The Archibald Fountain in Australia


Fountains are created for a variety of reasons. Some simply have the purpose of being placed in backyard gardens and admired. However, others are created for a bigger purpose. For example, a fountain might be sculpted in commemoration of a significant event. This is the case of the Archibald Fountain, which is located in Australia.


Describing the Fountain

A French sculptor name Francois Sicard created the Archibald Fountain in 1932. Its purpose was to signify how Australia and France had come together during World War 1. The fountain is hexagonal in shape. It has a wide diameter, which stretches 18 meters across the middle. In the center, there is a figure of Apollo. Apollo was a god according to Greek and Roman mythology. This figure of Apollo is made out of bronze, and is on a platform above several other mythical figures that are also in the fountain. There is water spraying out of several places. This includes from the heads of the horse, tortoise and dolphin figures. There is also a large arc of water coming up from behind Apollo.


Where is the Fountain?

The Archibald Fountain is located in Sydney, Australia. It can be found in the northern section of Hyde Park. The fountain is a popular stop for meeting places and tourists. It is in an open area, so people enjoy taking photos with it. As well, the park has attractions such as flower gardens and benches for people to sit when they come to visit.


Why is it Called the Archibald Fountain?

The full name for the fountain is the J.F Archibald Memorial Fountain. J.F Archibald was a popular journalist, and founder of the Bulletin magazine. This magazine was considered to be quite radical for the time period. It addressed issues such as culture and identity. The magazine was successful in raising awareness of these issues, as the public would not have found out about them otherwise. J.F Archibald was very interested in art and culture. When he died, he left money in his will for a fountain to be created. This fountain had to be made by a French artist, and it had to depict the relationship between France and Australia during World War 1.


The Sculptor

Francois Sicard was very well-known in France, as well as other countries. At the time that the fountain was being discussed, Sicard had never been to Sydney. He worked with photos and sketches of the selected location instead. When he heard about the job, he submitted three different models of what he pictured the fountain would look like. The first of his models were unanimously voted for, and Sicard was hired for the job. Sicard was an educated man, as he had learned about Greek and Roman art and literature. He was inspired by his studies when he was designing the fountain. This is why he included a figure of Apollo. Apollo represented warmth and protection, which is what Sicard wanted the fountain to showcase.

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