Hall in Sunderland. The real wonder of this water feature is when it is seen above, from the balcony of the glamorous Seaham Hall in Sunderland. Perched on a sprawling 37 acres of beautifully landscaped garden and set against a cliff location, this Durham spa hotel was rated five-star and comes with a rich noble heritage. It is a place where the notable romancer and poet Lord Byron finally said his vows with the intelligent Ada Lovelace, creating traces of their journey in love and life within its grounds. Having transformed in various transformations from different families and inspiration, the modern luxe resort now stands with its Gregorian country house facade draped with rich modern eclectic interiors paired with classic hints. Hot tubs, spa rooms and a swimming pool accentuate the recreational areas of the hotel. Two noteworthy restaurants found a home in the long-extending grounds: The Byron Restaurant, and Ozone.


Seaham Hall’s Charybdis Fountain in England


History states that this contemporary spa hotel was originally an acquisition of Sir Charles William Vane, the 3rd Marquess of Londonderry, by his marriage to a great heiress, Lady Frances Anne Vane. Despite of its premiere location and refined construct, this residence was seldom used. However, during the World War I, Seaham Hall was used as a hospital, accepting emergency refugees until 1978, where it was transformed into a nursing home until the 1980s. Kusia Jalal from Sunderland bought the area, with the vision of renovating the deteriorating architecture and bringing it back to its original glory. In 1985, it re-opened as Seaham Hall Hotel, with the aid of the local skilled workforce and the inspiration from Jalal's Anglo-Arab ancestry.

William Pye’s genius was employed when he was asked to create a stunning water feature for this grand hotel. The Charybdis was one of Pye’s gifts to the world—an unusual fountain that glows in jewel-toned liquid and rotates in a heavy mass. You too, can enjoy a stunning water feature in your home. Be inspired with similar fountains for your outdoors. Create an unusual centerpiece and mark your empty grounds with a breathtaking movement of water, spinning and jetting in an amusing spectacle. Visit our website and discover modern outdoor fountain designs!

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