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Sphere water fountains are a statement of good taste and class. The image of the water ball fountain has been known to rouse feelings of pleasure ranging from the touchy-feely mood of seeing a loved one or a favorite furry animal to the swooning emotion of seeing a worshiped rock star or celebrity in the flesh. You can experiment by browsing our proud collection of sphere water fountains here and take note of how you feel about each


The Perfection of Sphere Water Fountains

The secret of sphere water fountains of all sizes and designs lies in the ball. It is the only perfect shape in the three-dimensional space, so until an average human can even begin to imagine the universe in more than three dimensions, the sphere is as good as it gets. The planets are spheres and all of us have to have some degree of warm feelings about good old planet Earth.

Historical humans wanted the Earth to move in a circle so badly that it took two legends of astronomy Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Kepler more than a century apart to prove otherwise. Fortunately, it is a lot easier for us to strive for the perfect shape by just buying the most suitable sphere outdoor fountain for the areas of our home.

Sphere Water Fountains Make the World Go Round

It’s time to explore! At the lower price range there are a number of most interesting sphere water fountains for the terrace, including the Cauldron Outdoor Birdbath Fountain. This fountain is designed to look like it’s been around for ages. The soft whirl of water and the sight of the ball in the bowl are such a picture of tranquility that birds of different species and sizes are known to bask in its aura, hwich makes this water feature a perfect garden fountain.

The best-selling Low Zen Sphere Garden Water Fountain, made by Campania International looks like something right out of parks and squares the world over known for their serenity. This is a cast stone outdoor fountain that requires no plumbing so that it can be placed in the middle of anywhere to which its calming effects are lent.

At the higher priced end are the Old World Curtain Rain Outdoor Sphere Water Fountain and Large Sphere Garden Fountain. The Old World is a busy fountain with many things going on while the Large Sphere is calm, cool, and collected. The choice would come down to personality and taste. Our Vortex with Ball made by Gist is by far one of our best selling sphere fountains. 

Sphere Outdoor Fountains

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