outdoor water fountain
outdoor water fountain


Outdoor water fountains are single-handedly one of the best ways to give life to your backyard. They’re beautiful, serene, give visual interest to the exterior space, and provide a clean water source to birds and other tiny creatures. The only issue people often have is the limiting power cords. A water fountain requires a pump to circulate the water, and that means the need for an electrical outlet. So what’s the solution? Solar power, of course!

Why Use Solar Powered Water Features?

1) Location

Without the cumbersome tangle of cords trailing from your outdoor fountain, you can literally place your water display anywhere you wish. That perfect little corner at the far end of our yard that has just been screaming for…something? Well, now you can fill the empty space with a fountain or a recycling bird bath and never have to worry about a long extension cord hiding in the grass.

2) Energy Saving

Having extra luxuries around your property like hot tubs, sprinkler systems, and even water fountains can seriously drive up your power bill and energy costs. By switching to a solar fountain you take away the consumption of energy that a regular fountain would use. Smart and still stylish. Why not?

3) Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, everything is all about saving energy, cutting down our carbon footprints, and being environmentally friendly. And why not? We should be finding ways to take care of our planet as it takes care of us. Even something as small as a water fountain. It may not seem like much, but if everyone converted to a solar-powered model, we’d take a big chunk out of that carbon footprint, wouldn’t we?

4) Cordless

Having a regularly powered fountain means fussing with the electrical cords and making sure they’re safely tucked down and don’t pose a tripping hazard to people in the yard. But when you go cordless (aka solar power) you eliminate that nuisance.  

5) No Outlet Required

This one ties in with the location and cordless points, but still should be noted on its own. One of the inconveniences of having an outdoor water fountain is trying to find a great spot for it but also a spot near an outlet. You could dribble a long extension cord all over your yard, but who wants to do that? Especially when you could just avoid it all. Go solar and save yourself the trouble.


How to Take Care of Solar Power Garden Water Features?

Understanding how solar fountains work is crucial for optimal performance and energy utilization. Solar-powered water features must be maintained to ensure their longevity and best function. Cleaning the solar panel on a regular basis removes dust and debris that might interfere with sunlight absorption. In order to avoid obstructions or blockages, inspect and clean the water pump and fountain components. Additionally, check the battery on a regular basis and replace it if necessary. Consider storing the solar waterfalls indoors during the winter or extended periods of low sunlight. Following these care instructions will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your solar-powered water feature for many years to come.


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