Helix Fountain by Henri Studio

There are few more things more soothing than the sound of moving water. That is one of the reasons that we enjoy fountains so much. Outdoor fountains are beautiful sculptures that provide the relaxing sound. Outdoor fountains are works of art, and should be appreciated as such. Several outdoor art pieces are also fountains, and we will be discussing these more in detail.   


1. Twelve Side Garden Water Fountain

Twelve Side Garden Water Fountain


Experience the epitome of beauty with the Twelve Side Garden Water Fountain. This outdoor water feature is a geometric masterpiece that offers twelve sides of viewing pleasure. It's an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring a contemporary touch to their space. With its unique design, the Twelve Side Garden Water Fountain is sure to captivate you and your guests. 


 2. Mini I Garden Water Fountain

Mini I Garden Water Fountain


The Mini I Garden Water Fountain offers a captivating blend of elegance and abstract inspiration, serving a practical purpose with remarkable visual appeal. This modern fountain showcases a gracefully contoured centerpiece nestled within a substantial square foundation. Cascading water gracefully emerges from the pinnacle of the majestic centerpiece, gracefully descending over the edges and into the base beneath, infusing your outdoor garden, patio, or courtyard with a serene ambiance.


3. Helix Fountain

Helix Fountain by Henry Studio


The Helix Fountain by Henri Studio is a striking water feature with a contemporary art-deco design that's sure to command attention in your outdoor area. This fountain showcases a captivating helix-shaped base, accompanied by a column adorned with a textured pebble-like surface. The gracefully curved bowl is equipped with bottom holes, purposefully designed to allow water to cascade down the uniquely structured piece, creating a mesmerizing spectacle as it flows into a spacious basin. With its guarantee of elegance and tranquility, the Helix Fountain is certain to infuse any space it graces with a sense of refined beauty and relaxation.


4. Curving Vessels Fountain

Curving Vessels Fountain


The Curving Vessels Fountain is thoughtfully designed to provide ample water flow, serving as a captivating centerpiece in any environment. Meticulously constructed to emulate the appearance of natural stone, this exquisite outdoor fountain allows you to select a color that perfectly suits your preferences. Additionally, it is equipped with a multilevel underwater LED light kit, enabling you to create a nighttime ambiance with shimmering illumination.


A fountain is not just a fountain; it can be so much more than that. An outdoor fountain is a form of art. They have been expertly designed and crafted into intriguing models for us to enjoy. A lot of hard work and time will go into every outdoor fountain that is created. Then they are transported to us, where we can place them in our backyards and enjoy them.

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