Buddha Outdoor Fountains

 Buddha Water Fountains

Many cultures in the world have a lasting contribution to the art of water fountains. In this instance, we bring to you unique and artfully made Buddha Water Fountains. Made to create a peaceful ambiance in your home or garden.  

Buddha fountains can easily add class and zen to your space. The sound of calming, flowing water creates a soothing atmosphere. They can create a sense of tranquillity in your home or garden. Flowing water is also known to reactivate stagnant chi, restoring balance to the space and generating that beneficial yang energy we all need. You can't go wrong with a buddha water fountain!


Types of Buddha Water Features

The star of Asian fountains is undoubtedly the Buddha. The head of the Buddha is renowned and easily stands out among other works of art.  The Buddha Outdoor Water Fountain is a large Buddha head on a 6-foot-long basin of water. There are pedestals in the basin designed to hold candles for illumination in the dark. Picture this and you can just imagine how conducive it is for a person to achieve enlightenment like the Buddha in such a setting.

In the Buddha Wall Garden Water Fountain, the Buddha is on top of his famous seat of the lotus flower. This fountain showcases beautifully carved lotus flowers and leaves, surrounding the blessed head. Having this buddha water fountain in your garden is worth a lifetime of flashing the peace sign.

If you’d rather have more than just the head of Buddha alone, we’ve got you options for this too. There are a few selections of water garden fountains with lights in the Buddha’s hands that are built to impress. You simply need to take your time browsing these very unique buddha water fountains.

Buddha Outdoor Fountains

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