Cast Stone Fountains

Cast Stone Outdoor Fountains

All cast stone outdoor fountains at Outdoor Fountain Pros are made from cast molds to resemble naturally cut stones. The cast stones in many of these outdoor fountain ideas are made to look like naturally aged stones through processes much older and time-tested than the most awesome faded jeans process. No matter the size, shape or design of cast stone outdoor water fountains that you have in mind, you’ll find one here made as if just for you.

Transform your well-kept lawn or garden into a tranquil oasis with one of our cast stone fountains. We feature 2 or 3 Tier fountains from Al’s Garden Art and various other fountain designers. Choose from various styles and colors to make sure you get just the right fountain to suit your outdoor needs.  We have everything from classic and traditional cast stone fountains to modern fountains. Make one of these cast stone fountains the centerpiece of your outdoor space, and create a constant source of enjoyment with a fountain that will last a lifetime. 


Universal yet Unique Cast Stone Outdoor Fountains

Cast stone is common but in the hands of the skillful craftsmen who built our fountains, common turns into special in the final presentation. Size and grandeur can be had with the cost-no-object Grande Palazzo Fluted Fountain. This Henri Studio master work measures an imposing 16-foot in diameter. The majestic streams of water are upstaged only by the immaculate fit and finish of this statement cast stone garden fountain. On the other hand, if you prefer more lifelike large outdoor fountains, there is the Grande Palazzo Venus Fountain, another gem from Henri Studio. The timeless portrayal of Venus and child can move mountains but let’s just be satisfied with them forming the jewel of your property.

Also, don't forget to check out the incredible 3 Tier Cavalli Outdoor Fountain  by Al's Garden Art featuring beautiful horses in a 12 foot Bracci Basin. This fountain can even come in a 16 foot Bracci Basin that will surely create a stunning view. 

At the other end of the spectrum there is this small wall fountain, the Morris Lion Wall Plaque Water Feature. Having one or two of these impressive lion heads next to the front door is sure to blow away and impress your friends and relatives to no end. We also have multi-functioning outdoor water features that can serve as a planter, a bench, or birdbath in addition to a beautiful waterfall. 

New Age Purpose of Water Fountain at Home

There is a rush of enthusiasm with easterners and westerners alike in using water fountains for Feng Shui purposes. Installing a water fountain that has a basin of water next to the front door or strategically inside the house is believed to retain positive energies in the house that would influence the occupants in many aspects to the better! Not to mention our zen fountains will bring even more peace and relaxation to your home. This is almost like religion, it’s no big deal if untrue, but if it’s true it can mean everything, so why not?

You are at the right place for the most fascinating collection of cast stone outdoor fountains.

Top Selling Cast Stone Fountains

The Cavalli Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond (99.5”W x 86”H) is surely a masterpiece with it’s incredibly carved horse statues on the pedestals. The large bowls also entails a leaf design so it creates a stunning view of the water flowing over the horses. This two-tiered fountain also has large round basin and is available in 47 finishes.

The Palazzo Urn Outdoor Fountain (44”W x 44.5”H) is the perfect design and size for just about any garden. This unique fountain features an urn at the top where water sprays up into the air, and 4 spigots on a squared pedestal that flow down into the quatrefoil basin. It is available in 12 color finishes.

The Estancia Wall Water Fountain (46”L x 26.25”D x 58.25”H) has a beautifully arched back with a flower medallion that flows down into two tiers before reaching the half circle basin. This fountain’s elegance will bring a stunning presence to any garden.

The Charleston Outdoor Fountain in Basin (104”W x 86”H) has a sleek yet traditional design with it’s two tiers flowing into a large pool. This fountain features a beautiful leaf design on the edges of the bowls, as well as carved details on the elongated pedestals.

The Beauvais Water Fountain with Basin (40.25" L x 40.25" W x 31.25" H) is classic and brings the soothing sound of moving water. This fountain features a large centered column that has a spigot on all four sides that spill into the basin. It is available in many finishes, so making it your absolute dream fountain is most certainly possible.

Cast Stone Fountains

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