wall outdoor fountains

Outdoor fountains come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. But regardless of how different they are, there always seems to be the same questions floating around about them. If you have an outdoor water fountain, or are planning on getting one, then check out these FAQ to find out everything you need to know about outdoor fountains.

1) Can I leave my fountain outside all year?

No, it’s not recommended. Fountains constantly have water running through the line lines and the pump. If it were to stay outside during the colder months, that water would freeze and cause expansion. This would damage your fountain. So, winterize your fountain and store it away during the Winter.

2) Should I leave my water fountain on all the time?

It depends what type of fountain you have. A standard model will have a recycling pump and electrical cords to plug in. However, you can get solar powered fountains which still circulate the water using a pump, but is powered by the sun and do not require to be plugged in.


solar-powered outdoor fountains


3) How often should I clean it?

That depends on your environment. If you notice algae, dirt, and other debris forming in your fountain then clean it right away. Leaving it too long will decrease the life of your pump. With that being said, a standard fountain in normal elements should only need to be cleaned 2-3 time per year, including the clean-out you perform when winterizing.

4) Is it safe for rain water to get in it?

Absolutely! The pump will make sure to filter out any unwanted materials, and the water isn’t meant for drinking other than by birds and small animals.

5) Will it fade in the sun?

Most outdoor water fountains are made of durable resin casts, concrete, and rubber. These materials shouldn’t fade in the sun, or other elements, but it’s never 100% guaranteed. With that being said, it’s very unlikely that your fountain would ever lose color or finish by sitting in the sun.


outdoor garden fountain


6) How much does a fountain cost?

Like any product in the universe, cost always depends on a number of different factors. Everything from materials used to construct, to size, and the complexity of the parts involved. With water fountains, cost can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars because there’s such a large variety to choose from. It’s advisable to first decide what you want out of your fountain and then search for a few models to narrow down.

Everything you need to know about outdoor fountains