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Fountains that Bring Your Backyard to Life

Outdoor fountains have come a long way—from extravagantly made water features with massive pools perched inside a flamboyant garden, to contemporary designed installation in the middle of a modern urban area. Fountain makers have evolved too, implementing technologies such as hidden plumb lines and meticulously tiered layers of cascades. Nowadays, fountains are more than a garden accessory; it has captivated the eyes and hearts of many homeowners and property builders, regarding it as a cosmetic gem in a construction. That, and many more, is a good reason to purchase your very own fountain. But before you pull out your card to invest in a piece, you might want to look at the many fountain types which might easily fit in your backyard or patio.

First, we have a cast stone fountain. Delicately sculpted slabs of concrete and other stones become the foundation for this installation. The use of this can be traced back to the old times when professionals used to carve gigantic statues out of a delicate piece of rock. Sturdy and strong, this outdoor fountain type can last various weathers. Buy this if you want an outdoor fountain that is both contemporary and classic, a signature piece which can be placed to highlight your favorite outdoor nook.

Second, we have the glass floor fountains. Floor fountains, also called "water walls", are easy to install and moved from one place to another. Instead of filling the entire width, this outdoor fountain occupies vertical space, making it perfect for smaller gardens. This type of water feature is also flexible; use it on its own or utilize its shape as a beautiful divider on your backyard setting. This is also perfect for commercial spots, as one can conveniently add their business logo on the glass material.

Third, we have the corner outdoor fountains. These fountain types are set against walls, highlighting hidden corners for the exploring eyes. Like a beautiful secret tucked deep inside your home, this water feature adds subtle elegance to your garden without taking the entire attention away. Most of these fountains are draped with an old world charm. Install it in your quiet hideaway; it provides a quiet, serene atmosphere as you find your silent moments reading a book or meditating.

Fourth, we have the solar outdoor fountains. Instead of utilizing electricity coming from your home, it produces its own by transforming the light rays of the sun into its built-in batteries. These outdoor fountains give you the freedom in finding locations without the limitation of electrical cords and outlets. One tip: place it under the spot where there is a lot of sunshine and enjoy your water feature without punching a hole in your wallet. These fountains come in various sizes and designs, enough to suit many homeowners’ different tastes.

Aside from these mentioned fountains, the Outdoor Fountain Pros have gathered a lot more types, shapes and sizes. If you’d like an expert advice on what to buy, easily contact us through our store. Browse our amazing collection and discover the fountain that hits right for you. You, your family, your guests and even your pets will enjoy this beautiful new feature which will add a tranquil charm to your outdoor space!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor fountains come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. But regardless of how different they are, there always seems to be the same questions floating around about them. If you have an outdoor water fountain, or are planning on getting one, then check out these FAQ to find out everything you need to know about outdoor fountains.

1) Can I Leave It Outside All Year?

No, it’s not recommended. Fountains constantly have water running through the line lines and the pump. If it were to stay outside during the colder months, that water would freeze and cause expansion. This would damage your fountain. So, winterize your fountain and store it away during the Winter.

2) Do I Have to Plug It in?

It depends what type of fountain you have. A standard model will have a recycling pump and electrical cords to plug in. However, you can get solar powered fountains which still circulate the water using a pump, but is powered by the sun and do not require to be plugged in.

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3) How Often Should I Clean It?

That depends on your environment. If you notice algae, dirt, and other debris forming in your fountain then clean it right away. Leaving it too long will decrease the life of your pump. With that being said, a standard fountain in normal elements should only need to be cleaned 2-3 time per year, including the clean-out you perform when winterizing.

4) Is it Safe for Rain Water to Get in it?

Absolutely! The pump will make sure to filter out any unwanted materials, and the water isn’t meant for drinking other than by birds and small animals.

5) Will it Fade in the Sun?

Most outdoor water fountains are made of durable resin casts, concrete, and rubber. These materials shouldn’t fade in the sun, or other elements, but it’s never 100% guaranteed. With that being said, it’s very unlikely that your fountain would ever lose color or finish by sitting in the sun.

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6) How Much Does a Fountain Cost?

Like any product in the universe, cost always depends on a number of different factors. Everything from materials used to construct, to size, and the complexity of the parts involved. With water fountains, cost can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars because there’s such a large variety to choose from. It’s advisable to first decide what you want out of your fountain and then search for a few models to narrow down.

Go Powerless: The Benefits of Solar Fountains

Outdoor water fountains are single-handedly one of the best ways to give life to your backyard. They’re beautiful, serene, give visual interest to the exterior space, and provide a clean water source to birds and other tiny creatures. The only issue people often have is the limiting power cords. A water fountain requires a pump to circulate the water, and that means the need for an electrical outlet. So what’s the solution? Solar power, of course!

1) Location

Without the cumbersome tangle of cords trailing from your outdoor fountain, you can literally place your water display anywhere you wish. That perfect little corner at the far end of our yard that has just been screaming for…something? Well, now you can fill the empty space with a fountain or a recycling bird bath and never have to worry about a long extension cord hiding in the grass.

2) Energy Saving

Having extra luxuries around your property like hot tubs, sprinkler systems, and even water fountains can seriously drive up your power bill and energy costs. By switching to a solar fountain you take away the consumption of energy that a regular fountain would use. Smart and still stylish. Why not?

3) Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, everything is all about saving energy, cutting down our carbon footprints, and being environmentally friendly. And why not? We should be finding ways to take care of our planet as it takes care of us. Even something as small as a water fountain. It may not seem like much, but if everyone converted to a solar-powered model, we’d take a big chunk out of that carbon footprint, wouldn’t we?

4) Cordless

Having a regularly powered fountain means fussing with the electrical cords and making sure they’re safely tucked down and don’t pose a tripping hazard to people in the yard. But when you go cordless (aka solar power) you eliminate that nuisance.  

5) No Outlet Required

This one ties in with the location and cordless points, but still should be noted on its own. One of the inconveniences of having an outdoor water fountain is trying to find a great spot for it but also a spot near an outlet. You could dribble a long extension cord all over your yard, but who wants to do that? Especially when you could just avoid it all. Go solar and save yourself the trouble.

There are tons of great solar powered outdoor water fountains online. Check out some of the beautiful models that Outdoor Fountain Pros has to offer.