Moonlight Rainbow Fountain on the Han River
Moonlight Rainbow Fountain on the Han River 

The Rainbow Fountain: Illuminating Seoul's Skyline 

Seoul is known for it’s unique beauty and stargazed tourist attractions. But nothing compares to the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain on the Han River. Originally, the Banpo Bridge was built as a way to help move the Seocho and Youngsan traffic more efficiently. Rather than driving down and around the length of the river, residents can now cross the body of water within minutes. But later the Rainbow feature was added by Dae Han Consultants Company. By incorporating the fountain with the construction of the bridge, Seoul now has the world’s longest fountain bridge, reaching a length of almost five thousand feet from end to end.


The main intention in building the Banpo Bridge was to help alleviate traffic issues during flooding season. The massive structure was built above an already existing bridge, the Jamsu, and is similar to a double decker set up with its two tiers. Now Seoul has two simultaneous flows of traffic in the same direction but during extreme periods of rainfall, the water levels rise so high that the Jamsu Bridge completely submerses under water. This is no longer a problem now that Seoul has the Moonlight Rainbow Bridge.


Dazzling Water and Light Symphony of the Rainbow Fountain

The Moonlight Rainbow Bridge currently holds the Guinness World Record of longest bridge fountain and boats over ten thousand LED nozzle lights which run the length of both sides of the structure. Originally, the mayor of Seoul wanted to make the light display to further enhance the beauty of the area and show off Seoul’s environmentally friendly tendencies. The Rainbow Fountain uses thirty-eight pumps, over three hundred nozzles on each side, and pumps the water directly from the river, recycling it back in and wasting nothing. 190 tons of water is being pumped every minute and shoots streams of water into the air as high as forty meters. The LED rainbow of lights that trail along both sides lights up each night and create a stunning rainbow affect that can be seen from miles away.


Tourists come from all over the world to take in the surreal beauty of the delightful rainbow lights as the sun goes down. Different spots along the waters edge have grown in popularity for the ideal wedding locations and perfect photo ops. Who wouldn’t want to travel to a gorgeous destination such as Seoul and get married with the backdrop of a magical display of colors and one of the world’s biggest water fountains? The location is perfect to create unique and unforgettable memories.


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