Large Outdoor Fountains

Large Outdoor Water Features

Large outdoor fountains are gorgeous garden centerpieces that will add an air of sophistication to the overall design of both your home and landscape that surrounds it. There are so many beautiful designs out there, but water features on the larger side are very classic and elegant, with a couple of tiers and a large pool.

They will attract birds and give more life to your garden. big outdoor fountains will provide you with even more decorative options because you can place various plants inside as well! They can completely change the look and feel of your garden and turn your ordinary yard into a magical place. We feature designers Henri Studio, Campania, and Fiore Stone. All of our tall outdoor water fountains are created from cast stone to ensure the quality and longevity of your water feature.


The placement of the fountain

A fountain needs to be visible. Therefore, choosing the right placement is crucial. These fountains do take a lot of space so they might not be the best solution for small gardens. Here are a couple of tips on where to install your larger than normal water fountain.


Outdoor fountains look great in the front yard. So if you have enough space in front of your home, this is the best solution. Everyone will be able to enjoy the beauty of your fountain and it will be visible from the street.  They are also great for circular driveways or for commercial use, especially fountains with pools.  We have many restaurants purchase our large outdoor fountains to beautify their courtyard or outside dinning area.

Water and power

Make sure the water source is near the unit so it can be refilled instantly. These units do have an underground water storage but the water has to be changed every now and then. The same goes for the power supply so your large water feature will be powered up easily.

The surrounding area

There shouldn’t be any objects or structures anywhere near your fountain. It should be a stand-alone piece that will be stylish and eye-catching. Therefore, placing it on a clear surface is the way to go. Surely, you can decorate your fountain with small vegetation but make sure it is not overshadowed by anything.


tall outdoor fountains do take regular maintenance due to the size. Each and every fountain will arrive with maintenance instructions so it is really important to study them and clean them when needed. Knowing how to properly maintain your fountain is key to helping your fountain last a lifetime.

Water levels

Maintaining the constant water levels is crucial. If the fountain dries out, the pump will probably be damaged. Pumps are rarely covered by the warranty so the best way to prevent repairs is to keep a close eye on the water levels.

Winter care

If you live in a colder climate, preparing your large outdoor water fountain for winter is really important. Leaving them filled with water during winter months will cause damage to the structure. So empty out the reservoir, take the pump out, and protect the unit with a cover.

Standard cleaning

Since it is highly likely you will be place it in your garden, the dirt will accumulate over time. All you need to do is shut the unit down, drain the water, and clean everything up, including the pump. Anti-algae treatment should be done even more regularly in order to prevent any type of buildup. 

Top-Selling Large Outdoor Fountains

The Pioggia Large Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond (99.5”W x 91.25”H) is a top seller for numerous reasons. It displays a classic 3 tier design with a pool that sits over 8’ wide, and has a simple installation process with its separate cast stone copings and large polyethylene tub. The Pioggia Fountain also features slitted grooves around each bowl, which creates a beautiful, even flow throughout the entire fountain.

The Four Tier Renaissance Fountain in Toscana Pool (103”W x 99”H) is elegant, romantic, and stunning with it’s European design and intricate details on each bowl and pedestal. Standing over 8’ tall and featuring 4 tiers, this fountain is perfect for a large driveway, courtyard, or estate.

The Estate Longvue Fountain with Pool (104"W x 80.5"H), made by Campania International, is a 3 Tiered Fountain with a large fiberglass basin that is surrounded by cast stone copings. This fountain has curved features and carved lines on the bowls that make it pleasing to the eye. Made of durable cast stone and available in 12 finishes, this fountain can be placed in a commercial area or any home outdoor living space.

The Four Seasons Fountain with Bracci Basin (144”W x 144”H) is the perfect fountain for an estate or commercial area due to it’s overwhelming size. The fountain will create the most extraordinary sounds as water falls down it’s three tiers that stand 12 feet tall.

The 3 Tier Cavalli Fountain with 12 Foot Bracci Basin (144”W x 129.5”H) is nothing short of immaculate. This fountain features carved horse statues on all three tiers and bowls with a leaf design that creates a rain-like spill as it cascades to the spectacular 12 Foot Bracci Basin. This fountain can also be purchased in a 16 Foot Bracci Basin.

Large Outdoor Fountains

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Monaco 4-Tier Fountain with Fiore Pond, Gray

Large Outdoor Fountains

$ 8,194.99
Newport Outdoor Water Fountain

Large Outdoor Fountains

$ 10,749.99
Espana 3 Tier Outdoor Fountain With 55 Inch Basin

Tiered Outdoor Fountains

$ 3,047.25
Vortex With Ball Outdoor Water Fountain

Large Outdoor Fountains

$ 2,842.00
Nerius Wall Outdoor Fountain

Wall Outdoor Fountains

$ 3,811.50
Plumbed Large Lion Outdoor Water Fountain

Large Outdoor Fountains

$ 7,621.99
Luberon Estate Outdoor Fountain

Large Outdoor Fountains

$ 7,849.99
MC2 Wall Outdoor Fountain - Corten Steel

Wall Outdoor Fountains

$ 1,749.99
Espana Fountain with Medium Fiore Pond

Tiered Outdoor Fountains

$ 6,224.50
Vesuvio Fountain with Fiore Pond - Gray

Large Outdoor Fountains

$ 7,876.25
Angella Outdoor Fountain in Toscana Pool

Large Outdoor Fountains

$ 8,852.00
Monteros Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin

Large Outdoor Fountains

$ 10,899.99
Grande Volute Wall Outdoor Fountain

Wall Outdoor Fountains

$ 3,810.45
Italian 4-Tier Outdoor Water Fountain

Tiered Outdoor Fountains

$ 2,921.00
Four Tier Renaissance Fountain

Tiered Outdoor Fountains

$ 3,602.00
Vizcaya Wall Outdoor Fountain - Large

Wall Outdoor Fountains

$ 3,430.50