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Phoenix Precast Products

Water fountains by Al’s Garden Art accentuate the company’s flair for the dramatic and the spectacular. It’s as if the designer would not settle for anything less than blowing away the beholders of his water fountain by squeezing in the last bit of detail and sensationalizing the last drip of emotion.

The eponymous founder of the company was Alfeo Bracci, an immigrant from a long line of Italian sculptors. It was in Southern California in the 1950s that Alfeo, with the help of his wife, started in earnest to build a name for himself and his brand. Every sculpture and mold was built piece by piece by hand in the celebrated fashion of old Italian masters. The art and business passed from generation to generation until Al’s Garden Art was sold to Fiore Stone, an established wholesale manufacturer and distributor of quality cast stone garden décor products in Corona, California.


Every reproduction of these masterpieces is made at the Fiore Stone factory from high-grade fiberglass molds with latex liners fully capable of recreating the finer details captured in the original masterpiece, before being finished by hand and put through the process of quality control. All large outdoor water fountains by this manufacture can be ordered in an array of attractive finishes, from natural stones to exotic rocks.

Al’s Garden Art is the name of choice if you’re looking for fountains with a pedigree of wow factor. Take for example the massive 3-tier Cavalli Fountain with 12-foot Bracci Basin, it is capable of bowling over the most immovable critics upon installation. If you are not looking to go that big but still want want these beautiful horses on your water feature, then make sure you take a look the Cavailli Fountain in the Fiore Pond. This fountain features a 99"W basin that has an easy setup design. If you love these but want a different animal, make sure you take a look at the outdoor lion water features that have some of the most astonishing details. 

Besides the power and the glory, there are other fountains of this brand that exhibit different shades of poetry and spectacle. Check out the Jardine Pot with 55-inch Basin, the Old World Curtain Rain Fountain with Sphere, the 3 Water Nymphs, just to name three of many beautiful garden fountains. Al's Garden Art makes some of the best-selling animal outdoor fountains, with several featuring beautiful lions, horses, dolphins, and much more. 

Phoenix Precast Products

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