Outdoor Fountains of the Gardens of Versailles

Versailles: The Epitome of Opulence and Grandeur

Jardins du château de Versailles, or the Gardens of Versailles, is a sprawling, lush landscape extending over the château de Versailles. It covers 800 hectares of verdant greens in perfect French Garden Style originally rendered by André Le Nôtre. The gardens, whose origins can be traced back to the time of King Louis XIV and his escort, Marie Antoinette, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sights. It is also the home to a fabulous series of outdoor gardens, making it a famous tourist destination in France.

Versailles exudes unparalleled luxury, featuring lavish interiors adorned with gilded details, exquisite artwork, and ornate furnishings. The sprawling gardens, meticulously landscaped with intricate parterres, fountains, and sculptures, evoke a sense of ethereal beauty. Visiting Versailles is a journey back in time, where every inch exudes the elegance and extravagance of a bygone era.

Visiting the Gardens and Fountains of Versailles

On summer weekends, an extravagant fountain ensemble becomes the highlight at the Palace of Versailles. The show is called Grandes eaux Musicales, where the high couture, baroque style fountains dance with water spouts at the sound of music. Crowds fill the site under the cheery, summer sun, watching the more-than-thirty fountains cascade while adorned with mythical themes. Among the famous characters: the elaborate scene of Apollo, riding a chariot pulled by four steeds as three men blew horns on his way. Neptune displays his prowess on water. Goddess Diana protects her children and Latona settles in the heart of a pond. The rest of the cast, individually notable in their roles in local folklore, fill the scenery. Other deities include Cupid, Bacchus, Ceres, Saturn and Apollo.

Outdoor Fountains of the Gardens of Versailles


There are two daily sessions for the shows. Mornings allot an hour for early visitors, but the grounds mostly play a few number of major and minor fountains at a time. Afternoons are more delightful; each fountain displays its own beauty and dances along the backdrop with various waterscapes. Tourists are often suggested to visit the site during these hours.

There are more than ten major fountains in the Versailles' grounds. Among the top favorites: the mirror fountains that plays a ten-minute show per day, and the grand Neptune fountain that finishes the entire showcase. That doesn't mean, however, that the smaller outdoor fountains are less spectacular. Tourists can admire Apollo’s bath, the grooved obelisks, the ballroom and the dragon fountain.

During show days, admission is charged for viewing the formal garden--this stretches from the west side of the chateau to the Grand Canal. The rest is open free for guests, and people can wander through the massive park of the estate according to their liking. The route is often taken by cyclists and dog owners, making the setting feel like a cozy public park.

Other than its musical fest, the Gardens of Versailles stage a serenade night with baroque music, dancing and fireworks. During this, the fountains are displayed on a busy, illuminous backdrop, with the water acts adding to the luxury of the panorama.

Adorning the Gardens of Versailles with Art

The Gardens of Versailles are a treasure trove of artistic splendor, where fountains take center stage as masterpieces of design. Adorned with exquisite sculptures, these fountains epitomize the opulence of the French monarchy. Every sculpture tells a story, from mythological figures to historical events, intricately carved in marble or bronze. These artistic wonders harmonize with the surrounding landscapes, creating a visual symphony of beauty and grace. As visitors stroll through the gardens, they are transported to an era of artistic brilliance, where the fountains serve as living testaments to the enduring legacy of Versailles' artistic heritage.

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