frog outdoor fountain with pool
frog outdoor fountain with pool

Top 5 Animal Fountains You'll Definitely Love

Outdoor fountains come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and even themes. There’s models for modern exteriors as well as traditional and both boast features like water falls, ponds, spheres, and animals. That’s right, animals. For those of us who just love little creatures of any kind, there’s a fountain for you! Check out some of these great outdoor fountains with animal themes.

1) Ribbit!

Frog Plinth Garden Water Fountain

The Frog Plinth Garden Water Fountain's size makes it ideal for small sitting areas or along your garden path. The Frog Plinth Garden Water Fountain adds a bit of charm and tranquility to any outdoor living space. As water flows out from the sitting frog statue and falls into the pool below, it creates the sound of water in motion. Beautifully crafted from durable cast stone, it is made to last.

2) Birdies!

Aya Garden Water Fountain

A gorgeous combination of a bird bath and water fountain. The Aya Garden Water Fountain features a classic, two-tiered design on a flute pedestal that is just perfect for when you need to create a beautiful and bird-friendly focal point for any outdoor setting. It is crafted from fiber reinforced cast stone concrete that ensures that you and your avian friends get to enjoy the fountain for a long time.

3) Giddy Up!

Cavalli Outdoor Water Fountain

A large water feature with an ornate design that is matched with an equally stunning and tiered water flow, this Cavalli Outdoor Water Fountain by Al's Garden Art is made with durable cast stone in a variety of finish options and comes with a 12-foot-wide Bracci Basin. A colossal piece that stretches over 8 feet tall, this fountain has ample space for the water to flow in elegant streams and to create an almost thunderous yet still relaxing acoustic that will fill even the most spacious of gardens.

4) Dolphins!


Dolphins With Shell Bowl Cast Stone Garden Fountain

Combining timeless style with a contemporary shell-shaped basin, this enchanting Dolphins With Shell Bowl Cast Stone Garden Fountain showcases the joyful essence of dolphins. Crafted from resilient cast stone, it captures their graceful movements flawlessly. The regal statue of two dolphins riding a wave within the shell basin, supported by a Roman-inspired pedestal, comes alive as water gracefully flows from each blowhole into the basin. 

5) Rawr!

Lion Element Garden Water Fountain

Creating a delightful display of water in motion as water comes out from a spigot in a masterfully crafted lion's mouth, the Lion Element Garden Water Fountain is perfect to spruce up a boring patio wall, or a neglected garden fence. Beautifully crafted from cast stone with a wide variety of color options, the Lion Element Garden Water Fountain will be an instant focal point in any environment it is placed.


An animal fountain offers a quirky and magical touch to any outdoor area. These artistic masterpieces convey joy, serenity, and a connection to nature, making them a mesmerizing addition for animal lovers and fountain enthusiasts alike.

These are just a few of the unique animal themed water fountains that Outdoor Fountains Pros has to offer. Check out their online catalogue for the rest of the woodland friends that could take up residence in your yard.

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