renaissance-themed garden

Pinning to make your outdoors appear like royal gardens? Get inspired from the rustic, noble appeal of the Renaissance. This strongly Italian decoration has long influenced many architectural and landscape projects. There's a charming nostalgia enveloped in the properly manicured greenery that surrounds vast acres of gardens and beautiful mansions. You too, can uplift your own nesting place into something more vibrant and regal. Take a page from a Renaissance garden and rediscover ways on how to enjoy your own personal courtyard.

Known for extravagant water features, solemn grottoes, well-detailed statues and primed plants, the Renaissance garden is a reflection of man's love for nature and art. Traditional elements, such as marble pillars, strong arcs and mythical sculptures, take the stage. However, there's a fresh, modern take at Italian renaissance, and taking inspiration from bits of this design style, one can incorporate a classic elegance to their modern, contemporary home.

How to Design Your Own Renaissance Garden?

renaissance-themed garden
  1. Create strong arcs and lines. Olden Italian gardens were equipped with highly emphasized lines that showcase symmetry. The key here is balance: tall arcs welcome guests into the gates of the garden, where rustic marble columns were placed side by side, topped with floral ornaments and briery. Let us take this into a smaller scale, where you can decorate your gardens with shorter pillars, quaint and useful enough to hold a potted plant. A stone pathway creates a clear passage through the garden, where the entire scene is softened by ornamental plants, ferns and shrubbery. Trees can also take the place of the high column pillars; set these tall plants in front of another, in distinct, clear rows.
  2. Sharped edges, soft curves. Renaissance gardens are all about shapes. It is the portrayal of how man works hand in hand with nature to create something exquisitely beautiful. Primly manicured plants are the thing: gardens must have a discernible geometry that offers a fresh, clean look, as well as balance to its surroundings. The entire landscape is controlled by rectangular plants and circular trees. Use this to decorate your patio; allow sharply manicured plants in clean lines to act like walls and borders and create distinct spaces. Plants in pots can be trimmed into beautiful, small spheres.
  3. Water wonders. An outdoor fountain is a staple in the renaissance garden; none is found without a water feature that takes the center stage amidst the balanced symmetry of plant and architecture. A fountain is styled to catch the attention of the guests from the green setting. Back in the days, water features were constructed on a grand scale; pools of water stream from a magnificent maze of liquid that spans in different areas of the garden. However, modern homeowners can make use of the same inspiration by opting for urn water fountains, where water drips from a seemingly magical vessel, or a fountain with a carved human feature.

By copping off any of these three pointers, you can create a wonderful, renaissance setting in your modern home. Take it from the pros: you can create an extraordinary outdoor space with different inspirations, by using the right balance of nature and décor.  

Embrace Timeless Elegance in Your Outdoor Oasis

Transforming your garden into a Renaissance-themed haven is a journey that melds history with horticulture, design with divine aesthetics. By carefully curating your plant selection, incorporating architectural marvels, and adorning your space with art and furnishings that pay homage to the Renaissance era, you'll be crafting more than just a garden – you'll be creating a timeless escape that transports you to the opulence and romance of a bygone age. Let your garden echo with the whispers of history, and watch as it blossoms into a living masterpiece that enchants both the present and the past.

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