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Campania International is a top name in designer garden accents. While the focus here is on Campania International’s Cast Stone Collection of water fountains, each of them meticulously crafted in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, this is not a slight of their often equally interesting imported Pacifica Collection.

A fact of life in modern consumerism is mass appeal versus originality. There’s a struggle between the two in almost everything: fast fashion and independent labels, mass market fiction and literature, blockbuster and art house flicks, pop music and I-am-so-original, etc. For the most part they agree to coexist and not be too mutually exclusive, but if originality is your thing, then look no further than this manufacture.


Every fountain in this Cast Stone Collection is out of a copyrighted original design. The company’s Vice President and Creative Director Peter C. Cilio (son of Soccorso Pierino (Peter) Cilio, an iconic figure in fountains and garden accents) presides over an eclectic group of talented artists to create exclusive fountain designs based on a fusion of timeless classical models and contemporary American life.

The result is a fascinating range of water features from sleek and dainty, bold and monolithic, to the various dazzling interpretations of classic 2-tier and 3-tier fountains. The common denominator of every Campania International cast stone fountain is the clean, perfect build and construction. Every last one of them will prompt a person to stop and marvel at the original design, and then do a double take at its extremely high build quality.

Seeing is believing, so see for yourself by browsing here. Check out the unbelievably affordable M-series bowl fountains with a twist, such as the Asian-themed Bamboo Garden, the delicate Mini Element with Birds Fountain, the humorous Zen Frog, and the meltingly relaxing Platia. Another captivating series is a revisit of the drinking fountains of old. Check out the alluring Chatsworth water feature, the gorgeous Sussex Wall Fountain, the intricate Seasons, just to cite a few. These garden fountains are unlike any other. At the top end of the collection are tiered fountains that are so elegant yet so simple that they blend and disappear into the outdoor space as if built-in.  The most popular has to be the Caterina Fountain in Basin.

Finally, there’s a pleasant surprise in store. These fountains are all amazingly affordable for their combo of unique design and build quality.

Campania International

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