How to Create a Waterfall in Your Garden



When people think of waterfalls in their garden, they will usually picture the water flowing into a pond. However, having a pond is not the best idea for everybody. If there are small children or pets in the family, open bodies of water are not the best option in terms of safety. Luckily, you can still have a waterfall incorporated into your fountain. We will be discussing some of the different designs that might interest you.

Tier bowl fountain

The look of a multi-tiered fountain can be breathtaking. When the water travels from one level to the next, it produces a rhythmic, gentle sound. If you do not want a large fountain, you can still accomplish the same effect with a smaller model. This type of fountain will have small bowls placed beneath each other. Due to its small size, birds are likely to stop by and have a quick bath in the top bowl.

Hanging fountain

A hanging fountain will need to be mounted on some type of wall. This will typically be a fence or a building wall. The waterfall feature will involve the water starting near the top of the fountain, and making its way down to the basin. Most fountains will have some sort of design to make the water flow look more interesting. Hanging fountains are nice because you can place them up high, and out of the way of your children. This way, they are not a safety concern, but can still be admired as a focal point of the garden.

Layered rock waterfall

This option is suitable for people who want to embrace the natural landscape around them. Instead of adding modern touches to a yard, you could choose to enhance the beauty of nature. This waterfall fountain consists of a layered pile of rocks (either synthetic or real). The water is meant to flow through one (or multiple) entrances at the top, and gather at the bottom. The appeal of this fountain is that it may go with the theme of your entire garden. For example, if you prefer to have vines growing and lots of trees, a rock waterfall fountain may be the next addition that you are looking for.

There are so many options that we can choose to create more beauty around ourselves. This is why it is important to take the time and investigate exactly what it is that you want. Do not rush to go and buy something that is not perfect for you and your family. You can create the ideal outdoor living space, with a waterfall fountain as the main focal point.   

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  • Candace Osmond