Be Bold and Creative with These Beautiful Outdoor Sphere Water Features


Self-contained fountains are simple, effective ways to liven up a quiet, somber backyard, patio, or garden and give them new vitality in the form of sound and presence. You might be surprised how effective putting a few simple shapes together in the right way can be. Water fountains are made to be seen, heard, and even touched, so why not entertain the idea of adding one to your home? The sound of water is one of the most highly sought-after naturally relaxing soundtracks people want to integrate into their lives, and you can do that so easily and be bold about it!


Spheres are one of those shapes that we rarely see integrated into outdoor art, but they work extremely well as fountains with spheres. The smooth surface works perfectly for cascading fountains. The water sparkles and glimmers over the generous surface area, catching the sunlight and sending it dancing around your relaxing space. The sound is subtle, so rather than the obvious splashing you might find in a spouting, plume-like fountain, you’re getting a soothing burble and flow. Touch comes back into style when you have the chance to reach out your hand and let the water simply spill over your skin with its gentle course. The shape itself is simple but striking, solid without being overbearing. Let’s take a look at a few of the most beautiful spherical outdoor water fountains and see if we can tickle your creative fancy.


Ball and Bowl Outdoor Water Fountain


Normally I like to save my favorite for last, but we’re switching things up today. The Ball And Bowl Outdoor Water Fountain consists of two of the most simple, basic shapes in existence and manages to look positively stunning while doing it. This is a larger, impressive piece (with dimensions of 59"H x 72"W x 72"D) that can be the most powerful focal point in your outdoor space, and it’s bold enough to do it without resorting to extra frills and intricate detail. This is a custom piece and the finish is expertly applied to your specifications, so if you have a pre-existing theme or have one in mind that you definitely want to dedicate to, you’re looking at a piece that will weather and age gracefully. The glass fiber reinforced concrete will outlast more traditional, cast stone construction, so your investment will grow into a timeless feature. Be warned, it’s also weighs a pretty hefty 1310 lbs., so you might want to talk to a contractor to make sure you place it on a surface that will be able to display it for the long run.


Vortex with Ball Outdoor Water Fountain


All right, the Ball and Bowl is a little bit too much for the majority of water fountain seekers out there. The longevity of glass fiber reinforced concrete is impressive and, while every fountain on this list utilizes it in some incarnation, the Vortex with Ball Outdoor Water Fountain showcases just how versatile the material can be with sweeping lines and attractive geometric angles. Whether you’re looking to juxtapose geometry into the organic flourish of a garden or embellish your patio and/or outdoor space with the elegance of mathematical beauty, the Vortex with Ball water fountain is a self-contained, taller feature that can work as a central focal point or a more subtle accent. Its dimensions sit at a lithe 65"H x 42"W x 42"D and weighs about 557 lbs., making it heavier and very solid without tipping the scales that the Ball and Bowl does. Unlike the Ball and Bowl, it can also be ordered with the auto refill system that can be hooked up to a simple garden hose so you can be sure it’ll never, ever run dry.


Double Obtuse with Ball Garden Water Fountain


Simplicity doesn’t mean boring, and the Double Obtuse With Ball Garden Water Fountain is an excellent example of how geometric shapes and stonelike texture can come together in a fruitful marriage. While the Vortex with Ball fountain starts to let a little bit of that fluidity in stone sneak into the design, the Double Obtuse with Ball takes it back to what makes minimalism so attractive to so many people. Its solid, beautiful simplicity makes it an excellent fountain feature, featuring enough angles and planes to showcase what water and stone can pull off without frills. You’re still getting the longevity of glass fiber reinforced concrete and the convenience of a recirculating pump. One might call the Double Obtuse demure in comparison with the earlier two fountains, but that by no means diminishes its visual impact at 32"W x 32"D x 58"H and 310 lbs. Like the Vortex with Ball, this outdoor water feature can also be outfitted with the auto refill system for even more convenience.


Small Oblique with Ball Garden Water Fountain


Last but not least, the Small Oblique With Ball Garden Water Fountain is an accent piece with a great deal of attitude. This outdoor water feature is perfectly balanced and easy on the eyes, making it a perfect addition to a seating area where it can fill the space with the gentle, soothing sound of running water. You’re getting all the most essential shapes: the sphere tops an upside down pyramid, giving the water a free path to cascade and course down into a squared off basin. Of course, you don’t have to tell anyone what to see in it. Just place it in your outdoor entertainment space and watch how your visitors relax. Self-contained, made of the same long-lasting glass fiber reinforced concrete, and compatible with the auto refill system? I can’t see a reason to say no, especially when you consider that the inverted pyramid shape allows the water to both cascade and splash gently. At a pretty 42"H x 32"W x 32"D and 382 lbs., the Small Oblique with Ball Garden Water Fountain will always have a timeless place in your outdoor arrangements.

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  • Candace Osmond